Bottles in the garden or the garden in a bottle - we create beauty with his own hands

Bottles in the garden or the garden in a bottle

Plants need people not only as a food sourceand oxygen. The psyche of man and his brain is in need of contemplating these green treasures of nature, such a sight is not only satisfy aesthetic needs, but also a beneficial effect on mood and well-being. It is well-known residents of large cities, with a special heat-related gardens, parks. And plants are common in homes and offices, bringing in the concrete jungle a little wildlife. One of the finest ways to build green corner in the urban environment - is to make a miniature garden in a bottle.


  • Garden in the bottle and its features
  • Essential elements of a mini-garden
  • How to make a garden in a bottle
  • As used plastic bottles in the garden

Garden in the bottle and its features

Mini-garden in a glass bottle - it is idealsolution for those plants that are sensitive to humidity. It is no secret that many of the friends of green citizen can not tolerate the dryness that occurs during operation of the central heating. Fans of very moist air will feel much better being in a confined space, the vessel can be sealed hermetically, even! Such a community is able to survive for a long time, due to the balance of oxygen and hydrocarbon occurring inside. Creating a garden in a bottle with their hands will take time and patience, but it will also look unusual and stylish.

For compositions usually choose plantsbeautiful foliage. Flowering - not the most appropriate element for a closed container: the petals fall off quickly, and the plants will have to clean up. Make a colorful garden can be due to variegated forms. Combining dark green, yellow, off-white, striped and mottled leaves, you can achieve amazing effects and combinations. Another vector for creativity - form. In the monochrome mass as black-and-white photography, quirks of nature that created the amazing variety of shape, will look particularly advantageous.

garden in a bottle

Garden on the corner of the desk - a reality!

Essential elements of a mini-garden

At the bottom of the vessel and land drainage is poured. You will also need charcoal, which is absolutely necessary if the container is closed. Well in these gardens look moss. Lovely composition obtained by adding to the plants scenic stones, pieces of wood, driftwood. And can be used and miniature figurines, similar to the Garden figures.

Plants for the garden in the bottle pick up small,slowly increasing the green mass, with a small root system and high demanding to humidity. In addition, they must be sufficient shade-tolerant, since light inside the vessel is not too much. This primarily ferns, which are simply designed for closed moist semi-dark space. Amazing maidenhair, pteris and Pell will feel comfortable in such conditions for a long time and to please their graceful delicate foliage.

Also pay attention to selyaginellu,is an excellent groundcover for a mini-garden. If the container is large enough, you can take the small-leaved begonia, such a plant will look good in the center of the composition. You can also put in a bottle of some bromeliads, or decorate it with a miniature orchid. Another genus of plants that differ by slow growth, the leaves form a spectacular and relative unpretentiousness - ivy.

Often you can find photos and a garden in a bottle,consisting of succulents. Because the inhabitants of the desert are not accustomed to high humidity, they require special care: the soil for them is chosen very carefully watered very seldom and promptly remove all dead skin debris. These measures will help to avoid rot and fungal diseases.

Variegated leaves adorn the garden is not worse than colors

Variegated leaves adorn the garden is not worse than colors

How to make a garden in a bottle

In order to make a garden in a bottle will fit almost any glass containers, from the aquarium to the flask or glass. Also required:

  • wooden sticks;
  • spoon with a long handle;
  • reel from the yarn;
  • funnel of thick paper;
  • safety razor or other sharp cutting tool;
  • a piece of thick wire with a sponge on the end of which it will be possible to clean the glass.
planting tool

Required tools

At first, into the bottle through the funnel is filled drainagethickness should be not less than 3 cm and the upper layer composed of charcoal. Thereafter, the substrate is placed on it, pre abundantly moistened with water. The composition of the substrate depends on plants that are intended to be put in a bottle.

garden composition should consider in advance,because the objects change from place to place in the process will be quite difficult, moreover, this could damage the delicate miniature plants. First to land on the edges, and then - in the center, large specimens should be made in the bottle before smaller ones.

Plants are planted one by one, each timedigging a small hole with a spoon. Taking the bottle of the future inhabitant of the pot, he carefully cut earthen room to become smaller, the more rapid growth of green mass is not desirable. If the bottle neck is narrow, making the plant inside, holding it between wooden sticks.

When the planting is finished, tamped groundCoil, impaled on a stick, clean the glass with a sponge and spray the entire composition with water from a spray bottle. Now you can plug the bottle and put in a light place - a garden in a bottle ready. It is undesirable to place it in direct sunlight - this will provoke too much evaporation, and high humidity may cause rotting of the plant. Some tenants of the mini-garden in a bottle can actively proliferate, and they have to be trimmed from time to time.

As used plastic bottles in the garden

Glass vessels florists have been used. And what about the plastic bottles? It turns out for them as designers and craftsmen have come up with home use. The original colors of the bottles to decorate the shady corner of the garden or playground. To create such a plastic flower will suit any part of the bottle top or bottom. Cutting the pitch (but you can also make and stamens and sepals) they are folded with scissors or make a wavy, slightly melting lighter. When the flower is ready, it is covered with colored nail varnish or paint.

from plastic bottle

Plastic surface easily be shaped with a lighter

Important! If in the process of manufacturing the plastic flower is heated, it is necessary to perform this procedure before an open window, and after the room is well ventilated. When burning plastic stands out a lot of harmful substances, which is not necessary to breathe.

The garden offers plenty of opportunities forcreativity, found a place in it, and plastic bottles. Convenient of these borders, which require less effort, easy to move and look much nicer concrete. Of course, the plastic bottle - the ideal container for growing seedlings. Large plants are convenient to plant one in the base and making a longitudinal section can get a long boat for mass planting.

Very popular garden piglets, which dofrom plastic bottles of various shapes. This little animal can be placed in a garden figurines or cut the top, use it to create flower beds. After a few cuts and the resulting tilting the petals can be made from a plastic bottle turntable. Manufactured to the invention the noise will scare away small animals and birds, gathering the harvest feast

second life of plastic bottles

deters birds chopper - another way to use a plastic bottle

Stay during the 20th century celebrationtechnological progress and industrial landscapes, the people again turned to nature. The use of scrap materials, including, actually garbage, such as plastic and glass bottles - a new original trend is firmly part of the fashion. These combined solutions as a garden in a bottle or bottles for flowers from the garden reflect an understanding of the need for harmonious coexistence with nature. It is hoped that this understanding will be developed and will lead humanity to a completely new, environmentally friendly living standards.

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