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Purchase of land for cottages - is the emergence ofmany new, interesting hassle. Modern life in large cities leads to the desire to have a cozy corner of the nature or source of healthy food, as part of the security and that you can be sure at 100%. Is it possible to combine both within a relatively small area? Of course, but this requires a competent planning suburban area. Trying to rush this step quickly just not worth it: the mistakes made at the beginning, will be much more difficult to correct in the later stages of the work.


  • Research areas
  • Defining style
  • Planning
  • Basic rules suburban area planning
  • Choosing plants for the suburban area
garden with his own hands

Create a cozy country cottage area under the force of each

Research areas

Details of the planning area are directly dependent onits characteristics. It is equal or is there a bias? Stagnates whether the spring water on it? Is the creation of additional drainage system is required? What is acidity, richness and other characteristics of the soil? How strong are the winds, and the directions in which they often blow? Well if illuminated portion and how it is oriented relative to the cardinal? How many trees, some rocks and what age?

You need to answer all these questions beforethe beginning of the drafting plan. Most of the features you can explore on their own, using the knowledge or elementary school handbooks. In some cases, you may need the help of experts, for example, in the study of the depth of the groundwater.

Defining style

Despite the seeming insignificance, it is oneof the most serious moments. It is because of lack of attention to the stylistic moments, the alleged paradise after all the work is often a monstrous heap of assorted parts. On comfort in this case do not have to dream. Moreover, if the schedule style in advance under the force of each, then to eliminate the consequences of errors can only expert in the field of design. So much easier to just do the right thing. So, there are some basic stylistic choices suburban area planning.

  • Geometric (regular). The basis of this style - the correct, the geometrical arrangement of objects. As a basis we can take the square, rectangle, circle, chess and repeat the procedure for this element in different ways. An indispensable feature of the regular style - straight track. Furthermore, it is desirable for such a site symmetry withstand specularly reflecting parts terrain relative to the selected axis. As an example we can take when planning suburban area photo palace gardens and parks, such as Versailles or Peterhof.
garden planning

The basis of the regular style - straight lines

  • Scenic (landscape). This style is an imitation of nature. It is ideal in the event that the planned site relief is uneven. The hills, ravines, slopes, streams organically fit into this design. Form paths, flower beds and flower beds - or even arbitrary intricate.
  • Mixed. This style is a compromise between the previous two. Indeed, who would want to align each mound before the house or doing winding cucumber beds. Such examples suburban area planning are the most common, combining the perfect straightness in the garden with a scenic recreation area.


After thoroughly studied portion, andquestion of style is defined, you can start planning. Of course, modern experts do it in special programs, but it is possible to solve the problem and armed with paper and pencil. The preferred plan to draw on graph paper on a scale of 1: 100. On one sheet of paper, draw the outline of the entire site. On the other - Design elements (house, garden, flower beds, a pond, bath etc.), strictly observing the scale. After this will only cut elements and start planning, moving them on the site map.

If you want to see the picture in 3D-format,You can recall familiar from childhood skills and buy a pack of plasticine. Carefully made of this material all the desired items, easy to get as a result of a more clear picture of the future suburban residence. Even if for the design of plans to attract specialists, an exercise in self-regulated area would not be a waste of time and will allow to understand the essence of the process and facilitate subsequent rapport with employees.

how to plan

suburban area plan is quite able to do it yourself

Basic rules suburban area planning

  • The first step within the area will allocate the nextzones: residential, vacation, cottages, outbuildings. The most common ratio of 10% - in the house, 15 - in the outbuildings, not less than 50 - the garden. However, the size of these proportions can vary depending on the preferences of the hosts.
  • In the south window the sun always shines, but in hot weather, it creates certain inconveniences. It is better to allocate a window between the south-western and south-eastern sides.
  • Distance from home to suburban area boundaries must be at least 5 meters.
  • It is desirable that the house was to the toilet more than 10-12 meters to the compost pits - not less than 7 meters.
  • Structures should be distributed evenly on the territory, not creating them piling up in one place.
  • Most often, the house has a facade to the street.
  • Be sure to plan to draw on the track to the garage - for car travel.
  • The front garden between the house and the street will create comfort and protect inhabitants from noise and dust.
  • Lack of space may be offset by vertical elements.
  • A competent designer cares for a largetrees and tries to keep at least some of them, because in order to grow a plant that gives shade and decorate the landscape, it will take a very long time.
  • Most plants need goodcoverage for at least a few hours a day, so when planning suburban area must take into account its location relative to the cardinal.
  • By distributing the plants section, it should bemind that they will grow, and thus occupy a larger area. Around the large trees is useful to draw the outlines of their shadows. You should also take into account the shading, which will give the building.
  • To trees do not interfere with each other, it is useful and nice to alternate them with shrubs.
  • Possible elements of the recreation area: garden furniture, playground, alpine garden, lawn.
landscape elements

Alpine hill - one of the most spectacular elements of landscape

  • When planning the rest zone having a usefulmind that the round shapes create a sense of security, congestion vertical elements can cause fear and horizontal lines evoke peace.
  • When you have finished drawing up the plan, it is useful to estimate how the site will look like in 10 years. This method allows you to identify errors and correct them in time.

When the simultaneous combination of all these requirementsit is difficult, you can see the different versions of planning of suburban areas in the images. This will easily find the necessary solution.

Choosing plants for the suburban area

The required element of the suburban area planning- Preparation of detailed plant list, which is expected to land on it. Each type presents its own requirements for environmental conditions and, above all, to temperature and light conditions. Less hassle all delivered to the plants that come from the local flora, but with thermophilic Exotics have to tinker. Accounting biology of selected species and varieties will save on expensive drugs and greatly reduce the likelihood of disease and death. It is especially important to take into account the preferences of the trees, because these plants are planted for many years, and it is important to make them feel good.

Here, in the first place, it is necessary to bear in mindespecially water supply areas: standing water immediately exclude from the list of almost all kinds of conifers. If there is no desire or ability to tinker with the creation of a perfect drainage system, you can draw attention to the trees wetland forests. Find original cultivars alder, willow or aspen, striking for its beauty and uniqueness, it will not be difficult.

Virtually unlimited choice of moderndesigner is among the herbaceous plants. Planning flower beds, should take into account not only the color of the flowers, but also the timing of flowering, as well as the biocompatibility of some species with others. Such plants usually prefer good lighting, but this does not mean that the shady corners of the garden are doomed to oblivion. Many ornamental species thrive in the shade, and spectacular coloration of leaves in no way inferior to the flower.

beautiful flowerbed

Planning flower beds of continuous flowering until late autumn will allow enjoy the beauty of the form opening

Finally, special attention to the novice gardenershould be given annuals. They require a minimum of maintenance, while allowing you to try your hand at creating various design elements without much damage to the purse. Scenic fences, pergolas, flower beds, garden figures - all this can be done from one only annuals, this experience will help to orient in their aesthetic preferences and go to the cultivation of perennial plants with greater confidence. Also, many annuals beautifully enrich the soil and make it more fertile.

Preparation of a detailed site plan requirestime and effort, but these costs are subsequently paid off handsomely. Simple rules of the house arrangement, composition recreational areas, the choice of plants will create a really cozy place, which would require a minimum of care and will not present any unpleasant surprises. Thoughtful planning of suburban area - it is a guarantee that all future efforts will not be wasted.

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