Drip irrigation in greenhouses - a necessary condition for obtaining a good harvest

Drip irrigation in greenhouses

Drip irrigation is the best in the greenhouseway soil moisture, because the greenhouse is always built based on intensive production. In other words, investing in the construction of greenhouses, the owner wants to get a return in the form of the maximum yield per square meter. And the experience of growers in all countries clearly indicates that such yields can only provide a drip irrigation system for greenhouses.


  • The general scheme of the drip irrigation system
  • Why plants like drip irrigation
  • Lines Drip irrigation systems
  • Buy or make your own - it's better
  • Maintenance of equipment

The general scheme of the drip irrigation system

Any drip system consists of a tank andproper irrigation lines. Additionally, it may be the main pipeline, filters, automation units, fertilization unit, fittings and accessories, controllers, sensors, valve.

The container can be any - tank, barrel, tank. Craftsmen fit for this, even inflatable swimming pools. The only requirement for the container - this is the possibility of its installation at ground level so that water can get into the pipes by gravity.

It is more difficult to determine the irrigation lines, because of their design options set. Irrigation line - a hose, tube or tape with the built-in drippers.

Tape made of welded polyethylene - on a seam while weldingleave tiny holes through which the water trickles drop by drop. Dropper as such in it at all. Benefits - cheapest line. Disadvantages - barely enough for one season.

Tape with droppers - seamless tapedense polyethylene with built-in or external droppers. Advantages - cheap, on soft soil is enough for 2-3 seasons. Special deficiencies were observed gardeners.

Extruded tube with droppers - HDPE pipe withalready built in the factory or set yourself droppers of various designs. Advantages - enough for a long time, does not require careful filtering, scored a dropper can be replaced. Disadvantages - the highest in comparison with the rest of the cost.

drop counter

Outdoor drip long hose is still rare in the sale, but it is very convenient for fans

Why plants like drip irrigation

Drip irrigation increases yields of vegetables inthe greenhouse for at least 50%. This is due to the fact that the plants develop faster and does not suffer from common diseases, for example, tomato phytophthora almost never happens.

Why do plants feel better with thiswatering? The fact that the constant optimum soil moisture is very "pleasant" beneficial soil microorganisms such as actinomycetes, bacteria, nitrifying and nodule bacteria. This beneficial soil fauna stops working on dry soil or flooded with water. But if constant moisture, bacteria and fungi work 24 hours a day, producing plant vital nitrogen and while increasing their immunity.

As for Phytophthora and other fungaldiseases, which are the basis for distribution - water droplets on the leaves, when watering directly into the root system they have is not a single chance "razpolztis" not only throughout the greenhouse, but even for individual plants.

Lines Drip irrigation systems

  • Simple (without automation)

It must include his own for a few hours a day on and off. Even such a simple system work much easier, saving time and energy.

  • Semi

Best option. Watering every day begins and ends without your participation, this system is equipped with an electronic starting device. You just have to fill the container with water as it is descending.

  • automatic

Water from the water inlet itself is typed, all daybasking in the sun, and at night triggered a photocell, and she poured a drop on the beds. Once at the root of each will pour 2 liters (volume is adjustable by you), the water is blocked. You only need to assemble the system at the beginning of the season and from time to time to carry out inspection.

greenhouses with drip irrigation

In any country of the world are now in industrial greenhouses with drip irrigation - is very reduced water and electricity consumption

Buy or make your own - it's better

If a few years ago it was possible toadvise to build a greenhouse drip irrigation on their own, improvised, but now when the market is already filled with a variety of very affordable presets, ovchinka no longer worth the candle. For example, the price of a semi-automatic device domestic production by 50-60 bushes (this is just an amateur greenhouse medium size) is kept in an area of ​​three thousand rubles. It is cheaper than to buy on the radio controller, and in the shops for gardeners - tape drip and fittings.

fitting system

Sometimes you have to make a complex system with many fittings

Maintenance of equipment

The most common problem - it's clogging pipes, tapes and droppers. They can hide for several reasons:

  • In the water, multiplied bacteria and algae, zooplankton, various larvae.
  • On the walls of the system deposited variouschemical compounds. First of all it can be calcium, magnesium, iron occasionally. Also fertilizer diluted in water, can precipitate and clog the orifice.
drip irrigation

The tape with integrated drippers black to not breed algae inside

Fight helps clog water treatment, which can be mechanical, chemical and biological.

  • Mechanical involves the installation of the systemFilter the nodal areas and washing of the entire system at low pressure with the simultaneous opening of caps on the ends of the lines. Goals have to replace the dropper.
  • Chemical - is water disinfection by means of itschlorination. Small doses of chlorine, harmful to unicellular organisms, harmless for higher plants. Chlorine is added for 20 minutes a day at a concentration of 10-20 mg per liter of irrigation water.

Instead of chlorine can be added to copper sulfate (2 mg / l) or acid - sulfuric, nitric, phosphoric. The acid is added in such an amount that the pH of the water was 2.0.

  • Biological - an obstacle for the reproduction of protozoa and algae are other microorganisms. Preparations biological treatment can search in specialized stores.

Install a drip irrigation system for greenhouseswatering it in a mode convenient for its green inhabitants, not for you - that is, little by little, and at night. They certainly will thank you for such care good yield increase.

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