How to make the site tidy and the beds fence

Do you think that fence for beds - along-gone past? Deeply mistaken! Even those vacationers who once abandoned these elements eventually feel their absence and returned to their beds and beds. What do you think, why?


  • Practical necessity
  • Types of decorative fences

Practical necessity

  1. First and most importantly - they createAdditional amenities needed for growing crops. Most vegetable and ornamental crops require greater soil depth than is needed for conventional lawn. And indeed, that is easier to pour the ground or dig clay or sandy soil in depth? Of course, the first!
  2. Secondly, on being at the height of beds andbeds, weeds grow less. Therefore, they are easier to handle. Lawn in this case will not step on the flower garden and encroach on territory that belongs to your favorite roses and lilies.
  3. Third, when the time comes to mow the grass, you will not harm planted on beds and beds cultures.
how to make a bed

Such beds are familiar to many from his childhood

Types of decorative fences

Convinced of the need for this item isremember, how can he be? Vacationers Soviet times was used for fencing the beds old board and flowerbeds obkladyvali bricks or stones. Today, opportunities to design the garden much more. In many natural and artificial materials act as barriers.

  • A rock

The advantage of this material is itsdurability. The stones are easy to process and therefore it is possible to give the necessary form. For curbs are used as natural stone and artificial. The disadvantage of such a fence belongs stone property with time to sink into the ground. Therefore, they have to get it, and pour the ground to recover the border beds.

natural stone

Natural stone blends perfectly with any design decisions on your site

  • Curbstone

Compared with the usual stone, such a barrier is always attractive and neat appearance. The only negative - the high cost of the material, but it pays off its durability.

  • Metal

It is also durable, even despite the fact thatyears of rust. It is believed that plants, enclosed by a metal roots can freeze in winter. It is possible to anticipate and correct - to plant perennials, stepping back from the edge of the flower beds of 10 cm and at the edges of the spring planting annual crops.

What else you need to pay attention to makingmetal fence? If the edge is quite sharp, it is necessary to bend or close. How to do it? In this capacity, he has proven himself cut the entire length of plastic pipe.

Talking about metal, I want to remembermetal drums, which since time immemorial been successfully used for the cultivation of squash. Deep into lay grass for compost, and top to give a little ground. Planted on beds of melons, you get a bumper harvest!

  • Slate

While modern gardeners use it rarely,Slate fence quite practical. As compared with the metal material is easily broken, so the fence can be made to any size, length and shape - in the form of a rhombus, a square, a triangle, a trapezoid (except for a circle or oval). More comfortable are considered long sheets of slate. They are buried in the ground and fastened with pegs. Such a fence is not recommended for vegetable beds, but it is perfect for ornamental plants.

  • Fences made of wood

They are very diverse. You can use any variant:

  • just a message board;
  • planed and planed pegs;
  • penechki small (it is better not to put the usual way, and cut in half and put sideways, partially digging into the ground);
  • Make the fence;
  • build a miniature fence, etc.

guard beds
Wood has always been the best material for all. Guard beds - not the exception

  • Fences made of plastic

Thinking than enclose the beds, do not lose sight of themodern materials. It is about the corrugated strips, various embodiments of light and dense fences decorative fences. Let us consider some of them.

  1. Corrugated tape are the most cheapmethod of fencing flower beds and flower beds. They are made quite easily, since they can be cut with a conventional garden pruners and impart any desired shape. Having a flower garden, keep in mind about this feature, when mowing the lawn, as well corrugated tape cut any garden tools ...
    Such a light barrier and elegant, rathera warning for children and bred dogs, which are prohibited to walk behind the fence. But it is not suitable for the device of high beds or beds.
  2. Dense decorative fencing differgreat diversity, which in turn is reflected in the cost. They may be solid and hollow. Second cheaper but have a disadvantage. The cavities in fences can fill the soil on which grass grows. To remove it, it is necessary to disassemble part of the border. Fortunately, this process is not difficult, and thus solve the problem is quite simple.

    plastic fencing

    The original fence made of modern materials

It's not all types of fences for beds,because every owner can apply in this case his own imagination and skill. The main thing that they blend with the overall view of the infield and were safe during operation. Have a nice summer!

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