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Features of creation of green lawns in the gardening area

Features of creation of green lawns

Seeding the lawn with his own hands, you need to pick upa blend of herbs that will meet the demands placed upon it. Common (another name for gardens and parks), green lawn is optimal for villas and gardens areas. Before planting the herbs necessary to carry out a set of preparatory work: clear land, remove the extra bushes, trees, dig the ground. An important nuance, providing the beauty of the lawn is dense ground tamping. It is worth drainage device.


  • Features of the soil for a lawn area and remove weeds
  • Device drainage layer
  • Land preparation for planting of grass and lawn care
  • Suitable for lawn and garden hand planting seeds

Features of the soil for a lawn area and remove weeds

Seeded the lawn in the country with their own hands is not sodifficult, but there are some nuances. Be sure to carry out the cleaning area, uprooting stumps, unwanted trees, bushes. At this stage, it is to lay the track, borders and other decorative elements. The soil for the lawn should be fertile with slightly acid or neutral reaction pH.

Before planting the seeds necessary to make deepdigging and remove weeds. It is important to break the clods. Weeds weed, mow or treated with herbicides. If you decide to use a special tool.

lawn planting

Tracks and decorative elements is best to plan before planting grass.

To prepare a mixture take 80 - 120 mlherbicide, which are bred in a bucket of water. Consumption Roundup 5l drug is on 100m2. For the complete destruction of the weeds will take about 3 - 4 weeks. If at that time was wet and warm weather, it is possible undesirable germination of fresh seeds. Then we recommend additional treatment with herbicide.

It happens that the soil is poorly suited to the siteto create a lawn. In this case, it is best to replace the upper layer of the earth. To this end, unsuitable for seeding the soil is removed, arrange drainage and covered with a mixture of fertile soil, peat and sand. People who are satisfied for the first time at the site of the lawn with his own hands, video can provide some help.

Device drainage layer

When deciding how to make the lawn with his own hands,have to worry about removing excess moisture from the areas where the spring months stagnant water after thawing of snow and heavy rains. Generally, drainage is always satisfied when replacing the upper layer of the soil infertile. If such a procedure is not intended to, and comfortable with the ground, the ground dug, put in a corner.

Then you can do the simplest optiondrainage. To do this, lay out 10 - 20 cm of rubble, broken bricks or gravel, then this layer is tamped and poured on top of another 10 cm of sand. Thereafter fertile ground return to place. The optimum height of the ground - 15 cm is very important to stamp each layer..

how to plant lawn

The easiest way to tamp the ground beneath the lawn with a hand roller

In order to make the land denseruse special rollers length of 0.5 - 1 m and a weight of 20 - 50 kg. The cost of such devices pushes growers to use makeshift tools, such as water containers (barrels, bottles) or metal pipes.

Sometimes for tamping land use boardsor plywood sheets, which go. Less of this method is that the pressure of a large area and with high quality to hold the event is difficult. In order to smooth the lawn was important to avoid bumps and dimples.

Land preparation for planting of grass and lawn care

Hand made green lawn requiressome care, which is reduced to regular pruning, seeding, fertilizing, aerating and removing weeds. Most often green fields sown in late summer, fall or spring. In the winter of land dug up, carefully choose the weeds, especially dandelions. Then you can make compost, humus, wood ash.

The light sandy soils and peat improvessome clay, and the clay - coarse sand. In the spring of land dug up again and after 30 days you can start sowing grass. After digging the earth, you can make complex fertilizers. For 100m2 enough to use 2 - 3 kg of funds.

spend more time feeding in furtheryear, scattering the mixture on dry grass. Fertilizer consumption is about 50g / m2. Watering can be done immediately after the application of mineral mixtures, which will dissolve the granules, and the nutritious elements, in turn, quickly learned.

aeration of the soil

For improvement of root growth is possible to use devices that pierce the ground every 5 - 8 cm

Improve the process of rooting and drainageproperties can be piercing the soil every 5 - 8 cm. In addition, the outflow of excess water during heavy rainfall will be much better on the lawns at an angle. Sometimes even recommended a small hill in the center of the green meadow.

Suitable for lawn and garden hand planting seeds

There are several varieties of greenlawns, but most often in the areas adjoining split landscape or, as it is called, an ordinary lawn. This type is resistant to trampling, so it is easy to have a picnic with the kids, or run. Other advantages of an ordinary type of green lawn is its relative simplicity (compared to the parterre or English) and ease of creation.

lawn area

Common lawn is resistant to trampling, so more suitable for other gardens

Planting a lawn with his own hands the easiestproduced with the help of specialized drills. If none are available, you can use a rake, sowing grass by hand. Consumption of seeds is 10 - 15 g per 1 m2. Thick sow does not make sense. This can even be hurt, because not enough nutrients in the soil all the germs.

Perfect weather for sowing - dry windlessday. The first portion watered. Then the seeds are sown, distributing them evenly over the cross-strip width of 1 meter. After that, the top 2 cm of soil poured and carefully leveled ground using rakes or smooth bar.

For sowing on an ordinary lawn, located in shading place suited such a mixture of herbs:

  • 20% meadow grass, bentgrass 30% white, 50% meadow fescue;
  • 30% meadow grass, perennial ryegrass 30%, 40% red fescue.

For solar space suit next collectionSeed: 30% of the ordinary Grebennikov, 70% bentgrass pobegonosnoy. If the green carpet is positioned along the fence, then the optimal blend of herbs for an ordinary lawn includes a 30% red fescue and 70% meadow grass.

lawn care

Plant a lawn can be their own hands, but it is necessary to take a responsible approach to site preparation and direct seeding to the final result did not disappoint

Having an idea and knowledge of how to plantlawn with his own hands, gardener gets new possibilities for decoration infield. In this business there are important nuances. If you think that you can get a great lawn just sow grass, you are deeply mistaken. Green lawn in need of care, fertilizing, aeration. You also need to worry about the abduction of excess moisture.

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