How to prepare and securely hide the roses in the winter

Shelter roses for winter - enough time-consumingprocess. First we need to prepare the plant, and then gradually cover them. The choice of method depends on the shelter in the region, varieties of rose bush and personal experiences gardener. The main thing is not to hurry, wait until the soil freezing, and only then securely close the ends of the structure. Disclose rose bushes should be timely, so that the plant does not vyprelo.


  • Challenges and goals for shelter roses winter
  • Preparation of rose bushes for the winter period
  • Materials and methods cover roses for winter
  • Features shelter climbing roses

Challenges and goals for shelter roses winter

How to keep the roses in the winter, what type of cover is betterDoes it even make every gardener decides to own all worth it. There are many techniques, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Harboring and disclose should gradually rose. These activities carry risks. For example, the spring should not rush to the disclosure of roses.

If the sun is shining brightly enough, but the earth is stillfrozen, then awakened kidneys do not get enough moisture. In addition to wean the plant for the winter from the light, and the young leaves can easily burn. called "physiological drought" the problem. However, to delay the disclosure of roses is also not worth it.

During the spring thaw flowers can vypret. The same danger threatens in premature shelter plants with the first frost, because the probability of the temperature jump. In addition, you can increase the chances of rosebushes on the prosperous winter, if you give them a chance to harden in vivo.

rose cover

gable design are used to cover roses that need to be secured to the ground with pegs to pressure of snow they parted to the side

Roses for winter harboring made with a view to:

  • prevent winterkill roots and grafting place without snow in frosty weather;
  • prevent rodents feast on stalks of plants;
  • shelter rose from early exposure to the sun and avoid burns;
  • maximally preserve plant shoots.

Preparation of rose bushes for the winter period

Gardeners are primarily interested in the question of how to prepare roses for winter. Nitrogenous fertilizers cease to make in late summer. Instead, you can make a pair of reinforcing root fertilizing.

  • First produced in August. For preparation of the nutrient solution in water (10 liters) make 25 g of superphosphate, 10 g of potassium sulfate, 2.5 g 3,5g of borax or boric acid. Feeding is sufficient for 4m2 area.
  • The second feeding is done in the first half of September. The solution (to 10 liters of water), put 16g of potassium monophosphate or potassium sulfate and 15 g of superphosphate.
dressing rosary

Soil rosary can feed granular fertilizers

Good rose foliar feedfertilizers, which are preparing similar means, while the active ingredients you need to take three times less. Also in September, it is necessary to stop hoeing the earth and forming shop rose bushes that prevent the development of young shoots. If they have started to grow, their pinch. Appeared in autumn buds have to bend at the bottom otherwise the plant has time to be exhausted before the winter season.

In general, for the winter maintenance card is aimed atplant growth inhibition. In the southern regions of the entire range of preparatory activities can begin in September, and in the north - in August. During heavy rainfall in the autumn should reduce the amount of moisture coming through the rose garden in the device film shelters or small grooves for drainage of excess water.

Materials and methods cover roses for winter

With the knowledge of how to keep rosesin the winter, you can proceed to the complex of measures for the shelter of bushes. You should start with cutting off any foliage. You should also remove the thin shoots, which can rot under the shelter. In the southern regions, many varieties of roses perfectly after winter pruning and hilling. Harboring only if the soil is completely frozen.

preparing roses for winter

Before the cold season you must remove weak shoots and leaves, which can easily become a source of rot

If you can not follow the roses, theirsimply cut to 35 cm, mulching with compost. Three buckets land enough to cover the bush completely. Compost soil is better to prepare in advance and kept in the house, that it is not frozen and is not fed with moisture. This material is for hilling optimal, since, for example, a mound of sand holds cold and roses be frozen, and the mound of sawdust dangerous development of fungi and mold. If the winter snow - do not worry, because the layer of snow reliably protect plants.

The construction of shelters is especially important for regionscold, but little snow winters. You can go several ways: to build a framework to make flooring, roofing material, polyethylene, cover drawers roses, plastic pots, cardboard boxes or put spruce branches of pine or fir branches. Deciding how to hide the roses in the winter, proceed to build the structure. Good to combine several options. For example, it is appropriate to establish a framework to put roofing felt on top, then the spruce branches and plastic sheeting to protect from moisture.

how to hide the roses

Shelter roses can spruce branches and plastic pots large

Features shelter climbing roses

Shelter climbing roses for the winter has itsfeatures. First in October vines removed from the towers. If they are well bent, they are lowered and tethered to a peg driven into the ground. Sometimes this is not so easy. Then whip lowered in stages, gradually pulling them lower and lower to the ground. You can bend them, tied to a bucket filled with sand, which was gradually set aside more.

On the ground it is advisable to put a layer of roofing material andtwigs to prevent contact with the climbing roses frozen ground. The next stage - to remove the leaves, and this procedure is carried out in several stages, starting with the bottom of the bush. Pluck them necessary even at sub-zero temperatures. Then whip bind and are wrapped in any material that can not gnaw through the mouse.

After freezing of the soil base of the bushseveral buckets of compost mulch ground. Roses for the winter must be treated to prevent fungal diseases. Over the lashes can be stacked to construct the necessary shelter. For the retention of snow on the construction can be made shields, and strengthen the entire structure on the edges of the bricks. Twigs of coniferous branches intended to deter rodents. You may also want to spread around the perimeter of poison baits. Shelter is to build gradually, completely covering the ends only after reducing the temperature to -5-10 ?.

how to hide climbing roses

Climbing roses should bend to the ground gently, so as not to break

How to cover roses for winter? Definitely answer is difficult, because much depends on the cultivar, the climatic conditions. Some roses perfectly after winter pruning and hilling compost ground, while others are unlikely to outsource the harsh winter without a reliable shelter from the roofing material, twigs and polyethylene. The main thing to do everything in a timely manner, so that the plant is not destroyed by frost and vyprelo.

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