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Garden in the English style: the basic rules of the device

Garden in the English style

No matter how much you have land, a huge estateor a total of 6 acres, "land", if you want you can create a fleet of magnificent landscape style. The landscape design is important to create a complete picture of each element of the garden is to express the overall concept.


  • Three Pillars of the landscape style
  • garden Planning
  • Features of the park
  • Vertical gardening facade
  • Green lawn with his own hands
  • English manor

Three Pillars of the landscape style

  • The natural beauty of nature in the garden.
  • Free plan is not tied to strict rules.
  • Avoid monotony even in the design of small suburban areas.

In Japan, Korea, China, you can also find a landscape garden style that is consistent with the popular in the countries of the East the idea of ​​the eternal renewal of nature.

garden Planning

Take a sheet of paper and draw a sketch of the futuregarden. Identify where best to plant fruit (the best option - the south-eastern and southern part), and where - ornamental trees and shrubs. The remaining square footage allocated for flower beds and lawns. Think, which will host the garden paths.

Garden in the English style

Front of the house - is its "face", which should be perfect. Take care of decorative and finishing works

Creating a garden, it is necessary to sustain it in the same style,all auxiliary artificial structure must be carefully masked. The man, who looks over the park landscape style, must be an illusion, that the landscape, where there is a house, created by nature itself, and not by human hands. Tsaritsyno, Petrovsky Palace, Gatchina - samples of landscape design, made in the landscape style.

Garden in the English style requires disciplinespace, must take into account the rules of visual perception. Objects located on a small hill, are in an advantageous position thanks to the law of linear perspective. The lawns and ponds are more interesting when viewed from above. Therefore, architects often use to receive an artificial creation of the terrain irregularities.

Color plays an important role, especially if youchosen design in the English style. It can help you focus on specific areas, visually push or bring some element of the garden. Remember, plain and simple compositions often benefit to cumbersome and pompous.

The farther you are from the object, the more smoothly andsofter look through its shape. Therefore, if you want to enhance the depth of the landscape, plant coniferous vegetation shades of blue in the far corner of the garden.

Natural garden does not mean running. There should be all carefully planned and thought through the shady alleys, colorful flower beds, groups of shrubs and trees. Organically fit into the overall concept of small hills or canyons.

To around your holiday home appearedPark landscape style, you need a landscape designer. He must understand the structure of the area and be able to properly dispose of artificial and natural objects. A professional gardener knows all about the plants and trees in your yard. Each park its character: a cheerful and thoughtful, simple or multi-faceted. Take a walk through the garden, you will feel that he is a certain mood.

Features of the park

  • Winding paths lead you to the most secret corners of the garden. When you create trails using natural stones, can be irregular in shape, such as paving or flagstone.
  • Pergolas and arches, entwined with wild grapes, benches in shady places are not only beautiful, but also functional.
  • A pond with a small bridge or artificial streamperfectly complement the composition. Water flowing in a stream with a pump. You must select the type of flow and its intensity. You will also need to create and mask "source" and "mouth". Sit on the edge of the stream planting, the flow will be similar to the natural.
garden decoration

A small stream flowing from the piles of rocks and hiding in a crevice - a great alternative to the pond

  • The garden is complete in the English style and withoutfragrant flower garden. Mallow, delphinium, pansy, rose - choose what you are most like. Romantic look flowers hanging from hanging pots. Put them in the pelargonium, geranium and petunia.

Vertical gardening facade

To your house was cozy, create greenfence. The house, on whose walls woven ivy or girlish grapes, seem good, safe and a little fairy. The southern wall of suitable rhododendrons, Chinese magnolia vine, clematis, climbing roses. For the east side choose hydrangea tree, hops. On the west side of the gardeners planted Kanatnikov vinogradolistny, wisteria. When you prepare the soil for planting, install support. As they can be used twine (for her quickly growing morning glory, sweet peas, echinocystis). For hops, or climbing roses need a framework that should be mounted on the wall.

After planting seedlings do not forget about their feeding, watering and pruning. Remember, some of the fruits of ornamental plants are poisonous (this is especially important if a family has young children).

style garden

Landscape style - timeless classics of the genre

Green lawn with his own hands

To grow lush green grass, fertilethe soil layer should be at least 15 cm. A month before planting grass to dig the ground, remove the weeds, make fertilizer, level the surface. Just before sowing seal the soil rollers or plywood sheets. If the site has a curb, grass to sow for 1 meter from it, so that later you have no difficulties when working with the mower. Consumption of seeds - 15 g / m2.

Sowing grass should be in calm weather (goodsow the land strips). After that, the seeds sprinkled a little earth and watered. The first week of the next lawn watered daily (same watering schedule is required in dry weather). If you want a lawn faster way, you can buy ready-made roll with grass, that unfolds, fit and watered.

lawn near the house

On this great lawn can frolic children. Do not forget to water the lawn, so that he long delight you with its lush greenery

English manor

Even if you were not born in a primBritain, you have the right to choose the facade of the house in the English style. High gables in the foreground, with steep pitched roofs, large windows - architectural features of this style. In England decided to build houses of different shapes: asymmetric and symmetric. Much attention is paid to the design of the main entrance, but the decorating elements are used very carefully. The basic material in building construction - brick. Soft colors and the presence of forged parts only emphasize the basic idea. Feel free to choose the English style of landscape design, if you like clean lines discreet luxury.

like a garden in the English style

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