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Create a small architectural forms with their own hands

Create a small architectural forms

Do you value pleasant things? Probably yes! With them, our lives become more colorful and diverse. They are all around us - at home, at work and even in the country. How is this possible? Starting to equip the place where there is a cottage, house or mansion, do not forget about the items such as small architectural forms (IRF). With them, your site will look more attractive, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. To learn how to do it, will be discussed in our article.


  • Why is there a need for MAFah
  • Classification MAFov
    • By appointment
    • By use of plant
    • According to the materials of manufacture
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Why is there a need for MAFah

On small architectural forms we are familiar with alreadylong. Perhaps not everyone knows that the so-called ordinary benches, gazebos, playgrounds, etc. This includes everything that adorns the landscape, and also has a functional purpose - it's decorative compositions, small buildings and various equipment.


The day started with a tea party in the gazebo, will bring a lot of joy

What is their role? So you make bright additions to the building suburban area, garden or park area. MAFy must be original in form, convenient to use and made of a certain material. In the end, it is necessary to fit them organically into the landscape, to create an atmosphere of luxury, comfort and beauty. With them any portion looks finished, noble and elegant. In the production of the manufacture of small architectural forms involves the use of high quality materials. What are the solutions to give you can implement on their own?

Classification MAFov

A variety of decorative and functional items is very large. They are separated on purpose, and materials used in these plants. Let us examine each separately.

By appointment

What are MAFy? First and foremost, they need to delight their appearance, bringing aesthetic pleasure. Secondly, their role is to improve the conditions for rest and stay. Depending on the functionality they are divided into the following groups:

  • Dividing the territory into zones

A wonderful area for solitude and reflection

Often there is a need in the visualthe physical separation of one part of the territory of the other. For example, it may be a seating area and a working area. Small architectural forms for the garden help to hide from the eyes of implements, farm buildings, etc. In this capacity, are:

  • bridges and arches;
  • stairs and railings;
  • retaining and decorative walls;
  • sculptures and topiary;
  • fountains and flower pots.

Because of the bridges and balustrades, arches andwalling some parts of the garden plot separate from the others. These decorative elements are designed to emphasize the style and create a unique image of the infield.

Specific elements are Topiary -sculptures that are cut from the growing green shrubs and trees. In carrying out purely decorative role, they also divide the space into separate zones.

When people talk about the garden sculptures, wetraditionally we think about ordinary statues. However, small architectural forms of concrete can be a birdbath, which is located in the central part of an artificial pond, grotto with a bench, decorative bridges, mills, etc.

  • Creating places for recreation

In recent years, more and more people are using their suburban areas exclusively for recreation. Landscaping in this case, you can decorate and equip:

  • garden and garden furniture;
  • pergolas and benches;
  • sports grounds and swings;
  • children's playgrounds;
  • barbecue, etc.

The most popular type of MAFov - a gazebo. They have for centuries been associated with a place of privacy and rest. Nowadays they make summer (open) and all-season (glazed).

  • Provision of additional facilities

This unique patio can create only people with well-developed imagination and the "golden" hands

To improve public amenities and create additional comfort, you can use:

  • lighting lamps;
  • cute boxes;
  • drinking fountains.

If you want to see how you can fit harmoniously into the landscape of the small architectural forms, photos posted on the Internet, you will have a great help.

By use of plant

As plants use MAFy divided into two types - decorated with greenery and flowers and existing independently, ie without them. On the second referred to above and the first to include the following:

  • The lattice. It is made of a metal or wooden supports for climbing plants. They fence off destinations from business premises.
  • Pergola. So called detached construction or extension to the house, the roof of which is lattice braided plants. Under it is possible to create a place of rest, equipped with decorative tables, benches, barbecue. As climbing plants can be used twine roses, clematis, vines, hops.
  • Bosquet. So called "green" room with walls of a specially trimmed trees and bushes. This element of landscape design came from France and was used there in XVI-XVII centuries.
  • Pots or pots with flowers. Such small architectural forms with their hands can do all color lovers. They are placed in the most suitable locations of the yard and garden.

According to the materials of manufacture

Depending on the materials of which the decorative elements are made, they are divided into MAFy made from

  • concrete,
  • natural stone,
  • metal
  • tree (vine).

It is possible to combine two different materials. For example, in the manufacture of arbors can be used natural stone, metal and wrought fences.

Additional Information

To serve the product for a long time, they have to do with quality materials, as well as take care of the professional performance of works.

If you want to use natural stone,forged metal, precious woods, stained glass, which is considered to be elite materials, the cost of such MAFov will be quite high. Small architectural forms from a tree pine, brick, concrete structures, as well as elements from polycarbonate considered a budget option.


Vases with flowers can be placed in the most unexpected place

Much of that is decorated with gardens and moderndachas, made by hands of their respective owners. So you can save money and enjoy the creative process. If you want to make your site look really unique, something to attract his project all family members. Together you will make it a favorite vacation spot and will be proud of their achievements. Good luck!

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