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How to add Nouveau motives in setting up garden

Nature is always attracts with its natural personbeauty. It is not surprising that its soft shapes adopt architects, artists and designers. Now, with the help of tips experienced gardeners actually build its own garden in the Art Nouveau style - so called the trend in landscape design, which is characterized by natural curvy, concise elements and vegetation that merges into a charming ornament.


  • Features Landscape Design Art Nouveau
  • We create a harmonious space
  • Choosing plants for the garden with modernist motifs
  • Accents and do not forget about the details
  • Ideas for arranging the garden Nouveau

Features Landscape Design Art Nouveau

All the cottagers, who dream to design itsland in the Art Nouveau style, it is necessary to understand the basic principle of this trend in landscape design. First of all, it is characterized in that it harmoniously combines home registration with the exterior ambient. In particular, this is done by tapping and vegetation in the decoration of the structure, the facade and some lines are reflected in the outline of the kindergarten.

At the entrance to such a suburban area is createdthe impression that everything on it is permeated with a single symbolic plan and is subject to ornamental rhythm. Thus, the composition may be not only the centric. In the first case the central figure often speaks house, from which the rays depart in side lawns, separated by hedges and paths.

Another brilliant feature of Art Nouveau - motifsthere are repeated, but in different beat detail. For example, the same fracture guessed and in the design of flower beds and cottage decor elements.

Finally, modern and different still from the gamecontrasts. For example, it may be the neighborhood colors, contrasting with each other, or the interactions lit and shaded areas. You can combine a deliberately rough paved paths with soft fluffy lawns.

Modern landscape design

Modern surprised by what he does and even neskuchen zateyliv with laconic forms and a minimum of parts

We create a harmonious space

Now on to the important issue thatworried novice gardeners: how to realize a modernist style in landscape design, not forgetting about each of its elements? Certainly useful to draw the recommendation of your site in detail, do not forget to weave in the drawing as the structure of the small and large architectural forms, water, benches, lights, lawns and lawns.

When it comes to the design of the buildings, theirIt can be decorated with the help of openwork forged elements. Equipping the pond should take care that its surface is perfectly mirrored. But it is possible to install a fountain and solemn and playful stream - modern love water in its various forms. On the other hand, in the design of water bodies do not need to overdo it, because in this style rather reasonable brevity.

Skip to a track, it is necessary to choose suchsolutions that will play into the hands of the total composition. For example, they pave paving slabs, paving stones, natural stone. Then they will be able to deliberate coarseness contrasted with the surrounding landscape. But it is important to stick to the rules - avoid strict straight lines. Paths should squirm and weave, weave literally duplicating and vegetation bends and forged elements.

Pond Art Nouveau

Pond or other body of water in modernity is not distinguished by its intricate: it organically woven into the landscape, echoing the plant or architectural motifs

Choosing plants for the garden with modernist motifs

It is worth noting that the modernist garden should not besaturated with vegetation. That is why you need to very carefully to approach her choice. Basically, the decisive criteria in this case are the tortuosity, or the originality of the forms of plants. Or you can use those species which are able to replicate the architectural features of buildings.

Maximum natural in such a landscapelook archaic oak, ash, birch, maple and willow, which can be presented in a single copy, or combined in a small group. Another viable option - a pine or dwarf fruit trees, awakening the imagination with its unusual twists of branches and trunks. By the way, it is possible to beat the subject combination of coniferous and fruit trees.

Turning to small forms of vegetation,you must select this elegant flower is the iris. He just asks in composition to the narcissus and phlox, lavender and lilies, dwarf chrysanthemums and Marigolds. If the weave pattern to another and vines, which twist around the trees or structures, it is possible to give a general view that same smooth lines, which are so fond of seeing lovers of Art Nouveau. For example, you can plant sweet peas, bindweed, hops, clematis and even pumpkin.

Do not forget about the bushes. Organically in the garden will be like roses, hydrangea, rhododendron. But most importantly - a breakdown of the flower beds, lawns and lawns so considering that the color blotches if wriggled between the dark green masses of shrubs and lush green grass.

Art garden

The modernist garden you can do and figured cutting of trees or shrubs, while avoiding complex forms

Accents and do not forget about the details

Despite the fact that the garden Nouveau does not like frills, it is often placed emphasis with the help of garden furniture, sculptures and stained glass.

When choosing furniture, preference isgive options, which are made of high quality materials - wood, metal, natural stone and glass. The same applies to the sculptures. Most often used in modern dance figures of mermaids and flexible silhouettes of the female body, in the form of figurines of birds and even insects.

Back in the garden, you can safely make a garden or potsthe purchase of special containers for flowers. But preference is given to geometric forms, as well as materials such as ceramic, stone, metal.

Note that the landscape design in the Art Nouveau style is notcalled cost-effective solution. It requires investment both at the stage of execution, and in the care of the portion that is necessary to consider a beginner gardeners.

Art Nouveau in the landscape

Modern must combine functionality, comfort and unity of all the elements, all of whom shall be unnecessary, for which will cling glance

It is important to know also that this style is not particularly friendlyfrom a purely practical plantings. Therefore, if the cottage is needed more for the garden works than to relax in nature, then it is better to choose a different direction in the landscape design. Even orchard in modernity - it is rather a decorative solution, not to mention the beds with cultivated plants that are difficult to fit into the landscape.

Finally, we emphasize that the implementation of the projectcalled "villa in Art Nouveau style" must have impeccable taste and sense of harmony. All impressions can spoil only one extra item, as in this direction brevity and convenience dominate pretentiousness.

Ideas for arranging the garden Nouveau

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