Making a decorative coffee tree with his own hands - a flight of fancy coffee aroma

Making a decorative coffee tree with his hands

The interior of a residential, office or even a countryrooms can vary and advantageously supplement the original small decorated tree. A wide selection is presented in specialized stores, but it is really save, a little effort and imagination. Consider how you can make a coffee tree with his own hands.

The creative process does not require large material costs, however, will have to show perseverance, patience, concentration and of course, creativity.


  • Preparing to work.
  • Create a coffee tree step by step.
  • How to give a unique sapling.

Preparing for creativity

For work you need the following materials:

  • Coffee beans. It is not necessary to choose the most expensive varieties, because it will not be used for consumption. The main criterion is the grain of choice - beautiful, correct form.
  • Lightweight foam ball. It can be purchased in shops specializing in sales of decorative elements. Alternatively, you can pre-make papier-mache. The ball should be large enough.
  • The ball is smaller. This can be a ball, which is used for playing table tennis.

a coffee tree


Handmade products are especially valuable as the gift

To work need a good glue, coffee beans, tree branch, twine and some trivia.

  • An interesting form of a tree branch, twine. To use suitable even twisting branches, more importantly, that they are smooth. Twine can be anyone: the color and thickness do not matter.
  • Acrylic paint brown gouache.
  • A flower pot. He may be new, with original patterns, decoupage, modeling or old, tatty, it's easy to decorate with twine or other material, for example, dried flowers, large beads, rhinestones.
  • Glue. For fixing grains and other elements of decor should choose an adhesive that will bond instantly. In extreme cases, it may be an ordinary PVA.
  • Stones, foam, grains. This material is placed in a pot, to be more coffee tree resistant.
  • Ornaments: ribbons, snails, ladybugs, dried flowers, or any other elements.

Create a coffee tree step by step

We will understand clearly how to make a coffee tree and get to work.

  • The selected branch of the tree you need to wrap the twine, thread pre promazyvaya PVA glue.
  • Twine in the branches should be well dry. At this time you can begin to prepare pellets. If foam balls there, you need to take a tennis ball and do it in the hole. For this purpose, use a hot iron rod, needle or awl.
  • Now turn the ball coloring. In order not to stain your hands with paint, it is necessary to use a sponge and clothespin (sponge clothespin clamped, as a result, you can work freely with paint, holding only the edges of the invented device). In order that the ball was not turned in your hands, it is necessary to "impose" on the pencil.
  • Dyeing process itself.
  • Once the branch and the ball is well dries, it can be glued together (preferably use adhesive with high setting).
  • Coffee beans are thoroughly lubricated with glue and carefully adhere to the ball. Work can take a lot of time, because the seeds must be placed very close to each other.
  • Also decorated with the second ball.
  • As soon as the grain is well snap into balls, tree can be placed in a pot. The capacity of the pre-decorated with twine or any other materials.
  • To branch is not sloped and not fall onbottom of the pot should be put pebbles. A layer of stones on top of compacted foam. Top layers smeared with glue and is filled with fine grain or colored crumbs, cereals. Thanks to the adhesive, a natural decoration easily be fixed in a pot and will not get enough sleep.
a coffee tree

To branch from falling to the bottom of the pot is necessary to pour stones

  • Decorating tree trunk. Of particular originality can give colorful ribbons tied in bows tender. For this stage of work is desirable to select a contrasting color. It can be brown and beige ribbon or tape color juicy grass and young lettuce. Neatly tied bows. It is desirable to place in several stages along the tree trunk. This solution makes the product unique.
Step-by-step instruction

Here are the steps of manufacturing an original gift will help create a masterpiece

  • On the tree in any order placed ladybugs. Large figurines desirable to attach to a large bowl, and smaller figurines - on the barrel or pot.
  • At the base of trees is fixed snail, dried flowers are placed. We can assume that the decorative coffee tree is ready.

How to give a unique sapling

The main stages in the creation of such a decor element similar. However, there may be options that make the coffee tree Topiary small masterpiece.

For example, a pot for flowers can be arranged indecoupage technique, by the main motive coffee theme. Paper towels, which will be used for sticking on the surface of the container should be with elements symbolizing coffee (picture scattered coffee beans, cups with curling smoke, coffee sets, coffee grinders ...).

souvenirs with their own hands

The pleasant aroma of coffee will continue to hover in the room where the tree is located

Originally will also look into the pota cup of coffee or a bag of beans. This option may be to look at the sale, but it is easier to do it yourself: should "dress" capacity in sackcloth, tie a ribbon or a braided lace, and in near-wellbore region to scatter a little grain of coffee.

For a more robust fixing trees in a potYou can use a special construction gypsum, alabaster, which after dilution is simply poured into the tank (after a certain time, the solution freezes well and reliably fixes coffee Topiary in the selected containers).

Base Topiary can put a thin straw, sisal yarns, dry grass, seeds of various shapes and colors. There are so many options.

With regard to the ball, instead of tennis balls can also be used with small children balls smooth surface, compressed foil yarn tangles.

Can be improved and the processfixing coffee beans. It is well established a special gun, which is pre-seasoned with glue. It is designed just for such fine work in the style of hand-made.

At the final stage, during the finaldecoration, to "crown" tree can be attached butterflies, dragonflies, artificial flowers made of colored ribbons, the original applique floral theme.

Interesting decisions can turn out if to experiment with color and style.

their own hands

Such Topiary can become an original gift for a wedding or other celebration

Creating coffee trees - a great opportunity to give free rein to their imagination. Be of good cheer!

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