Facilitates work at their summer cottage by a drip irrigation system

Facilitates work at their summer cottage

Quite often, the plants in the gardenmay suffer from a lack of humidity or excessive watering. The hottest period of summer plant irrigation should be carried out on a daily basis, and it is desirable to do so in the evening. However, there is always a possibility. An excellent way out of the situation in this case is the drip irrigation with their own hands. This irrigation system saves time and energy, reduce water consumption and to ensure delivery of optimum amount of moisture plants.


  • The device for drip irrigation
  • Installing drip irrigation system
  • Homemade drip

The device for drip irrigation

Before starting the work necessary to prepareMaterials to be used for the installation, and plan the territory of irrigation. It is necessary to make a plan of the site, which mark the place containers with water and finding ways of laying hose. The tank should be located at a rather high distance from the ground to the water to flow freely through the pipeline. For it will be joining the main line, from which with the help of the tees will be supplied water for drip irrigation tape. In the process of preparing the plan should determine the length of ridges with planting and spacing. Then count the total number of required materials:

  • a main pipeline (plastic pipe about 5 cm in diameter);
  • Watering hoses or tapes;
  • tees to connect watering hoses;
  • fittings with taps;
  • filter.
drip irrigation

Replace special irrigation tape can be a plastic hose, having done it in the hole at a certain distance

The required volume of water tank will bedepend on the size of the area of ​​your site. It is advisable to close the container from direct sunlight, otherwise the water can begin the process of reproduction of algae, particles which will clog the filter and hoses that bring a lot of worries associated with the replacement of the entire irrigation system. The most susceptible to the appearance of green algae container of translucent plastic. As for the pipes for irrigation hoses and pipeline, there is better to use plastic pipes. They have a number of advantages, in particular, it is easy to install, plasticity, with the exception of corrosion and low cost materials.

It is important! If necessary to use special fertilizer plant watering can only apply water soluble compounds which do not contain fine particles. Otherwise, the drip irrigation system can become clogged.

Installing drip irrigation system

When the irrigation area is marked and preparedall the necessary materials, you can begin installation of the irrigation system. First you need to cut the hose to the desired length of the main pipeline. With the crane adapter and attached to the water supply pipe. Crane in the water tank should be fastened just above the bottom level to sediment or debris does not enter the watering hoses. At the end of the pipe must be closed or plug valve. If used as a plug valve, it will wash conduit if necessary. In the capacity of the water and the central pipeline, you must install a filter that will keep potential sediment and debris and prevent clogging of valves and hoses. Visually you can see the organization of drip irrigation in the video.


Watering tape attached to the central pipe via adapters

The central tube is carried along the entire lengthsection perpendicular to the ridges with landings. The hose need to drill holes and using cranes with rubber seals inserted in them Watering tape for each bed. Tapes are stacked along the flower beds along their entire length. After connecting their ends must muffle. You can use pre-cooked small pieces of tape with a diameter of about 1 cm. Fold the tape at the end of a few times and did not put it prepared the segment. Secure the tape rings throughout the irrigation system. Similarly, you can arrange drip irrigation cucumbers or tomatoes in a greenhouse or outdoor irrigation of crops.

drip tape

Lay the drip tape must be along the flower beds next to the plants

Homemade drip

Organize section of the irrigation can alsoscrap materials. To do this, use the plastic bottle is sufficient. However, this irrigation system is optimally used only for small areas landings. Drip irrigation of plastic bottles allow for metered irrigation planting for 3-4 days. This system is ideal for gardeners who are able to care for the plant only at the weekend. There are two variants of the organization of this type of irrigation. For installation you will need bottles of 1.5-2.5 liters.

  • method 1

The neck of the container must be tightly closed lid,laterally do several small holes. The number of holes in this case depends on the soil structure. If the land is mostly sand, it will be enough 2-3, but if the soil is clay composition, then you must make at least 4 openings. Bottles need to dig into the ground to a depth of about 15 cm. The container must be placed between the plants upside down. Water is poured through the neck and through the holes moistens the roots. The cover is recommended to make a hole to the bottle to shrink after the leakage of fluid.

their own hands

Fill the bottle through the neck of the funnel by using

  • method 2

This variant of drip irrigation in the country fitfor plants that prefer warm water. In this case bottles suspended above the ground with wooden bars and wire. To do this, on the edges of the beds-Ground pillars on which is mounted parallel to a long stick beds. The bottom of the bottle and the need to make holes with wire hanging them upside down on a stick. Watering is carried out in this case through the holes in the lid or the sides of the bottle neck.

watering organization

Suspend the bottle neck must be as close as possible to the root of plants

It is worth paying attention to. For plants requiring large amounts of moisture five-liter bottles can be used to make them one hole.

As it turned out, his drip irrigation systemhand does not require much effort and material costs. To organize this process on their own is quite simple, but its advantages are undeniable. Irrigation plant using such a watering occurs in small portions, and gradually allowing the soil to be impregnated with a sufficient amount of moisture. In addition, this device is significantly facilitates the work and reduces the time required for the crop maintenance.

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