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Collection of ideas for the garden from a large-scale approach to the last detail

Collection of ideas for the garden

Your dream has come true - you have becomethe owner of a piece of nature? We bought cottage or inherited the land in the country? Of course, you will want to equip the territory in the best way, to decorate the new ownership and surprise everyone with your ideas. The desire is commendable! Gather materials, show imagination, study already implemented such as lucky as you, the idea for the garden and the garden, take the "armed" tips outlined below and start creating.


  • The fundamental approach - your own style
  • Fence - Socket for natural masterpiece
  • Kaleidoscope invented landowners fences.
  • Get inspired and choose "their" version
  • Small lounge - a heavenly place in the garden
  • Blossoming flowerbeds - joy eyes
  • Plastic bottles - is not material to create extraordinary beds ?!
  • Children recreational area - all the best bits and pieces

Ideas for the garden from a professional

The fundamental approach - your own style

They say that the garden style reflects his personalityhost, like a mirror. Like humans, the gardens are simple or multi-faceted, creative or conservative, elaborate or sedate, calm and bright, tied to one style or combine a few - it all depends on you - the owners.

Yet, something in fact need to be guided,true? First, learn to think of other landowners ideas for the garden, photos of which generously presented on thematic sites and forums. Second, listen to yourself: What do you want to surround his life, any neighborhood would have pleased you. Third, carefully inspect their possessions and existing buildings, for a total harmony is also important, and your project is, in the end, it has to fit on the existing site.

beautiful flowerbed

Beautiful garden - it is the pride of the owner.

Try and transform their possession, may the neighbors will charge you an example, and ask for advice in setting up their plots

So, what to consider when choosing a style for the garden?

classic garden

Classic style garden - always in fashion!

  • Climate.
  • The architecture of houses and other buildings.
  • Garden area.
  • The surrounding landscape.
  • Financial opportunities.
  • Views of family members.

Professionals say that the most oftenrepetitive and frustrating gardeners subsequently mistake when choosing a garden style - ignoring the peculiarities of the local climate. Often, newly minted landlords are planting their territory vegetation that requires different climatic conditions, and as a result - the plants are dying from the cold, dry or suffer from lack of sun. This tragedy can not pass unnoticed. So start with the choice of style checks to be comfortable to "live" in your band is beloved landscape.
An important factor is the harmony alreadyavailable on your land (houses, pavilions, plantings, ponds) that you want to bring. Agree house in "high-tech" style is unlikely to "make friends" with the English or the peasant garden, especially if a tiny area and divide it into zones is not given possible. Even if you invented a wonderful project "fits" in the neighborhood, be sure to learn the views of home and calculate the budget, because the financial and moral idyll in the family - above all else, is not it ?!

country style

Colorful fence - an integral part of the rural style

We will not describe in detail the existing stylesgarden, because they - a great variety, as well as materials on the web on this subject, but practical tips - Now "weight in gold". Meet with the best and proven ones.

  • You built a house made of logs, plan in the same style to build a gazebo? Then you should think about rural style - everything will look adorable together.
  • You got a huge garden with big trees? Then the ideal solution for those possessions - Russian style.
  • You are surrounded by mountains, and in the evenings you hear the sound of the surf? A dream come true - your garden on the coast? Consider Mediterranean style.
  • Having inherited a tiny patch of land with a brick wall? No problem! Exotic style transform "garden-Baby" in paradise oasis.
  • Do you have a pond, and in the "settled" a lot of stones? Select Japanese style - can not go wrong.
  • The plot is surrounded by hedges and paths lined with stone? English garden - an ideal option for such territories.
  • Previous owner does not possess a delicate taste, andLand is a chaotic combination of different plants? This - not a reason to be upset, and a wonderful opportunity to create a garden in the style of fusion - "mix" of different styles, sometimes even opposite mood.

As you can see, style ideas for the garden and garden "hidden" at the site, the main thing - to find them, recognize and multiply.

Fence - Socket for natural masterpiece

Avid gardeners say that the fence - a "frame"for natural pictures, perfectly complementing the landscape, a sort - the final touch in the transformation of the site. What will be the fence - it is yours. Meanwhile, consider that its design "fit" into the overall landscape, liked the house and do not disturb the neighbors. Some newly minted landlords twine its territory a high concrete fence, without hesitation, that it is, first, the ugly, and secondly, may prevent the plants to grow, and not only yours, but also a neighbor. Private garden - it's good, but there are plenty of alternative options to "hide" from prying eyes. For example, make a "live" fence of trees or shrubs. it will become safer, above, will never break and not get tired of every year. You do not know how and what to build a fence? Worried that it is troublesome and expensive? And in vain, now and realize it themselves.

Consider the detailed guidance on the construction of the fence of willow. According to experts, this is an option - one of the lightest available and excellent looking:

  1. Find (buy or chop) willow cuttings. Better to choose hardy, undemanding to care for varieties such as purple, triandra, dewy, prutovidnaya pyatitychinkovaya or willow.
  2. On the perimeter fence of the future pull cord, pre-hammered pegs.
  3. Digging up the soil 50 cm in width and depth.
  4. With an interval of half a meter hammer metal supports and connect them across the poles to have something to tie up shoots.
  5. Landed cuttings (depth - 30 cm spacing - 20 cm).
  6. Tie up the seedlings to the poles using Bast.

