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How to choose plants for the spring flower garden on the plot

Blossoming flowerbeds - the pride of the gardener, his businessCard, emphasizing that the infield for him not only a means of ensuring food table, but also a hobby, part of the soul. Especially pleasing to the eye plant spring flower gardens, a riot of colors showing that spring finally came.


  • Pre-treatment beds for spring flowers
  • Perennial garden plants bloom early
  • Biennial early flowers
  • Annuals flower garden in spring
  • Organization of the flower beds in the spring garden

Pre-treatment beds for spring flowers

To proudly show guests bloomingflowerbed in the spring, it is necessary to break even last fall, and it's not just about planting perennials. We must start with the choice of a place for a bed, which is especially important for primroses. It should be a well-lit area on a hill, where the land otogreet in the first place, and the excess moisture will not accumulate. A small shadow cast by fruit trees and shrubs will not be a hindrance. From site selection depends on the future shape of the flower beds, and accordingly, the principle of selection of spring flowers for her. If the form is selected beds round access from all sides, and the design should be viewed from any angle. If allocated for spring flowers land abuts against a wall or fence, and the location of specific colors should beat this space.

floral species

Selection of specific floral species should be based on the particular location of the flower beds and the amount of time it is willing to pay the gardener

Perennial garden plants bloom early

The second question to be resolved gardener,is the selection of specific species. Spring flower beds may contain perennials, biennials and annuals. Each of these types requires attention in its own way. Perennials need to carefully prepare for the winter, taking care of the shelter and feeding even in the fall. Annuals are waiting for the owner in the early spring, requiring the preparation of the soil, care of seedlings and control the weather. Spring flower bed can combine these types of plants.

Ready in early spring perennial delight the eyeperiwinkles and forget-me-Amur adonis, zubyanka macrophylla, veronica, dead-nettle, hellebore and Astilbe. A little later blooming lilies, purslane, lamprocapnos and Marin root. They are joined by primroses and anemones. Daisies and periwinkles and interesting property to bloom twice a season.


Bulbous plants - the earliest and most vivid perennials

Special attention is required bulbous flowers. They are long-term, but in fact most of them are not able to survive the winter in the open field. Bulbs are often required to remove from the earth, dried and re-planted in the spring. This can be done immediately after the period of their flowering as flower bed with such voids looks unsightly. But they are the first to delight the abundant flowering. The bulb is retained sufficient for fast rising supply of nutrients and, therefore, to bloom requires only a little bit of heat and sunlight. Replace the bulbs can be dug up existing patterns of late flowering, again returning the flower garden gorgeous views.

Biennial early flowers

Spring biennials can and must change,throwing out after flowering the second year of his term obsolete plant. But there is an opportunity to radically change the type and color of the flower beds every two years, picking up an interesting new variety. In their breeding too there are subtleties: to select the form, color and variety have to advance for the year, as they will be pleased with flowering only after the winter season. Experienced gardeners planted each year a small number of biennials, updating autumn flower garden.

But biennials are undemandingplants. They are planted in late summer and for the rest of the season to acquire the roots and foliage. If the place of landing was originally well chosen, then quickly shoot them required only the spring loosens the soil and periodic watering and regular weeding in the summer. From the simplest to care dvuletok novice gardener can recommend mallow, viola, evening primrose and suhotsvetnuyu Lunar. Not only are they are unpretentious to the soil, but also easy to carry autumn transplanting.

These plants are on averageheight and can serve as a good clearance space between the fruit trees. Large biennials are a great accent to any flower bed, if they pick up a decent environment of medium and low-growing species. High biennials: foxglove, hollyhock, Campanula medium, Alcea and Turkish Carnation.

Annuals flower garden in spring

Spring annuals begin their lives in the form ofseedling, otherwise they simply do not have time to come up to the deadline. Especially in areas with late coming spring and winter, repeatedly trying to come back in the form of frost. Seedlings raised on a window sill or in the greenhouse until formation of dense warm days and only then transferred to the open ground. In case of frost is better to have on hand the film piece, which can cover a spring flower bed, if necessary. But annuals in the first year will seem in all its glory. Well look at the spring flower bed of petunias and salvia, hibiscus, eustomy, nemofily, marigolds and lavatera.

Sprouts of flowers

To May to plant the plants in the soil, seedlings need to think about in early April

Annual plants are indispensable in the garden asmasking perennials carpet. While growing cuttings planted in a bush, you can cover up blooming in the same year mignonette, stocks or poppy seeds.

Organization of the flower beds in the spring garden

Location of spring flower gardens in the territoryIt depends on the type, size and color. At the same time take into account the need not only the appearance of flowering plants, but also his status after. Bright crocuses, causing a storm of delight at the appearance through the last snow deposits, without neighbors do not look in the best way, because they do not have even the leaves during flowering. Their fate - a bright spot against the background of perennials. The same situation is with daffodils, which can also boast of their own foliage. But the bright flower perfectly performs the function of a living border, delineating clear lines in the garden sector. Observe and necessary feature of the flower, which is located on a rather fragile and a long stalk. From wind gusts it can protect the shrubs or fences if the foresight to plant daffodils and tulips in close proximity to them.

beautiful flowerbed

High color requires setting of medium or low-growing species

If the garden organization means clear lines, and the plant should pick up for them bright and annuals, as soon as they give a clear outline of the landing.

The most popular types of spring flower beds, in addition to the traditional round and rectangular, are:

  • mixborder consisting of plants located on a ladder undersized foreground, to high along the wall;
  • rabatki - wide bed, emphasizing the main paths of the garden and its key areas, such as a pond or a gazebo;
  • curb - a narrow range of annuals, garden okantovyvayut sector, including beds with perennials.

Care for flower beds - a troublesome thing, but also the pleasure of admiring the fruits, the exact color of his works - is priceless.

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