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How to decorate the garden with his own hands - a photo of creative solutions

How to decorate the garden with his own hands

Hearing the word "garden", you will likelyremember rural house, fence picket fence in front of the windows which stretches flower. He was the pride of every housewife and the first to meet the long-awaited guests! Before you specify the address, the neighbors began to colorfully describe what colors you will see the right side of the fence you home. What does this mean? The front garden front of the house, whose photo is admirable, is a kind of "calling card"!


  • Hearken to the advice of experts
  • We direct the beauty of its own
  • We select the colors for the front garden

Thanks to the achievements of landscape designersgarden today - this is not a simple unpretentious beds with colorful flowers. So called beautifully designed area, which is located between the road and the house. Many owners of cottages today protect their possessions "fortress wall" beyond which nothing can be seen. In this case, the role of the front garden is no longer itself. But even in this case it is possible to mitigate the painting, decorating green spaces in front of a narrow strip of capital fence. In this article you will learn how to decorate the garden and how to sustain the beauty of this small area.

Hearken to the advice of experts

When planning a garden infielddesigners are advised to pay attention to the entrance area. Even with small amounts of it can make a garden. Important in this simple fact - this is the correct selection of plants. The smaller the area of ​​plantations, the brighter and more expressive than they should be. Proper arrangement of colors and the use of certain design tricks can visually enlarge the space.

When the site plan provides thatbetween the house and the fence will be a lawn, it is possible to break the garden next to the porch. Together with the house and a paved path, they should create a single composition.

types of front gardens

In the absence of other options, you can make a garden near the porch

The design of the front garden, located next to thethe walls of the house, would benefit if planted there vines - honeysuckle usual, Trumpet, wisteria. They not only liven up the walls, but also become the perfect backdrop for other colors. Porch, you can decorate the basket plant in hanging pots. And thanks to the flowering bushes of lavender and hydrangea house will look simply fabulous.

No less picturesque rose garden looks. It can be twine roses that adorn the pergola built at the gate or archway. If space allows, you can arrange to house Alpine hill and build a small pond. It also will look good dwarf forms of coniferous shrubs.

After listening to these tips and using personalfantasy, you will turn the front garden design with their own hands in an interesting creative process. As experience shows, it brings a lot of joy and the strength not only to professionals. This will be discussed further.

We direct the beauty of its own

With what success? With patience, perseverance and imagination! And yet - in any case you need inspiration! It can be obtained by viewing the photos with original works of landscape designers. What do they offer us?

  • The original fence

Indeed, even a small territory is notIt will have completed the form without a nice fence. A high fence made of stone is unlikely to act in this capacity. Rather, it will look like a dense hedge of arborvitae, snowberry and boxwood. Making front garden with an embodiment of the fence of wrought metal can also be considered successful. However, nothing can compare to the beauty of a classic wooden picket fence!

how to break garden

The front garden can be arranged even near the "deaf" fence

  • Winding paths to the house

It is made, if the entrance is far from the gate. Type of track should be in harmony with the overall architecture of the estate and the existing front garden.

  • MAFy and accessories

Decorating site before the house can be completedaccessories. There should not be much, but they must be combined with the overall style of the site. Bright accent can make a wooden or ceramic figurines of animals, major relief stone decoration of the gate and other small architectural forms. Not only garden sculptures adorn the modern garden - pictures pay attention to the use of fixtures. Located in the grass or on the supports they attach to any corner of the earth charm.

All of these elements play an important role in the design of any site, but Violin perform nevertheless properly selected plants and flowers.

We select the colors for the front garden

When selecting plants should, first of all,pay attention to their decorative features. Secondly, you need to take into account the style in which the whole country land features. This will help you advice of experts, familiar with the issues as harmoniously smash flower bed next to the house.

  • Flowers in the garden, located close to the house, it is better to choose one scale that will blend in with the color of the walls.
  • When the bright color of the walls, give preference to plants with a muted color.
  • The front garden is much to win and be more cheerful and bright, if it is on the background of gray or dark walls.
flowers in the garden

Bright colors look very favorably on a dark background walls

  • If the windows section of a small house, it is notis decorating his plants with large leaves and bright colors. Drawing attention to themselves, they look obsessive and, besides, so narrow and small space.
  • When deciding how to decorate the garden of a small size, prefer colors cool colors - blue, lilac, violet. It is desirable that they are light leaves.
  • If to put on the wall of the house creepers, the garden will look more spacious.
  • The modest facade of the house is the perfect backdrop for bright colorful flowers. But if the facade has a lot of decorative elements, make your garden more modest.
  • If the entrance to the house and flower garden located on the north side, then stop your choice on ferns, mosses and hosts. They tolerate shade.
yard decorations

In winter, conifers and ornamental stones decorate your yard

How to decorate the garden with his own hands, so that he was attractive at any time of the year? In winter it will make conifers, as well as those who have a bright crust - maple, barberry, etc.

As you understand, this work is very satisfying. Its result - a beautiful place to stay and delight friends and neighbors. It is worth to work hard!

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