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How to arrange a rock garden with his own hands - the instruction for young designers

It would seem, to arrange a rock garden with his hands onbackyard or a summer cottage is surprisingly simple. But this is just the first impression. this art is rooted in the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, according to which through meditation and contemplation of human enlightenment occurs. Indeed, the rock garden is fascinating magnetism. And if not enlightenment, then the effect of the contemplation of the beautiful relaxation will be provided! And if there is no garden, no problem. Mini rock garden can be arranged directly at home or on the balcony. Want to know how to do it right? Read on.


  • The basic principles of garden stones devices
  • How to create a rock garden with his own hands - step by step instructions
  • Size does not matter, or a few words about small forms
  • Creating artificial decorative stones for gardens

The basic principles of garden stones devices

One of the names of the traditional Japanese garden of stones, karesansuy (???) literally translates as "dry water and the mountains." There are no plants, and there are only stones, gravel or sand, less moss.

If you decide on a country site to arrange a rock garden with his own hands "in Japanese," then you are advised to adhere to the 5 and the basic rules.

  • Rule number 1. The basis of the composition up rough stones of different sizes, which are made to pick up the color, texture and form.
  • Rule number 2. Their number must be odd multiples of three or five. Most often they are either three or fifteen.
  • Rule number 3. The stones should be placed harmoniously in the whole composition and relative to the surrounding space (your site). With the proper location of each point of contemplation should be viewed all stones, except one. It is believed that all the stones could only see a person who has attained enlightenment.
rock garden scheme

Figure №1. Classical garden scheme stones. The letters below are designated "points of contemplation"

  • Rule number 4. Inside composition stones should be arranged in groups, each group of three stone (triad principle). Moreover, it is the basic triad must harmonize with the outside, all the rest - her balance.
  • Rule number 5. The lack of symmetry in the arrangement of stones.
    The symbolism of the individual components of the stone garden reads as follows:
  • Large stones of different sizes represent mountains or islands.
  • Bright gravel, gravel or sand - water.
  • Vertical stone - the sky, horizontal - land.
  • Following the classic rules, each componentI should represent one of the four elements (earth, water, fire or air). For example, if there is no reservoir, it would be an imitation stone circles around your site.
rock Garden

Garden Ryoanji stones in Kyoto (Japan)

Gardeners note. The spiritual essence of the Japanese garden of stones can be described as "easy grace" or "elegance everyday." Each species picture view from the point of contemplation, is intended to be immersed in the atmosphere of a kind of meditation. And each new picture that occurs when changing the place of contemplation, helps to see a different meaning and simulates different mood.

How to create a rock garden with his own hands - step by step instructions

Technology Garden stone laying simple and elegant all Japanese. To do this, you will need "wild" stones, the elementary garden tools and a few hours of free time.

  • Step one. Rough cleaning area

Once you have decided on the location forthe future of the garden, you need to clear the land of debris and unnecessary items. It is desirable to make it possible for the horizontal and have a rectangular shape. If there is a large sloping, it is necessary to level a shovel.

  • Step Two. layout

On the prepared site remove the top layer of turf or soil. Depth - about 10-15 centimeters.

  • Step Three. Strengthens the walls of "pit", formed during excavation

To do this, fit planks, bricks, natural and decorative stones for gardens of small size, laid out on the perimeter.

  • Step Four. We are making the dumping, forming the surface of the garden

At the bottom of the site should be laid "cushion" - a small layer of sand 5-6 cm thick. Then all the space we fall asleep fine gravel, pebbles or gravel to the soil level.

  • Step Five. sealing

Prepared water shed area for compaction of gravel - a rate of 1/2 buckets of water per 1 square meter garden.

  • Step Six. We form a composition

Now the time has come to establish the composition of large stones, pushing them into the gravel, so they took a stable position.

on the grounds of the garden of stones

The original bed on the patio on the garden grounds stones

  • Step Seven. Decorative surface leveling.

This procedure is carried out in two stages:

  1. The upper layers of gravel, small decorative stones or stone chips can be combined in the form of stripes, circles radiating from the large stones, simulating the circles on the water.
  2. Other small crumb flatten large rake along both horizontal and vertical sides of the site.

As you can see, nothing complicated. Using this cheat sheet, you can easily construct a rock garden on a country or a plot. If you want to learn more about the orchards karesansuy principles more deeply acquainted with the nuances of the symbolism of stone gardens - write about it in the comments. We promise to please you with a new expanded material on this interesting topic.

On a note: Spiral rock garden - a very interesting mix of small stone garden and English rock garden. Arrange on a bed normal. The stones are laid out in a spiral between them planted low-growing flowers or coniferous shrubs. This garden will delight you with green even in winter.

garden at the cottage

Spiral garden

Size does not matter, or a few words about small forms

Mini rock garden - a phenomenon in the landscape designrelatively new. Particular spread they got on very small areas or in the courtyards of urban high-rise buildings. For mini rock garden devices can be used decorative vases, bizarre stones with a natural depression in the old trough or wicker basket, in a word, all that will allow you to your imagination.

If at home karesansuy gardens havefully functional significance, in our latitudes - it is rather a design element. And it can be used to design even the smallest areas. Here is one of the most interesting incarnations mini rock garden "yin-yang" on a small summer cottage. It is, of course, deviate from the principles of traditional Japanese garden of stones, but it is so cute!

stone garden

Yin-yang stone garden

Advice from an interior designer: Another Fashion Story apartment design - desktop rock garden. Pebbles, sand, box and several picturesque boulders - these simple set for home dry garden. Oh, and wooden rake (or even a fork) in a moment to reflect on the sand your new mood.

mini rock garden

Desktop mini rock garden for home interior

Creating artificial decorative stones for gardens

The use of natural, but if they are hard to find, do not be discouraged in your area as decorative stones for the garden is best.

Here, perhaps, all for today.

We will be happy if this article will inspire you tocreating its rock garden - to his country or on the balcony, it does not matter. The main thing that he was your favorite vacation spot. And let the magic stone will bring you the most successful ideas and solution to all your problems. Peace and good to you!

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