What is the plot dendroplan

What you need to make your site look impressive? Do not rely "on your mind", and refer to the experts! They make competent dendroplan, where all your demands and wishes will be reflected. Not by chance it is given an important place in the design documentation required in the development of landscape park or a garden plan.


  • Visualization dendroplan 10 hectare plot
  • What it is placed on the drawing dendroplan
  • Importance enumeration sheet

Visualization dendroplan 10 hectare plot

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What it is placed on the drawing dendroplan

Arboretums called up the drawing, which makes the landscape designer. In it, he notes all the plants, the landing is planned on the land.

Selection of trees is carried out so that their viewsconsistent with the overall style, which is defined by you and your designer. Seedlings should be combined with each other according to biological characteristics. In addition to plants in terms of mark different areas and their boundaries, and track the location of structures - existing and planned for construction. Thus, all that has to grow on the ground, will be clearly linked to a solid or rigid coating lines.


Create such beauty can only specialist

Dendroplan site takes into account the following points:

  • especially the location and style of the land plot;
  • Various characteristics of the plants located there (environmental, biological);
  • soil composition, and the illumination area etc .;
  • customer requirements (that is, undoubtedly, the most important).

Among the features of this plan can be notednext - tree size specified on it in the upper end of the characteristic of the adult plant. This makes it possible to take into account when planting distance between the seedlings, because at that time their size is much smaller than indicated in dendroplane.

During the preparation of project documentationis a schematic representation of the locations of greenery. It is designated as a fraction, the numerator of which is placed the ordinal number of a tree or shrub, fixed in the enumeration sheet, and the denominator - the number of seedlings of this species (varieties) belonging to the group landed. If the tree is a single, then the denominator is missing.

Well-written plan will help ensure thatthat the infield will look their best and will reflect the spirit inherent to its owners. Developing dendroplan park allows for a good specialist will look like the whole composition. The main thing is to shrubs, being decorative, while there were also useful for the site owner. In addition, they must perform the function assigned to them by the common organization of the space.

landscape project

It looks like a landscape project

When choosing the material for the account of the importance of plantingfactor - the absolute frost type. It must be characteristic of the region, which will be implemented by the proposed landscaping project.

Importance enumeration sheet

Enumeration list - a mandatory document,dendroplan which is included in a set. It contains a list of planted crops, the most suitable for a given land. Landscape designer necessarily take into account wishes of the customer, as the most influential and interested persons.

Dendroplan and enumeration list, as a rule,can not exist in isolation, but are integrated. Last sometimes acts as an annex to the explanatory memorandum, which is made to the general plan of the infield.

site design

It is worth thinking about the integrity of the composition

The enumeration list shall contain such information:

  • grade appearance and decorative forms of trees planned for planting;
  • individual number of each tree or shrub;
  • characteristics of each type - height, type of root system, decorative features;
  • the projection of the crown;
  • number of seedlings of each species;
  • name of the plant (at the national and Latin).

Recording of landing in this document is produced in a certain order, that is, in groups. The first group includes coniferous species, the second - deciduous, then - fruit trees and vines.

record plantings in the area

Every shrub is reflected in the accounting records

Such documentation allows advanceto plan the purchase of the necessary grades and species, to avoid errors inherent amateur gardeners, as well as save you money. It is better to spend it on properly compiled dendroplan!

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