Create a symbol of good luck for Feng Shui - a wind chime

Music of wind - beautiful melodic instrument,which is increasingly being used for interior decoration. With it even decorate the infield. This is pursued practical purpose - the sound of wind chimes windmill deters birds. The most popular metal and bamboo chimes. Craftsmen can create a custom tool that is pleasing to the eye, to bring good luck.


  • Understanding eastern bells
  • wind chimes placing Goals
  • Accommodation eastern bells method eight omens
  • Creating a symbol of good luck and its placement in accordance with the parties light

Understanding eastern bells

Music wind windmill called feng shui,made of small objects (for example, hollow tubes, bells, coins, etc.) issued rustling sound melodious ringing or when they touch each other during wind gusts. Very often, the tool is used with a more decorative purpose.

The music of wind

One of the most popular materials for the creation of windmills is a metal that is a good job with the function of energy transformation

When it is necessary to adjust the flowenergy, clean space require a strictly defined set of bells. Here, there are difficulties with the purchase, and many prefer the instruments that are sold in the Buddhist monasteries, where monks produce the correct symbols and signs of good luck.

In general, the main purpose of the traditionalthe music of the wind - the weakening of the negative impact of flying stars, transform negative energy and, consequently, minimizing their impact on the health and luck. If negative, "5 - Star trouble," "2 - Star disease" arrive in a particular sector, it is worth it to put the eastern bells.

The most popular metal and bamboo options windmills. They are used for different purposes, depending on the tool material, the number of tubes, bells.

their own hands

Oriental bells can be made from a variety of materials such as seashells.

wind chimes placing Goals

The main goals of the placement of Chinese bells include the following.

  1. Decorate the room an original and beautifuldecorative element. It does not make any difference how many bells used to build the windmill, from which it is material, where is located. The important thing is that the decorative element like the owner of the house. As a rule, people in this case suggest that the eastern bells - a mysterious symbol of feng shui, bringing good luck.
  2. Stir up the energy to lift it flows upward. It is believed that the hollow tube is passed through the energy flows themselves, asking them the correct motion vector.
  3. Dispel and delay the flow of high gainenergy in the room. It is ideal for narrow, long corridors, rooms where the doors are located opposite the windows. The shape and the number of elements of the windmill in this case does not play a big role.
  4. Defend the house from negative energy. Music wind feng shui can be used outdoors. It can be placed in the window opening for grinding and dispersion of negative energy "hidden arrows' (for example, pointing to the house power lines). Besides wind music designed to scare away evil spirits, so it is sometimes hang in the doorways.
  5. Decorate and protect garden plot or garden. This tool not only clears space for its melodic sounds, but also deters birds.
windmill on the site

Windmills are relevant to the gardens, where they transform the energy and scatter the birds

Accommodation eastern bells method eight omens

To place a symbol of good luck canuse the method to eight omens that affect human life. It is believed that if the Feng Shui wind chimes weighs correctly, then life will improve. For example:

  • get assistance to help the patron metal oriental bells hung on the northwest side. In this case the tool should contain 5, 6 or 7 of tubes;
  • rise in popularity, new friends and the love of music brings ceramic wind of 2, 8, 9 tubes, placed in the south-west;
  • implement creative achievements, to improve communication between parents and children help hanged in the western side of the eastern metal bells with 5, 6, 7 tubes;
  • to change job or move up the career ladder is the story of metal windmill in the northern part of the premises;
  • Academic Success contribute ceramic wind chimes placed in the north-east;
  • improve relationships with significant adults, superiors help feng shui bells made of wood with 3, 4 tubes;
good luck

Wood and bamboo windmills bring good luck to the house, especially if you hang them in the right place

  • wooden windmill, hung in the south-east, it contributes to the improvement of financial situation, debt collection;
  • for the implementation of creative ideas and solutions search queries work suitable accommodation wooden character luck with the 3, 4, 9 tubes in the southern side of the room.

Creating a symbol of good luck and its placement in accordance with the parties light

Wind Music can even make his own. For this purpose, as a rule, the following instruments and materials:

  • electric drill with drill bits for those elements that need to make holes;
  • flat-nose pliers, wire cutter, if necessary;
  • sounding material (tubes, shell, bells, coins, beads, etc.);
  • Hanging thread, such as fishing line, wire, and other colored ribbons.

This kit can vary greatlyDepending on the complexity and size of the eastern wind chimes. Some options is easy to do with a single blade, while others will need to make even the paint work. It is said that music is made with their own hands the wind brings a much more rewarding. In any case, the process of its creation, you can get a lot of pleasure.

their own hands

Oriental bells can be done personally from the cute trinkets that are in the house.

When placing a symbol of good luck is necessary to consider a number ofrules that avoid conflict of the elements. For clay bells suitable southwestern northeastern and central part of the house. These windmills are not very melody and volume.

Metal wind chimes musicoptimally hang in the north-west, the western part of the house. In principle, they can be placed in the north. Glass and ceramic windmills are best suited to the northern side. In addition, they can be hung in the north-west, the western part of the house. Wooden bells are good for the south-east and east.

Music of wind - a beautiful instrument, with its ownpractical purpose. Hardware options perfectly cope with the scattering of negative energy, and bamboo and wood - will attract good luck into the house. There are some important rules for the placement of the symbol of good luck, the neglect of which make him a prime element of the decor.

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