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How to decorate the yard and garden or flower beds with their own hands

How to decorate the yard and garden

There is no better way to brighten any yard, garden orgiving than decoration blooming vegetation. To break the amazing beds at the cottage with his own hands, will have to exert a lot of effort and time expended. But now it does not necessarily refer to the help of experts on gardening or landscaping. The information from the Internet or literature can help even novice gardeners. You can not only choose a favorite project, but also to learn about the rules of care for plants necessary.


  • Planning - the key to success
  • We think through planting scheme
  • Make marks on the plot
  • Choose a plant, depending on the seasonality of flowering

Planning - the key to success

Not every novice gardener would be particularlythink about how to make a flower garden in the country. It seems that this is the simplest task - to purchase your favorite flora and land all at the scheduled place. And the more varied vegetation, the more beautiful the result. Alas, so it is possible to receive only the imposition rather dowdy appearance. Where the vegetation will not be combined nor height, nor the colors of greenery and flowers, or form. Also different is the flowering time of its different species. It's a shame to get so unflattering results after all the worries about growing.

Those amazingly beautiful flower gardens in the country, photoswhich enchant us, not get through thoughtless planting a row of flowers. This is a deliberate and well-planned operation, initially requires having a clear plan. Drawing up a little bit right flower beds schemes require not only knowledge in botany, but rather developed artistic taste, design veins. Lacking this essential set of qualities, flower beds with their own hands better break on the already finished planning. So much easier to get a beautiful flowering area on the site. It will take place only to prepare the soil. And also to buy land and in this scheme the procedure provided for by the plant species.


An example of the finished scheme flowerbed breakdown

Due to the peculiarities of vegetation andthe surrounding landscape is decorated corner acquire its own personality, and will be unique. Do not be afraid that if you use ready-made schemes, your flower bed in the garden get a typical, uninteresting. Plans in the public domain so much, it is unlikely that your neighbors will take advantage of the idea of ​​exactly what you like.

We think through planting scheme

Choosing a ready-made plan or developingown, have to work many times. For example, to determine the type of the flower bed (if needed major mixborders, ridges, curbs, or simply a floral arrangement in a container). It may look favorably rockeries or rocky hills. Now demand different bunk beds, a form that can make or buy ready-made.

Think will plant complexis located in a shaded or sunny space, what is the main viewing angle, while the preferred flowering perennials or annuals, it is desirable to use, if available, and so watering. d. Each of these aspects is important.

Perennials in the flowerbed

Perennials is recommended to choose the way to ensure a long decorative plantings

For example, with regard to the choice of groups usedplants. Annuals are a number of advantages: a wide variety of forms, the relative ease of care and undemanding, longer flowering. On the other hand, breaking the flower garden of perennials or bulbs can be put off for several years re-work on digging the earth, purchase and planting of plants. However, they are usually the flowering period is short, up to 3 weeks. Then decorative lost. The situation makes a proper selection of series flowering species that should be considered competent scheme. Although, usually to ensure continued flowering are trying to combine all of these groups of vegetation.

floral pattern

Annuals bloom for a long time, and therefore perfectly suited for the creation of plant patterns

Make marks on the plot

Some still prefer to ownplan future flowerbed. This can be a fun pastime. It is desirable not to use more different types of plants 5.10, particularly in a small space. To you arrange and refine land, it is necessary to know exactly what is planted. Choose matching height, flowering calendar, color scheme, requirements for environmental conditions (light and shade-loving, preferred humidity, type and acidity of the soil, etc..). It is important to take into account the stability of decorative greenery. Often beautiful foliage is rather spectacular inflorescences.

Those who have never created their own bedshands, experienced gardeners video on this topic would be useful. After reviewing several scenes, you can not only find professional advice, but also to witness the breakdown of the rules section, soils and planting vegetation.

For any project must be accompanied by an explication,where plants are given names and varieties, their number and the optimal distance for landing. When broken down by area scheme is transferred via scaling and marking pegs, cords. You can use the wire, cardboard or plywood templates that are placed on the ground and encircled. Complex shapes or floral ornaments sometimes overlap with the plan, using a large-scale square grid. To create these flower paintings, especially on the slopes, it is convenient to use a projection lamp (overhead projector). For him, color slides made in advance, which are marked by color of leaves and inflorescences, and given the name of each variety were planted.

An interesting solution

An interesting solution - the flora planted in tiers

Choose a plant, depending on the seasonality of flowering

Often, site owners want to flower beds and flower gardens in the country were pleasing to the eye from the beginning of spring to winter cold. To do this, take into account the seasonality of the vegetation used flora.

Spring primroses attract all the attention, as well asbulbous. The first blooming primroses, crocus, forget-me, snowdrops and Proleski. Following them decorate the world pilsatilla (sleep-grass), Corydalis. From March-April blossom Pulmonaria angustifolia, handsome, tulips and yellow daisies doronicum. Most primroses is undersized perennials. The most spectacular they look when landing on the edges of flower beds. By May, the magnificent white cover arabis Caucasus, perfectly suitable for decoration of borders. Disclose small pansy, colorful daisies and fragrant lilies. Dissolve the larger daffodils, irises. It lights up orange flame flowers Fritillaria imperialis tall, well suited to be placed in the center of the composition. Closer to the summer appear fragrant balls all known pions.

 spring awakening of nature

Riot of colors, marking the springtime awakening of nature

Summer flower beds and garden compositions canformed from such a wide range of plants, it's easy to get lost in it. Experts advise to pay special attention to the long flowering species or those that are capable of blooming again. Among the perennial dolgotsvetov called daylilies, some varieties of roses, geraniums garden, evening primrose Missouri, catnip, chamomile. Re-form the inflorescence are delphiniums, lupins, erigeron, Salvia nemorosa. To produce this crop after the initial flowering and foliar fertilizers appropriate.


Summer - time of flowering of many species of annuals

You can think about how to break a flower bed at the cottage,attractive-looking fall. To and sunny days and rain mood lifted look at this beauty. It is possible to plant the beautiful asters, dahlias, coreopsis, a variety of chrysanthemum, marigold, helenium, stonecrops. The special charm of the chosen flower ensemble will give a related ornamental grasses.

flower autumn

The golden and scarlet splendor of autumn flowerbed

Even if you can not buy some ofplant, provided by the project or scheme a flower garden, it is not necessary to abandon the idea you like. You can replace the missing views similar in color, height and timing of flowering. Moreover, the plan does not necessarily follow scrupulously. It can simply be taken as a basis. And then - to create beauty, following the spiritual inspiration and their own discretion.

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