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Create a continuous flowering flowerbed - write picture vibrant colors

Create a bed continuous flowering

Who among us has not froze in amazement at seeingneighbor's yard now a painting created from fresh flowers? It pleases the eye at any season, surprising inexperienced gardeners. It is about this method of planting vegetation, which is known as bed continuous flowering. What is the secret to creating a masterpiece flower, and how to arrange a flower garden on the site? Let's find together the answers to these questions.


  • What begins work on a continuous flowering flowerbed
  • How to choose continuously blooming flowerbeds
  • We make a bouquet of flowers for her flower beds
  • Important secrets of skilled gardeners to create flower beds

What begins work on a continuous flowering flowerbed

Since these beds many with enthusiasmcompared with the paintings, and that work on it should start with a sketch on a piece of paper. That is, in the first place, it is necessary to imagine a flower bed, to which you would like to see it, and to outline the appropriate picture.

As a result, you should get a scheme in which colored areas are placed harmoniously. However, it can be monochrome and colorful, which combines many shades.

You can then select the color schemes for eachperfect flower. It is convenient to label them by numbers painted for yourself what the vegetation in a period of bloom. Detailed recommendations on the choice of plant species will give below.

It is worth noting that the colors should be combined not only in their color: they are a completely different height, so it should be thought of as a flower bed will look in volume.

Another important thing that you need toremember even at the planning stage - this account of the special care of each flower and vegetation requirements for the composition of the soil. Of course, preference is given to those species that require approximately the same growth conditions.


In the flower garden can be combined and annuals and perennials to slightly simplify your work

How to choose continuously blooming flowerbeds

The next question to be resolved - wherenamely in the area to arrange your flower garden. Looking for the most suitable area, you need to remember just about two things - where would you like to see your flower bed, and as appropriate to the desired location conditions for the growth of flowers.

Of course, everyone wants to see a novice gardenerthe creation of their own hands in a corner, where they can freely enjoy. In addition, the bed should not violate the general harmony at the site. Finally, it should be placed so that it just do not interfere with movement on the territory, to her it was convenient to take care of.

At the same time, taking care of his pleasure andcomfort, we can not forget about the interests of flowers. It is necessary to check whether it is suitable soil in your chosen location, not whether obduvaemy on all sides by the winds. Incidentally, we recall that during the day most of the plants with their heads follow the sun's movement across the sky. So on the north side of the flower bed will look unsightly: you will see the "wrong" side of the beds.


Flowerbed can do heart the entire site or to place at the entrance to the territory of the dacha. Another good place for its location - near the tracks and recreation areas

We make a bouquet of flowers for her flower beds

When you have prepared a diagram of continuous flowering beds and picked up at her place, you can begin to implement the task. Getting seat flowers, adhering to several important recommendations.

First of all, we need to return to the issuechoice of colors. It is no secret that some of them bloom early, others later. So to bed bloomed continuously, it is necessary to make the composition so that the color of a vegetation is replaced by another.

For example, the very first spring bloomcrocus, primrose, lungwort, Proleski and forget-me. Thanks to them, your flower garden will come to life back in the days when other plants can not even boast of the presence of green mass.

Further bloom pale purple Pulsatilla and family flowers lilies. For example, you can plant doronicum that stain flower in sunny yellow color until the end of April.

You can use other types of family gerberas - pyrethrum dark red or pink, daisy-daisy. The latter, incidentally, blooms vote a long time - up to the September.

In the late spring - early summer can be planted muchthe number of colors. For example, smart and jaunty to bed, if you put it violets, daisies, hyacinths. It is worth remembering yet another magnificent plant, which is called the royal crown or imperial hazel grouse. Its flowers are large and rich orange. If desired, it can be entered into the picture.

Of course, do not forget about the delicate daffodils, andlush peony. They are followed immediately many kinds of flowers, which only need to be able to combine with each other in color and size - it hydrangeas and gladiolus, and esholtsii rudbeckia, asters and lobelia. All they bloom magnificently and colorful, as if giving last summer heat before the traditional autumn withering of nature.

The plants in the flowerbed

The scheme for the flower garden, keep in mind that in different regions of their flowering period of a plant. Therefore, there will be appropriate advice from experienced gardeners, not to be mistaken with the terms

The fact that the fall is already standing on the threshold, remindchrysanthemums, dahlias, cannas, marigolds, phlox, stonecrops. And if we add to it the flowering almost the whole season and Allium kraspedii, the bed will not lose their colors down to the cold snap.

Important secrets of skilled gardeners to create flower beds

For the formation of the flower garden, which is pleasing to the eyealmost all year round, experienced gardeners do not always use a variety of colors. For example, the diversity and beauty on a bed can be achieved by combining a few plant species.

To do this, you need to know a few tricks:

  • Firstly, the flowering season of the samePlants can be extended by plating it in several ways. For example, the flower planted in a box at home for seedlings in February and March, then another, and sown in the open ground. This first flowers appear on a bed and a half months earlier than when sown in the ground just.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to choose for your flower gardenplants that are capable of re-bloom. For example, if you remove faded flowers delphinium and daylilies, bluebell and lupine, iris and daisies, they bloom once again. You can also sit remontant carnations or roses, begonias or ageratum.
Location of plants in the flowerbed

If among your flowers home there are those who can make the street even for some time, feel free to bring it into the scheme: it will give the flowerbed originality, as well as make it easier to work on it

  • The third trick is resorted to knowgrowers, helps to solve the question of how to restore the beauty of the flower bed, when suddenly flowering gave her a failure. This can occur because of bad weather or other factors. In this case, to solve the problem is simple - you can bring home to the street with pots and boxes of flowers. Hiding them in dense vegetation, you will return to its attractive and harmonious appearance.
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