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How to elevate the wasteland of gravel garden

You are so busy that there is no time to decorate yoursection? Do not be discouraged, landscape designers have developed a new way to design the gardens and parks - is a gravel garden. He often takes the place of lawns, flowerbeds and alpine gardens. It can be considered once fashionable "chip", which attracts the attention of others.


  • Features of the new registration
  • Advantages of gravel garden
  • The technology works on the device of gravel garden
  • Which plants are suitable for stone garden

Features of the new registration

What is the feature of the new trends in landscape design?

  • It includes songs from the steppe and mountain scrubby plants that are planted in the background of their dumping gravel.
  • Unlike rockeries and alpine is no need for large stones, so the creation of gravel garden does not require much effort.
  • The diversity of plant compositions, arranged on a homogeneous background of gravel and pebbles looks great.
  • Bright colored spots formed by differentplants can as to harmonize with each other, and the contrast look. This garden is like a steppe landscape, where desert area scattered single group of plants.

This style is added to the beauty of decoratedpaths of colored gravel (which are famous gardens of Europe), the mysterious silence of stone Japanese gardens. In the final result, we have the least worries about caring for plants and decorative maximum area.

elevation area

With gravel garden can make the most attractive problem area of ​​the yard

Advantages of gravel garden

Compared with the usual methods of design suburban area, garden gravel has many advantages:

  • landing area is not regulated, and may have different sizes. They are subject to the personal wishes and possibilities of the land owner;
  • give noble appearance can be any corner of your site;
  • due to the simple technology of work to do such a garden can be on its own;
  • its structure and further content does not require large financial investments;
  • to create a gravel garden, you can use the places that are practically unsuitable for cultivation of plants - is a vacant lot, a shady corner of the garden or the most sun;
  • properly selected plants zamulchirovat using colored gravel, can be decorated as a small patch of land at the main entrance and a separate seating area located;
  • if necessary, the plant is easily transplanted and single shoots of weeds can be removed in a few minutes.
Garden for the lazy

Here there is the mysterious silence of stoneJapanese gardens. Taking into account that it is not necessary to constantly loosen and moisten the soil, as well as to spend money to purchase flower seedlings and seeds, some gardeners called rocky gardens "gardens for lazy"

The technology works on the device of gravel garden

  • Preparing the ground

The best option is a land for plantinglight sandy soil, but it can be done in the garden and once landscaped flowerbed. The boundaries of the planned site noted rope. Turf and 20 cm layer of soil was removed, and then carefully selected weed roots. The resulting pit lightly watered and left to stand for 10 days, after which it is removed the remaining germinating weeds and their roots.

To the roots of established plants do not suffer fromexcess moisture, soil drainage is carried out. How to do it? When digging the land per square meter is added 2-5 liters of baking powder. This can be vermiculite, coarse sand or expanded clay, brick or granite chippings. Soil compactor horticultural slightly compacted, after which the pit dim black geotextile (density not less than 120 g / m), for example, stanbondom. Such agrovoloknom need for protection from the germination of perennial weeds and rubble from the subsidence that may occur in the loose soil.

Important! When placing geotextile, remember a sufficient overlapping webs joints. For the outflow of excess moisture leaf pierced by making a small hole in the area of ​​2.5-3 square meters. meter.

  • gravel backfill

As technology pots and seedlings are arranged onplan, evaluate the result and after planting poured stone filler. In practice, as a rule, everything is done the other way around. If gravel garden occupies a large area, the planter is made in several stages. Then in the rubble dug pits and filled them after landing.

Initially, filling thickness of gravel gardensdo 25-30 cm. After the application of geotextiles it dropped to 5-10 cm. River gravel after washing has a dark color. Along with him in the landscape design used crushed stone, gravel of different colors, sea shells, colorful sea pebbles and other fillers having a diameter of 3-20 cm. In order to fill up land in the 12-15 meters will require a ton of gravel.

marble and granite crumb

Beauty, which requires little maintenance. On a note! You can first put a cheap river gravel, then pour 2-3 cm crumbs valuable marble and granite chips - To save the project required an expensive filler

On a note! You can first put a cheap river gravel, then pour 2-3 cm crumbs valuable marble and granite chips - To save the project required an expensive filler

  • Planting plants

Planting begins with shrubs. When they touched in growth, made the landing carpet and perennials. At least planted clumps of lily plants.

In the intended landing site chosen gravel ingeotextile made an incision crossed that the petals are turned down. The earth is dug pit corresponding to the root system of seedlings. Its roots straightened and take cover layer of soil 5-6 cm. They were then watered and tightly crimped ground. Selected gravel is returned to the place, and the newly planted plants watered.

sown seeds in one last turn andbiennial plant, which will continue to recover samoposevom. Annual herbs are sown after the maturation of the soil in early spring. Overseeding biennial do at the beginning of June, which will allow them to blossom in the next year.

Which plants are suitable for stone garden

The gravel garden thrive moisture resistant and at the same time highly decorative culture. It is worth paying attention to the need for additional care (dividing and transplanting).

beautiful garden

Flower arrangements on a homogeneous background - it's fantastic

All year round pleases their views Mahoniaholm. It has dark green glossy leaves, gray sour berries and yellow colors of the brush. Varieties host pleasing to the eye width of its leaves - they are a few years can do without a transplant. Undemanding to care are ferns, irises and daylilies. Advantageously look on the rocks plant with silvery leaves - Artemisia, Stachys, cineraria, fescue, blue-gray, lavender, cloves.

You have realized that once spent time, money and effort, you will enjoy for a long time work of their own hands! Why? Because you preferred gravel garden!

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