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How to grow a lush climbing rose over three years

Undoubtedly, the roses is subject to turn even the mostseedy garden plot in the small island paradise. And this is especially easy to handle climbing roses, care that is not very heavy, and the beauty of the bushes throughout the summer pleases the eye, and the hosts and guests. But before you start breeding this royal plant, you need to decide what you want to see the result.


  • Types of climbing roses
  • Planting shrubs
  • formation of crown
  • Pruning and caring for climbing rose bush
  • Saving rose from heat and cold

Types of climbing roses

  • If you want a nice and profitable to issue the fence, thenfor this purpose, suitable climbing rose species klaymberov. This large shrub c succulent buds and thick, almost inflexible shoots. This type grows in length by almost two meters and looks luxurious. Care for this type of climbing roses are not different from the rest, and bloom for the entire season is repeated at least twice. Grade «Rosanna», «Elfe», «Pierrede Ronsard» are the most outstanding representatives of a climbing rose.
Climbing rose

Climbing rose will add charm to any fence, hiding behind an empty and ugly corners of the area and attracting the attention of its extraordinary flowering

  • perfectly suited for decorating the arches and arboursclimbing roses, related to Rambler mind. They scree gazebo great lot of small delicate buds that will please its lush flowering and aroma and a half months. And thanks to the flexible and obedient stems, reaching a length of about 5 meters, you can easily direct the growth of plants in a given direction. For this purpose, suitable grades «Ghistiane de Felidonde», «Paul Noel», «Exselsa».
climbing roses

Beautifully will look symmetrical arrangement of arches, but sometimes you can make a highlight in the order of things, to focus attention on some object

Planting shrubs

Planting and care for a climbing rose is noteasily, but it requires constant attention. Before you choose a place for roses, must take into account that she does not like drafts, shaded garden areas and constantly scorching sun. The ideal would be the place where the early morning sun shines directly, draining the drops of dew on the leaves of a climbing rose, and for dinner already formed partial shade, protecting the delicate buds from the burning rays of the sun. Only then will a lot of bush buds and will not unnecessarily drawn out.

Important! The soil is suitable for planting almost anything other than wetlands and areas with high groundwater located underground. Especially good rose will feel on fertilized soil slightly acid or neutral type. Do not choose for this purpose hills or sloping land. Only on a flat surface rose to be comfortable.

screen column

Climbing rose - a beautiful cover for a variety of pillars or other problem areas on the site. Made her a high flower bed in the form of Christmas trees, do not have to see elektroopor dull or old wells

The ideal time to plant the rose bush will be in May and June. It is possible to plant it and in the fall, though it can be fraught with the freezing of the young not strong escape.

Rosa planted in fertile well in advancea depth of not less than 5 cm. If there is a wall of the building, should be kept away from her and to the hole distance of at least half a meter. The roots of young shoots necessarily fit into the opposite side of the wall.

Important! A distance between adjacent wells must be at least 50 cm, but ideally it is best to leave one meter. After planting, the soil abundantly watered, and then it will be possible to pour a little more land.

formation of crown

For a beautiful and correct formation of the bushclimbing rose needed support. For Rambler best it suited to the construction of an arch. Beginning with the landing of the cuttings will need as they grow to twist around the arches, higher and higher. Thus, the three flexible branches bush made the ground on the other side of the support, turning it into a beautiful fragrant element of your garden decor. But it is much faster to achieve this effect, you can plant cuttings on both sides. Every autumn branches neatly separated, untwining support, and carefully placed on the ground, covering of frost spruce branches.

roses around the house

Empty branch roses on the wall at home, you need to provide support for heavy buds advance

For klaymberov same suit support in the form of a pyramidor plain rusty junk from old barrels and wheelbarrows. Planting next to a bush of this plant, you can decorate the site and at the same time to hide unsightly junk. Good will look as shops support of bamboo or plastic. A good solution would be if this type of roses to put on a brick wall of a building in the shape of a fan. Such braiding rose care will not require a special, only to maintain the shape of the bush will need to attach a few hooks on the wall, and fix them on the branches as they grow roses.

Pruning and caring for climbing rose bush

Given that climbing roses are very good andgrowing rapidly every year they require pruning. As can be short or medium as required. An important condition for the proper development of the plant and its rich flowering is to comply with certain rules of pruning. So, in the first year of the bush crop growth can only be dried and broken branches. In short, this year do not need pruning. In the second year of growth stems will need to cut the side shoots to a maximum of 4 holes, as well as to get rid of dry twigs. In the third year of the bush commit average trim the shoots, which serves as a rejuvenation of the bush. Through such actions climbing rose, care and pruning that is carried out correctly and in a timely manner, it will be healthy and beautiful plants.

rose cover

Do not leave the branches rose for the winter neukrytymi. Only when there will be numerous regular wintering buds in spring, or else rose freeze

Saving rose from heat and cold

Climbing rose any kind of demands theconstant attention. The soil should not dry up, but watering should be moderate. Only during the formation of flower buds it slightly increased, while flowering returning to the former regime of watering. Of course, near the bush must not be weeds. After all, they not only "strangle" the plant and prevent the development of its root system, but also spoil the view area. The soil near the climbing rose periodically loosened and fed fertilizer (no more than once in ten days).

Important! By the way, if you want to achieve a long flowering, then during this period you need to water the plant fertilizers containing potassium. It helps to increase the number of flower buds were formed, and their longer-term life.

In late autumn, before the most desirablefrost, branches climbing rose gently removed from the poles and carefully placed on the ground. Above them is covered with fir branches to protect from frost. The layer should be thick spruce about 15 cm. On top of spruce branches covered with roofing felt or tar paper. The following year, the buds are formed only on the old shoots, which will take a good winter and "wake up" in the spring.

With the onset of spring, when the average nightthe temperature rises to above zero, roofing material is removed, but the tree branches had not yet touched. They can be removed in a few weeks when the threat of frost has passed. Tighten with this too is not necessary, since the hot spring sun creates a greenhouse under a layer of twigs, and rose can "burn out" from excessive heat.

Pruning roses

Pruning roses is carried out in the spring to remove the missing and sick branches. But during the summer also need to remove the withered tops, spoiling the appearance of beauty

Garden is the perfect holiday destinationfor their masters, if take care of the beautiful flowers. Much depends on the layout of planting vegetables among bright oases, which will be pleased to enjoy the spring and autumn. Rose has a reputation for good reason the queen of flowers, and even climber rightfully won the championship of its ruggedness and lush flowering. The increasing diversity of its varieties appear on the sites. This rose is becoming very popular among gardeners - and keep up with you. Then the garden will admire the surrounding and around the world will be more colorful and kinder for everyone. Plant kindness in his garden!

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