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Autumn in the garden - put things in order at their summer cottage in the garden and flower garden

Autumn in the garden

Winter is just around the corner, and work on the plot is still enough. But experienced gardeners know that how you do the autumn work in the garden depends on your harvest the following year.


  • Autumn work at their summer cottage
  • Bustle in the garden
  • Harvesting of cuttings for grafting
  • Autumn works in the flower garden

Tips for conducting autumn works in the country

Autumn work at their summer cottage

  • Do not remove the berries and fruits from the trees afterrain or dew. Plucked from the fruit trees are best immediately cooled to a temperature of 4-6 ° C, otherwise they quickly become overripe and spoil. The walls of the room in which you will store the harvest, treated with a solution of formaldehyde or soda, it will prevent the appearance of mold fungus.
  • Older branches and root shoots should be removed. Autumn is the time to make the forming or renewal pruning.
  • The stems of raspberries, which no longer bear fruit, cutat ground level. We need to remove the black currant weak and old shoots (at ground level, too). White and red currants, on the contrary, gives the berries on older branches. At the gooseberries, remove low-hanging, old shoots.
  • Heat-loving fruit trees (such as peach and apricot) nestle in the winter.
  • Carefully treat the inner surfacehollows solution of 10% iron and 5% copper sulfate solution. hollow hole filled with broken bricks or shingles, then this place is cemented and covered with oil paint.
  • Wire brushes or scrapers to removediseased bark from trees (wood podstelil film) obtained burn garbage outside garden. If the tree has a wound, lubricate garden pitch. Select day to dry and windless weather, wear safety goggles and a bandage and treat the large branches and trunks with a solution of iron sulphate (5%). This will save you from the problems of pests and diseases.
  • Around the fruit trees make a circle of glue,to larvae winter moth is not crawling on trees. Recipe glue: pine resin 10 parts, 1.5 parts petrolatum, rosin 1.2 parts. Use the belt catching on the trunks of trees to catch moths (in September, she lays her eggs on the bark). In late November, these simple devices are cleaned, whitewashed trunks are wrapped trunks of pine branches and paper.
  • make protection of mice to young trees. To do this, tie the trunks of trees with burlap, roofing material and then wrap with aluminum wire. Top roofing lime. Excellent material for binding - fiberglass or old nylon stockings (not preet crust beneath them, and the mouse will never bite a harness).
  • To the trees are not destroyed by frost in winter, spend sowing irrigation of trees.
clean garden

Garden loves cleanliness and order, in the fall need to prepare it for the cold and frost.

Make the groove depth of 15-10 cm around the trunktree (every 80 cm). Watering should be at the rate of 60 l / m2 for adult apple, 40 l / m2 - for cherries, plums and young apple trees. At the last irrigation well make fertilizer, then the groove covered with earth.

Bustle in the garden

  • Plants with symptoms and signs of disease pests need to dig deep beyond the garden or burn.
  • Dig a garden in the fall or not - you decide, but all residues from the area you want to delete.
  • On the beds can be freed sow cilantro, radishes, dill. From the first night frosts these crops will save a covering film.
  • In the greenhouse, remove the top layer of soil (5 cm), mix it with compost and mineral fertilizers, pour into a compost pit.
  • Peat, old fallen leaves, sawdust will save the root system of plants from severe frosts. Since strawberries are covered with a continuous layer (about 10 cm), and currant bushes mulch within a radius of 80 cm.
  • Typically, autumn work in the garden was carried outworrying about the future harvest. So, the old leaves of strawberries cut into the soil making NPK (10 liters of water 2.5 Art. L.). To the flower buds for next year was more in the beginning of September, the soil fertilized with urea (10 liters of water - 30 g). Plants treated against fungal diseases fitosporin from mildew - colloidal sulfur, rot and spot - copper oxychloride.
farming practices

Do not forget about such an important agricultural practices, like mulching.

  • Foliage and old gather the fallen fruit and blow off-site.
  • Plan your garden with a view of crop rotation.
  • If the soil in your yard is acidic, it is necessary to carry out liming. Ash is best to fertilize the ground in the spring.

Harvesting of cuttings for grafting

It is mandatory and necessary work in the autumn garden. Cuttings for grafting harvested in November. In healthy trees (apples, pears, stone fruit) need to take cuttings from the west or the south upper crown (its length is about 40 cm). Then the cuttings are collected in bundles and provided with labels. To put beams needed in the wet sand or sawdust in the vertical (dip them in the sand on the 2/3 length). Small cuttings can be stored in the refrigerator, after wrapping them with a damp cloth. In the snowy winter cuttings is convenient to dig in the snow on the north side of the house (do not forget to wrap the cuttings associated with roofing material and a rope to protect against mice).


In the winter the cuttings will feel comfortable at a temperature of 3-5 ° C, and the labels will help you understand the types and varieties of spring.

Autumn works in the flower garden

  • In September and October can be divided and plantedperennials. At this time the plant hyacinths, daffodils, small bulbs, which need time to take root. Tulips Planted before the most frosts.
  • Autumn varieties of garlic and onions are also planted in September and October. To save space, you can plant them in flowerbeds, planted with roses (it will benefit both cultures).
  • Just before the frosts nestle fragile plants.
  • Autumn not fertilize or prune the roses. Cut only the dry branches. Spend hilling roses soil mixed with gravel or bark.
  • After the first frost dig dahlia tubers. They should be stored in a dry and dark place.
flowerbed in autumn

Bright and cheerful autumn flower beds also need care.

For many gardeners work autumnin the country - pleasant chores, thanks to the earth for the harvest. Work hard at their summer cottage with love and pleasure, and the garden and the garden will reward you handsomely for their efforts.

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