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How to run a chainsaw - User guide and practical advice

How to run a chainsaw

Before you get to the point and specificrecommendations, we note that all instructions and tips that you can find in our article are general in nature. In a region in which you live, in addition to generalized norms can act specific rules which must be adhered. Working chainsaw - is simple enough, if you adapt himself, but never lose vigilance, this steel roaring beast can be capricious, even in the hands of experienced craftsmen.


  • Equipment for working with a chainsaw.
  • How to use a chainsaw.
  • Regulations for the Safe felling
  • How to serve a chainsaw

Also, your actions algorithm canvary according to the model used, the manufacturer's equipment. We will give you a general idea of ​​how and what to do, how to operate a chainsaw without fear of harm to themselves or someone else. At first it may seem that the information data is too much, but in practice, plus the necessary minimum of common sense - and you will learn all the wisdom of the interaction with the tool, feel good about yourself.

Tip: If you're a beginner, try to start working with an experienced partner.

how to choose a chainsaw

Chainsaw - effective and dangerous tool

Equipment for working with a chainsaw

Before you cut a chainsaw, or even takein her hands, you need to read the instructions, and most importantly - to take care of the security of their lives and health. The main point in this case - the skill and overalls. Even if you need an elementary pair sawed wood for the fireplace firebox, you must be protective equipment, uniforms.

  1. Hands and head - helmet with a mask covering the face and headphones, thick mittens of a rigid material (suddenly something?).
  2. Body - special pants with lining to prevent cuts (such tabs in case of an accident will stop the chain movement), "breathable" jacket of bright colors are also lined.
  3. Feet - Shoes should be durable. It is better if it will be tight boots with steel plates and also with inserts to protect against cuts in the ankle area.
protective helmet

It should look like a helmet

protective uniforms

Uniforms must be on you every time you take a chainsaw in his hand.

How to use a chainsaw

With the gear sorted out. About how to properly cut a chainsaw, you never know better than the manual. Take the time to a detailed introduction to the main principles of your instrument mechanisms. Our tips will help you work safely with the chainsaw, however, carefully read the user manual, control and precautions element is provided in the instructions before you start. List the components will not - their list may differ slightly depending on the manufacturer, model and function.

The basic rules: keep the chain saw firmly and need two hands, impacting handle all fingers (the thumb of the left hand should be on the front handle).

Work principles:

  • Equilibrium. Hold the saw close to the body - so your hands will get tired less, it is not necessary to be afraid of the instrument. Moreover, it will be easier to maintain balance and control the process.
  • Position feet. They arrange the well, bending at the knees for stability, but keep your back straight.
how to work with a saw

Straddle, and is pressed against the shoulder tree

  • Movement. If you need to change the angle, switch off the engine and activate the chain brake, before moving, make sure that it does not rotate. When traveling long distances, use the tire casing. Regulations for the Safe felling

Before you cut a tree, think not onlyabout their safety, but also that will not be affected by whether the saw cut surrounding objects and structures. Look around: Is there a nearby highway, w / d road, power lines, buildings? If so, think twice before you start, it is possible, in which case the matter should pass professionals if in doubt in their abilities.

If the place is crowded, use warning signs - you do not want anyone hurt by negligence, right?

Before the start of the rolls, make sure that fuel and lubricants have enough.

Basic moments:

  • We determine the direction of the roll. Inspect the saw cut the object, the terrain: flat growing tree or not, whether the soil has the slope, where the wind blows - so it will be easier to calculate the direction in which the tree will fall. Based on these data, you will be able to facilitate further work. Numerous video work Chainsaw placed on the Internet, will help you at this stage.
  • Waste is properly: the ground around the tree clear of bushes and overgrown undergrowth, foreign objects. Nothing should prevent your waste safety during rolls. Clears the area should be at an angle of 45 degrees behind and on the sides of the direction of the falling tree.
how to cut a tree

The area around the tree to be cut down a cleared

  • Safety distance - two lengths of cut trees in any direction. At this distance should not be anyone or anything, including you during felling.
  • Working, legs wide apart, remember? Leans against the trunk of a shoulder, directing signature make as low as possible - it will be easier to knock down a tree, plus there will be too high stump.

There are many obstacles that can reduce yourdream about the ideal chainsaw work on "no". Sometimes something can go wrong, but in the case of the felling of trees is "wrong" can cost you, or someone else's life.

Because memorize his enemies in the face:

  1. Rot. Rotten wood can behave unpredictably and fall is not quite there or not there, where you expect. With such a rival is best left to a professional fight. But once took for yourself, remember that the tree looks unnatural, trunk - damaged bark is soft to the touch or discolored in some places likely, these are signs of rot. In this case, for greater security Nedopil should be increased.
  2. Trapped snags and trees. If the tree is stuck, caught felling for another trunk, you need professional help. Do not try to rectify the situation by yourself, call a specialist, but the tree so you can not leave unattended.
  3. Saw Jams. If the bus is stuck in the trunk, do not rip it, the more it is running. Stop the engine, and tilt the trunk otdyshites up until the chainsaw does not slip.
  4. Rebound. In the hands of non-professional worker rebound it can occur in almost any situation. Typically, the saw up and fed back into the circuit when the moving area of ​​the driven sprocket tire contact with another surface. In such a situation should trigger the chain brake, if it does not, do it manually - Move the handle forward, ready, you're safe. To run the tool on video

This procedure as starting a chainsaw, is not difficult, to be consistent and careful. the following algorithm:

  1. Saw set on a flat, stable surface so that the chain does not touch anything else.
  2. Activate the chain brake by turning the handle away from you, or when you start the chain starts to rotate immediately.
  3. If your model has a decompression valve tool, and activate it.
  4. Pull the choke lever.
  5. Sock place the right foot in the rear handle, the left hand holding the front. A few times quickly pull the starter cord until the engine "sneeze". I sneezed? - So, it went.
  6. Return the choke lever to the starting position and start the chain saw, continuing to pull the starter cord.

After starting the blade and engine heat, do not remove the fuse (brake) until you are ready to cut.

How to serve a chainsaw

After work, make sure that the chainsaw is notdamaged, all components in good condition. If necessary, lubricate the chain, fill fuel tank to be able to use the tool at any time. Pay special attention to the brake circuit, the trap and the control levers, inspect the instrument for damage, the degree of wear and tear, the integrity mechanisms. Make sure that all the Gadget, bolts and screws are sitting, it is tight - it affects not only the success of your work, but also your safety. A more detailed discussion of these issues covered in the instructions, which should be a handbook you until you learn.

Look after your chainsaw regularly, ideally it should be inspected, cleaned after each use. To clear the need to delve into the guts of a chainsaw:

  • open the cover and clean the brake band;
  • Inspect and clean the bus;
  • wash the air filter from the sawdust and dust;
  • Wipe the cooling fins, holes for ventilation;
  • Check the flywheel blades.

Here are the main points that you should keep inmind starting to work with a chainsaw. If you observe the precautionary and safety measures during the operation, the results of the work will be only to please you and will not be any incidents. Be careful and judicious - and all will be well.

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