Your fence is ready. As a rule, all (without exception) willow shoots take root, you will only have time to trim and tie the branches. A couple of years - and through a fence to climb is unrealistic.

 wonderful fence

This is such a wonderful fence you can get from willow

What other ideas for the garden inthis direction? They are just a mass. Can you draw the fence from scrap materials, such as old tires, plastic bottles, parts of the garage, reeds, logs or build a fence made of stone, glass, metal. The main thing - that he loved you "fit" in design and does not interfere with the vegetation to develop. Look at the unusual fence invent gardeners.

Kaleidoscope invented landowners fences.


Cheerful palisade

their own hands

The fence of the old bicycle wheels

fence at the cottage

Fence like a real fortress

bright fence

Funny men

Creative fence

Creative fence of the old bike


Combined fence

fence on the site

And a fence has the right to exist

their own hands

Here's an interesting combination

Get inspired and choose "their" version.

Small lounge - a heavenly place in the garden

Whatever the plot area, arearelaxing in your garden is sure to be. Otherwise, when will admire the surroundings, where to spend the evening, as the rest in the company of nature ?! Only you can decide which will consist of natural complex for a respite from everyday life.

Ideal - a gazebo, and covered withbarbecue, so this place has become the epicenter of recreation for the whole family and for guests. The area does not allow to build a gazebo? Do not worry, build a terrace, in fact, usually near the front door there is always a pair of "orphan" meters. Of course, these recreational areas consuming to implement, but reliable and durable.

No time and money to build seriousstructure? Then select a few hours, look in the barn materials at hand and make a swing for the whole family. Love sustainability? Wide, comfortable bench with backrest and a pair of cushions - this is the best place to enjoy the summer garden. Very reluctant to tinker, there are no tools or appear occasionally in the country? Arrange a portable home theater (as in the photo below), or buy a couple of hammocks hang in the shade and sleep right in the garden, under the soothing rustle of leaves.

rest zone

Cinema on the grass - simple and lots of fun for the whole family

No problem with the budget, the garden is huge, and you want tosurprise everyone? Then build a pond or swimming pool, it is possible even to the beach or a fountain. However, the beach and you are free to do as a separate sitting areas, for example, as in the photo.

Blossoming flowerbeds - joy eyes

As they say gardeners have humor: "One bright bud in the right place - this is a flower." Chaotic planted flowers - it is commendable, and fun, but you do want more, do not you ?! Flower - a gift of nature and not a weed, so it should be placed so as to receive from the neighborhood with flowerbed aesthetic pleasure, rather than a desire to transplant the plant into a more suitable place.

How beautiful plant flowers? Several options: Gives flowerbed interesting shape, "play" with the shades, enable unusual materials for decoration flower beds.

See how well-chosen color can transform your beds!

 beautiful flowerbed

Bring in your garden bright, "notes," such a beautiful bed - it is a couple of hours

With flowers and plants, you can creategarden "pictures" to illustrate favorite fairy-tale or reflect your preferences. Miniature ladybug, the company of "Three Little Pigs" or frightening miracle Yudo (as pictured) - all of these characters can "live" in your garden in the shape of flowers.

playful garden

Miracle Yudo, which came up with a humorous gardener. True?!

Unusual ideas for the garden, with his own handsembodied in the life - is not a matter of pride and a sign of a creative nature ?! Avid gardeners who have imagination, is used as a "pot" for the beds the most unusual things from old tires and finishing grandmother bed. Take a look, a flower garden turned out of an iron bed, gathering dust in the barn.


Flowerbed bed - unusual and remembered forever. Do you agree?

Plastic bottles - is not material to create extraordinary beds ?!

See what beauty is derived from ordinary plastic bottles.

from bottles

Palm trees near the house

from bottles

From bottles obtained good Wheelbarrows

As you can see, some interesting ideas for the garden you literally "roll" under your feet, gathering dust in the barn and in danger of being thrown out. Do not let beauty pass your possessions!

creativity in the flowerbed

The Three Little Pigs - it is not only the fantastic characters, but also the inhabitants of your garden. Invite them to yourself!

Children recreational area - all the best bits and pieces

As they say: children - the flowers of life, and therefore in the garden for recreation crumbs need to choose the best place and build on it fascinating "attraction" - the area where the toddler will be complete masters.

swing in the country

A chair with broken legs do not rush to send in the trash, because it will come from the wonderful swing

What ideas for kindergarten, Garden adolescents choose to cater to their heirs?

First of all, consider the creation of a small house on a tree - a childhood dream of each of us.

 from waste tires

See what wonderful slide can come from waste tires collected by neighbors

Secondly, make a swing - how can a child do without legs hanging out in the air ?!

Happy holidays

"Twister" - fun outdoor activities for the whole family. Join now!

Third, build a sandbox - wonderful design that attracts kids like a magnet.

game Zone

Here's what you need to organize a gaming zone in the "Twister"

What else to implement original ideas for childrenGarden - up to you, based on the portion size, age and wishes of crumbs, as well as your ability to time and finances. You rent the cottage, so invest in the arrangement of the territory do not want to? Do not worry! There are lots of ideas resting time zones. Taking the 2 sheets and a few bars unnecessary, you can do in an hour for their tots a real tepee.

as easy as pie

To build a tepee for kids - easy, and you do not know ?!

Now that you know how to make a garden a source of pride and a favorite place for recreation and domestic guests.

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