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Flower-beds of stone - "islands" of the mountain nature in your garden

Flower-beds of stone

Natural stones - it is the most durable anddurable building material. No wonder that the real masters for centuries have built fences and houses, the Chinese were building a well-known wall, and the Egyptians - the pyramid. In our time, this natural material is used also in the landscape design. Very often, amateur gardeners make the beds of stone. And in the course are any rocks: and river pebbles and boulders, and ordinary bricks. Everything depends on the style of the site, which will build a flower bed.


  • The simplicity and beauty of the stone beds
  • Amazing flowerbed spiral
  • Alpine hill or rockeries

Stone flower beds to create quick and easy. But take into account the important points still need. That bed was long and pleasing to the eye, it is necessary to choose the right stones and lay them correctly.

The simplicity and beauty of the stone beds

The easiest way to create a flower bed - itimpose its stones around the perimeter. In spite of the elementary processes, a very original flower. And it does not matter, when you spread the curb before or after planting of flowers. The main thing - carefully push the boulders into the ground to fix them permanently in a particular place. This may be pre-ground fluff hoe or a shovel digging up, depending on the size of the stones.


Stone flower beds to create simple and easy, but take into account the important points still need to

The second method is considered more reliable and solid- A laying stones in several levels. Creation of such a multi-level flower bed is made in several stages, depending on the desired height. Here it is best to use a slate or other flat stone.


The easiest way to create a flower bed - is to impose its stones around the perimeter

So, the first step is to choose a place forflower bed and pegs mark the boundaries. Around peg flour or white sand poured circuit. And it already excavated ditch for the foundation, the depth of 20-25 cm and a width of 30-35 cm. The deepening of the largest stones are placed as closely as possible to each other. They should be thoroughly compacted into the ground, after all, in fact, they are the foundation of the entire structure. The second and third row of cobblestones necessarily need to carefully stitch because the lower layers of the fall without using cement mortar. After placing fourth in the series of pegs construction stretched string to indicate the top of the wall and leveled using a spirit level. Before you put the last row must be removed thread. When the wall height reaches 10-15 cm above ground level, preparing a thick cement mortar and laid on him the following slate ranks. Apply the solution very carefully, so he did not get on the front of the masonry. In this flower bed will look more harmonious and natural. Periodically check the resulting verticality of the wall on using the rack level, approximately every three rows. If something goes wrong, you can manage to alter the clutch until the cement has not had time to harden.


Laying stones in several levels it is considered to be a solid and reliable way

During the construction of flower beds flat stonesbe put off to the side, so that they complete the work. And to stenochka turned all beautiful, you can use a rubber mallet to level and it ranks. The joints between the stones of the last row are filled with a solution completely. If the beds of cameos with his own hands for the first time you build, you can be safe: make the device on the similarity of culinary syringe. It is necessary to dial a cement mixture into a tight plastic bag, cut the corner and squeeze the right solution to the right place in a thin layer. Then smooth with a trowel or spatula. So you are guaranteed to do everything as carefully as possible. After the masonry is necessary to give a solution to harden, and then process the finished flower bed sealant to prevent cracking of the cement on the joints. Then remains the case for small - to pour prepared the soil and planted flowers.


Flower Garden "snail" is most often used for growing herbs

Amazing flowerbed spiral

Spiral flower bed is called "snail". On the plot it is often planted strawberries, strawberries and herbs. For flower "snail" is also suitable, moreover, it looks like an oasis in the desert. In a bed-helix can create different types of soil and climate. The upper part is closer to the sun, so there is need to grow heat-loving plants. And at the bottom of the earth will be wetter, respectively, and moisture-loving plants should be planted. When designing a bed-helix, it is very important to determine the diameter is correct. It is better to stay at 1.5-2 meters, so no problem to get to any part of the flower bed. Having defined the place for the proposed construction, remove the top part of the ground, about 20 cm. Take the rope in half long-range beds, tie both ends on a peg. This will fulfill the function of a compass. Plug one peg in the center of the future oasis, determine the boundaries of construction and mark them with stones. The removed soil layer desirably vystelit nonwoven geotextile, which will restrain the germination of weeds, and at the same time to pass water. Also, the web performs reinforcement and separating functions. An alternative nonwoven fabric can become ordinary cardboard or straw layer. The latter will decompose and thereby can provide a breeding ground for vegetation.

in the garden

Alpine hill in the garden looks like an "island" mountain nature

After laying cobblestones separating materialfenced external borders, the first tier is filled with fertile soil and tightly compacted. In the same manner, and stacked upper coils "snail". Then you can deal with plant planting. Most of them have to grow the property, so you need to comply with the time interval or pinch the flowers to prevent self-seeding.

Alpine hill or rockeries

Beautiful "island" mountain scenery in the gardenIt is an alpine slide. This flower can be built in any size, the main thing - to place it on the sunniest spot area. And again, this kind of beds perfectly masks irregularities in the landscape, so there is no need to pick up under him flat piece of land. Plants for the slides must be chosen undersized and those in which not much developed root system. Before you make a bed of stones of such a form, it is necessary to take care of drainage. The fact that alpine garden has a very moist environment and the removal of excess moisture is a must. To do this, dig a shallow pit, about half a meter, to put layers of different size stones: crushed stone, gravel, broken bricks. Then lay a geotextile and fill with sand. Only then can you begin to build a hill. At the base of the alpine flower beds set very large stones, and on top of them - small fragments. When placing a hill, do not forget to leave room for the plants. These holes will then need to fill the soil and to plant flowers in it. Will help revive the beds of stone photo, from which you can glean an idea of ​​the correct collection of plants.


To create rockeries used stones of the same origin

In the same beautiful "island" in the garden can berockeries. It is being built on the same principle as the alpine slide. The difference is that rockeries built from the stones of the same origin, and, in any case, not a decorative bricks. It should look like a piece of wild mountains. Very often this kind of flower beds adorn the babbling brook or a mini-waterfall. For the construction of any of the above beds of stone it is very important to be approached with imagination and desire to create. Then your masterpieces will bring you pleasure, delight friends and neighbors.

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