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pump purchase rules for watering the garden: the choice of a system based on source water

Terms of the purchase of the pump for watering the garden

Summer season brings lovers of gardeningtrouble not only delicious harvest, but also the spine disease. And all because in dry years, it is necessary to water the beds often and heavy buckets undermine the health of the back. Well, if carried out central water supply, which can connect a hose. However, in suburban areas it rarely happens. Usually, gardeners use rainwater or the nearest well. A good alternative can be a pump buckets for watering the garden.


  • Determine the source of the water intake
  • How does the irrigation system of the garden storage tanks
    • How is the barrel pump
    • How to choose the pump capacity
  • Water from the well, how best to use the pump
    • The principle of operation of the unit surface
    • Features of the surface of the pump operation
  • Well pump and equipment: watering the garden with water depths
  • Sources with highly contaminated water: require drainage pumps
  • What units produce drip irrigation vegetable garden

Frankly, the manufacturers have not createdany special pump for truck farm-tsvetnikovyh needs. They developed several structures for the recovery and the water supply of different pollution levels. And the selection of a particular type of unit depends on the place where the cottager produces irrigation water.

Determine the source of the water intake

Before you buy a pump and accessorieswatering the garden, it is necessary to determine where you are basically going to draw water. The most popular option - from tanks, basins and of cubic, placed under the gutters of buildings on the site. In them during the rains can collect a large amount of fluid, which is great for watering. Vegetable crops do not need a crystal clear water. The main thing is that it was warm, the supernatant. So if your area is not polluting factory emissions, the rainwater can be safely used for a vegetable garden and flower beds. To carry out such a source of irrigation, you will need a pump, which was created for pumping liquids from drums and other containers.

This same type of unit can be recommendedcottagers, who have in the area well or borehole. After all, no one experienced the owner would not water the plants had just lifted from the depths of the water, because its temperature is too cold. Plants experiencing cold shock and begin to hurt (rot the roots). So first well water rises to the top, filled into barrels, allowed to warm, and then - the beds are watered. So that the pump barrel is quite useful in this case.

their own hands

In order not to strain the family, change buckets and watering pump

If near the garden there is a natural body of water, and from there you take water for irrigation, then this method will be useful irrigation pumps, capable of pumping highly contaminated fluid.

Some owners are on site waterfacilities (fountains, swimming pool, pond). Each of them requires a periodic refresh of fluid and clean the bowl. This means that all the drain water can be put in the vegetable needs. However, the owners have to give up disinfecting chemicals pool, otherwise they will get along with the water in the garden, and from there - in the vegetables. For such purposes, it is to buy a pump for pumping clean water.

How does the irrigation system of the garden storage tanks

If you pick up the unit for women's hands thathave a low skill work with the technique, the drum pumps are an ideal option. Their design is simple, elementary mounted and is suitable for any shape of containers with a maximum depth of 1.2 meters.

Due to the small mass (up to 4 kg), this unityou can drag around the dacha tirelessly. Work drum pumps are virtually silent, while watering can immediately add liquid fertilizer into the barrel. They do not affect the operation of the system.

watering system

The entire system weighs less than 4 kg, so watering can trust even their own children

How is the barrel pump

Before starting the unit is fixed to the edge of the wateringbarrel, connect the cord to an electrical outlet, put on the body desired pressure using a pressure regulator and begin watering. To protect the fine dust from entering inside the pump has a filter element.

How to choose the pump capacity

Systems are available with different levels of power. It is necessary to read the manual on how area simultaneous irrigation designed a specific model, that is, how much per hour, it will pump water. If a large portion, it makes sense to invest in a two-step mechanism. It provides better performance than single-stage models, and last longer.

Water from the well, how best to use the pump

If you water supplies or shallow pitclean the pond (swimming pool, river), nearby, you should get a surface-type system. This water pump raises the liquid with a ten-depth. His strength is enough to standing in place, pour the area, a radius of up to 40-50 m (depending on capacity).

pump for irrigation

Surface pumps pumped water only, so make sure that the hose is not in the river sank to the bottom

The principle of operation of the unit surface

Self assembly is placed at the source of the water intake. In a well or reservoir lowered special water inlet hose connected to the pump, or a metal pipe. A second tube extends from the pump and ejects water on the surface.

Important! Do not buy these systems for water intake Rubber hoses, because their walls with a pressure difference begin to shrink, not letting the liquid out. As such hoses water will rise in spurts, and even did not pass through the wall peredavlennye.

Features of the surface of the pump operation

For optimum performance, the pump is put on a flat area, because it vibrates. In addition, when working gives a lot of noise, which can be reduced if the unit is placed under the mat made of rubber.

To protect the body from deposits, will have to eitherhide it in the room after the application, or to build a protective box over it. In winter, the system dismantled and hidden in a room with a temperature above zero.

Keep in mind that water is raised from the well will be cold. Its not all plants survive.

Well pump and equipment: watering the garden with water depths

If you drilled in the area, thethe only way to raise the water from it is a submersible pump. It is fully lowered into the water-bearing column and is there permanently. A water delivery begins only after turning on the device to the network. When selecting these systems should take into account the depth at which the water is you, because different models raise it to a limited height. Some of them - up to 40 meters, others - up to 60, the third - to 80.

It is advisable to entrust the installation of the system specialist. He must dismantle the pump for the winter.

for the well pump

Submersible pumps are difficult to maintain, but from a well in a different way the water does not raise

Sources with highly contaminated water: require drainage pumps

If the country has not its own well orwell, but next to a pond, swamp or a muddy pond, the water supplied to the garden can be a special pump that is designed for pumping heavily polluted liquids. Such systems are called drainage, because they were created to eliminate the effects of floods that flooded basements, cesspools and so on. The drainage pumps have a filtration system and grinding of solid particles so that no dirt or sand mechanism is not afraid. For the garden is enough to buy a model designed for pumping cold liquids.

Submersible units are not afraid to siltation, and all the contents from the bottom of the pond, they will be served on a bed in a powdered form. So that your plants will be provided with additional fertilizer.


When choosing a power drain pump, consider the distance from the reservoir up to the beds, because the longer the cord, the greater the pressure loss

If the natural source is too dirtylarge particulate matter, you should think about buying fecal pump. It is a special shredder that cuts any solid waste falling through the mechanism inside the hose. With this pump you will not to fear that clogged the system and will fail.

What units produce drip irrigation vegetable garden

Often you can see on the net on the photo watering the gardenautomated equipment. Such a system is used owners who wish to economize on water resources or do not have time to mess with daily watering.

To establish automatic watering the garden,we need a special pump. And so he is - for drip irrigation. It is an expensive system that requires a competent installation. But during the summer season, the owner will not spend time on the watering area, because the equipment will do everything herself. The device has a pressure gauge, pressure switch, hydraulic accumulator. All that is required from the person, - on the control panel set the water feeding mode, i.e. temporary gap through which liquid is supplied, and the force of the jet.

drip irrigation

Automatic systems for drip irrigation significantly save water

When you choose the pump, pay attentionthe popularity of the manufacturer in your area. By the products of famous brands is easier to find accessories, and repair them more willing to take. Good idea to find out what brands have to eat nearby service centers, in the event that apply directly to the manufacturer.

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