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All the secrets of creating a garden on feng shui

The art of living in harmony with the world teaches philosophyFeng Shui. Acting on the surrounding area can bring good luck. Do not believe me? Try it and see for yourself! Your main task - to balance the components of the garden so that everything in it seemed the most natural. Create your garden on Feng Shui with the help of our tips.


  • We will understand the terms
  • Driving Ba-gua
  • Fountain - the symbol of prosperity and abundance
  • The music of wind
  • Tips for beginners to the organizers of the space of feng shui
  • The hills and plains
  • Artificial pond
  • Plants in the garden

We will understand the terms

Feng Shui literally means "wind and water". If the expression is interpreted in a broader sense, the feng shui covers natural landscapes: mountains and rivers. Take control of such areas of life as a career, love, creativity, wealth using this Chinese philosophy.

Qi - the positive energy, the creative force of life, the perfect form of existence. Balanced and thoughtful interior design or landscape attracts chi energy, and hence the success in business.

Yin and yang - the combination of opposites thatcan not exist without each other. Flat terrain, excessive obscurity - the dominance of yin. In contrast, the hilly terrain with lots of sunshine - an example of a pronounced yang.

Sha - chaos and confusion, the manifestation of negative energy.

garden breakdown

An example of a successful garden design - a lot of elaborate detail, nothing more

5 elements: fire, metal, earth, wood, water, determine the Feng Shui garden plot. Find out your item by date of birth. Creating the design of the garden, give the greatest attention to that area, which is responsible for your element.

Driving Ba-gua

With square Ba-gua, you can createharmonious space. Special mesh consists of 9 parts, each of which describes certain areas of life. In order to understand what part of your estate "responsible" for the journey, and which - for the family well-being, it is necessary to impose a magic square on the garden site plan.

Each sector is associated with a particular element. For example, the eastern zone element - tree. This means that the wooden objects is best positioned in this sector. It also will be more comfortable feel and green spaces. Water nourishes wood, which means that it is possible to arrange a pond or fountain in the eastern zone, but you can not set the fire and metal attributes (eg, grill).


Ba-gua Square will prioritize

Fountain - the symbol of prosperity and abundance

The sounds of murmuring water and the view of the current stream canbewitch anyone. Contemplation of the water element helps to gather his thoughts, calms and gives strength. Fountains Feng Shui can be of different shapes, with or without, in any case, this water feature will revitalize your garden. Place the fountain is best in the southeast. Choose a simple design with quiet operation mechanism. Nearby you can put a "money" trees (Jade). An important point: the water from the fountain must flow toward the house, and not vice versa.

The music of wind

The wooden windmill and ears of wheat -attributes attracting money. The mill can be attached to the lower branch of a tree. Simple device consists of bamboo sticks, suspended on thin filaments. At the slightest breath of wind the pendulum strikes the rod, there is a jingle. Thus was born the "wind."

Wooden mill

Wooden windmill symbolizes the financial well-being

Tips for beginners to the organizers of the space of feng shui

  • No regrets get rid of old and useless. Last year's grass, fallen leaves, dead branches should be in time to collect and export outside the garden. Always maintain order in the garden.
  • Above the entrance door hang the lantern, the input must be brightly lit. Ideal option if the front door is made of wood. The metal cover wood paneling.
  • Stained-glass windows, blinds, shutters protect the house from the "black arrows."
  • Trees and plants with round leaves are able to improve the financial situation of the owner. Planting their need in the south-east of the garden.
  • The mirror above the front door of the house will reflect the negative energy.
  • Prefer rounded forms. Do not make sharp turns paths.
  • Benches should be placed so that sitting on them was turned to face the front door of the garden (or need to create a barrier between the inlet and benches).
  • Good coverage of the whole area will contribute to the material well-being.
  • In the southern part of the garden it makes sense to plant flowersred shades. In the south-west Planted pink flowers. In the western part - white, north and north-east - blue and blue. In the north-west - yellow.
  • Barbecue is best set in the north-east, south or south-west.
  • In the south-east is well set orange (mandarin) tree in a wooden tub.
  • Order and cleanliness, no extra items are very important.
garden planning

Mysterious, sprawling, fascinating - from such a garden is hard to look away

The hills and plains

The Chinese scientists considered uneven terrainfavorable because it allows chi energy to move smoothly and evenly. If you have a perfectly flat garden space, it makes sense to create an artificial hollows and hills. Arrange a rockery or dilute a small flower garden on the hill you created, all this will have a positive impact on your life. But avoid too steep slopes (Qi energy in this case would rapidly fall down). To reflect negative external energy required hedge (on top of the fence, you can pull a trellis with climbing plants).

Artificial pond

Creating a pond - a laborious process thatIt requires special knowledge. It will also need to maintain biological balance in water. If done correctly, you can run into the pond fish.

pond contemplation

So nice to contemplate the garden, sitting in a wicker chair by the pond

Plants in the garden

  • East and south-east

An ideal place for conifers and fruit trees. Feel free to land here juniper, ivy, grapes, as well as peaches, plums, cherries, raspberries and currants.

  • South part

It is better to plant those plants that do notrequire frequent watering. This sector of fire element, and the fire can interfere with water. Peach, gooseberries, cherries, cherry will bring a great harvest in this place of your site.

  • The central region, south-west and north-east

In this area will feel comfortable mountain ash, hawthorn, Weigela, rhododendron, and pear, apricot, dogwood, apple.

  • West and north-west

Choose drought-resistant plants that do notThey have a long flowering. Hydrangea tree, mock orange, sycamore, Deutzia, bobovnik - these plants are suitable for the west side of your garden. Because trees can be planted pear, quince, walnut and hazelnut.

And yet, many tips on Feng Shui are likelyadvisory in nature, their use is not always appropriate to call, more difficult to implement in practice. Since one can not argue: well-kept garden with a fountain, rockeries, pavilions, covered with vines, and the bridge of unusual shape, it is much easier to feel happy and successful. Create the garden of your dreams, and let it be beautiful in any season, in any weather.

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