Features tiles from rubber crumb and the secrets of its creation

Bored with the usual pavement? You want to garden paths were beautiful, and safe? Then listen to the advice of experts. They have long offered to abandon the classic pavement coatings, which are used for children's playgrounds and recreation areas. What is offered in exchange? Rubber Tiles - that will provide comfort and maximum safety! This material has high durability, and convenience during subsequent operation.


  • Scope covers
  • The main advantages of the material
  • Technological production phases
    • Myths of rubber tile
    • Pros and cons of hot and cold mode of production
  • ready for coating Care

Scope covers

Unique technical characteristics andattractive appearance make this a truly versatile coating. On the area of ​​its application can be a very long time to say, because it can be considered practically limitless. This is in many ways an ideal material widely used in the design:

  • gardens, paths and sidewalks;
  • school grounds and areas of kindergartens;
  • basins and berths;
  • yacht decks and garages.
Rubber tiles

Scope rubber tile has no boundaries

The main advantages of the material

Paving of crumb rubber has undeniable advantages and features:

  • variety of colors and textures;
  • aesthetically attractive appearance;
  • high strength;
  • year-round practicality;
  • high sound quality;
  • excellent drainage characteristics;
  • ease of transportation and storage;
  • ease of assembly process;
  • long service life.

Perhaps now you will learn something new. Surprisingly, this modern material is made from car tires. Rather, from the fractional crumb rubber - product that is formed during their recycling. Given that part of the tire consists of high quality materials such as natural and synthetic rubber, fillers and softening oil, rubber paving tiles different strength and durability.

Such secondary production also helps in dealing with quite a topical issue affecting the recycling of used tires. As a result, there is a real natural environment protection.

The coating of crumb rubber

The coating of rubber crumb attracted by its practicality and durability

Technological production phases

The manufacturing process of such material involves three successive phases:

  1. Preparatory. At this time, the waste tires free of metal bead rings. Further, in the use of cryogenic technology is subjected to mechanical processing. As a result of the grinding process, the final product comes out with a very small fractional size crumbs - 1-4 mm.
  2. Mixture. Manufacture of rubber tiles at this stage due to the use of special mixers. Use of a polyurethane binder obtained crumbs prepared homogeneous mixture. To it is added color pigments, by which the coating may be a different color.
  3. Pressing. It uses a vulcanizing press, which allows us to produce the desired thickness of the tile and the required density. Currently, there are two ways of pressing - hot and cold. In connection with this production stage, there are several myths. On them will be discussed further.
production of crumb rubber tiles

Mini press for the production of crumb rubber tiles

Myths of rubber tile

  • Myth number 1

Tiles made of rubber crumb produced by hotpressing method, inferior in quality to similar products obtained by the cold process. Such a statement can not be considered correct. He denied the company, which are used in its production, both methods.

  • Myth №2

Is the "cold" pressing for realcold? No. During the hot pressing on the tile for 15 minutes to temperatures of 140 ° C. In cold process using the oven, which is maintained at a constant temperature of 80 ° C. There are products for 4 hours or more. In this and in another case, the yield of the highest quality with an excellent structure and beautiful appearance.

  • Myth №3

Cold pressing method can significantlyto save energy consumption. This statement is incorrect. As for the difference not the quantity, nature and energy consumption. During hot pressing it is cyclical. This is due to a mode in which operates a hydraulic press. In cold method there is need for maintaining a constant temperature oven during the entire time of operation.

colored tiles

Different forms of compression and color pigments can create unique material

Pros and cons of hot and cold mode of production

And yet, the equipment for the production of rubber tiles has its differences. the following advantages can be isolated by a hot-pressing method:

  • production lines are 4 times less than during the cold forming of tiles;
  • in the process of increasing production capacity sufficient to purchase an additional press or mold.

The main advantages of the cold pressing method, in which are also used rubber molds for paving slabs, applies a high rate of work performance.

  • Preliminary work related alignmentsurface. For this purpose, as a rule, make a concrete screed. In the case where there is an asphalt surface or well-compacted soil, training can not do.

Note! Tile thickness greater than 30 mm can be laid on any flat surface. As an additional fixing made bumpers.

  • Laying rubber tiles is not related tospecial training and use of any special tools and devices. It can be easy to adjust by using an ordinary knife. As the fixing agent can be used polyurethane glue or rubber-bitumen mastic.
  • The coating material is placed end to end in rows or make them offset, using metal and plastic pins. There is a form of tiles, which is produced when the tool joint.

Walk on the rubber coating can be within 24 hours after the installation work will be completed.

ready for coating Care

The rubber tiles easy to keep clean. It can be vacuumed or washed with water from a hose without the use of special detergents.

Adherent particles removed with a broom or soft brush. Snow clean, working with plastic, wooden shovels or use snow machines.

pavement of rubber tiles

With such sidewalk world becomes more joyful

It's nice when our lives and new technologies includes comfortable rubber coating produced. We will be glad if they will facilitate your life and beautify the world around you!

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