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How to choose the right pump for the fountain and waterfall: a brief educational program

How to choose the right pump for the fountain and waterfall

Water facility - a frequent element of country decorand suburban areas, because the murmur of water movement perfectly relieves stress and fatigue. But if the pool can only be solved individual owners (for lack of space), the fountains and waterfalls can be seen frequently. They are different in height, construction, shape of the jet release rate of water movement. And all of these parameters in many ways provides a pump for the fountain, so to speak, its "heart". And to the engine worked without overload, it must choose correctly. We will understand what specifications it is important to consider when choosing a fountain pumps.


  • surface-type pump: the advantages and features of the application
  • Submersible system: how to choose a fountain and waterfall
    • Pick up power for the fountain
    • Pumps for waterfalls
    • Where submersible pumps are placed?

Installation fountain equipment specialists share all types of pumps in two categories:

  • Dry, i.e. that the installation of the fountain remain on the surface of the earth (in other words - the surface);
  • Wet - that work, being on the bottom of the fountain bowl (submersible).

Each option has its advantages, but most gardenersuse immersion system. When buying a pump for fountains, it is better to buy a set at once with nozzles. This saves time, and the elements will fit together at the inlet.

surface-type pump: the advantages and features of the application

If the installation has been the owner of the site, then it will be easier to maintain a surface pump, because:

  • it is not dismantled for the winter;
  • can be hidden in the room, when going away from the country;
  • supply the power cables do not require mechanical protection;
  • protection system for electrical much easier and more intuitive, making submersible;
  • with the full dismantling do not require draining the fountain bowl.
Standing at the edge of the surface of the fountain pump

Standing at the edge of the surface of the fountain pump does not fit into the surrounding landscape, so zadekoriruyte his plants, and better - hide in a box

This unit is at work significantly, "growls", so it requires a sound-proof box above. And against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape it is necessary somehow to decorate, so as not to catch the eye.

"Dry" usually used for water pumpslarge fountains or multi-tiered waterfalls installation. In this case try to install the unit closer to the water structure, not to spend wasted power that is significantly reduced during the passage of long tubes, hoses and nozzles.

If the bowl is installed and a waterfall and fountain,the owner plans to feed them one pump, it is necessary to know in advance whether the chosen model of the pump output different pressures at the same time. It is necessary for the fountain unit, supplying a small amount of water under high pressure, and to the waterfalls on the contrary - a large amount of water at low pressure.

Submersible system: how to choose a fountain and waterfall

Submersible pump is easier to install andinvisible to others, but in the operation of the owners will have to get it from the bottom of the bowl to serve. Due to higher efficiency it costs more economical surface models. Besides proximity at the fountain nozzles to avoid power loss and, again, it saves energy. It is estimated that one type of service fountain consumed 30% less power than using "dry" unit.

Pick up power for the fountain

Submersible pumps for fountains and waterfallsare selected according to various parameters. So, for fountain installations need to calculate the height of the jet of the future, and focusing on this number, pick up power unit. For example, for the construction of a jet at a height of 1.2 meters need a system that is outstanding per hour of not less than eight liters. For one and a half meter fountain submersible pump must upload at least 3 tys.l. at one o'clock. But keep in mind that you can not select the power limit for this height, otherwise the pump will run for wear. Focus to the fountain height correlated with a bowl pool of 1: 3. In this case, the units operate with good efficiency.

The maximum height of the jet

The maximum height of the jet - the main criterion for the choice of power and performance of pumps, but it is better to take the model with a stock "silenok" that the mechanism was not working at the limit

Another point - the tension. For small fountains are available, low-voltage mini pumps working from 12-24 V. So it is necessary to lay such a network.

Backlit fountain

Low-voltage mini-pumps are oftencompleted with the height of the jet regulator and additional spectacular elements such as LED backlight, so that even a miniature fountain can be very effective

It is very important for the efficiency of the pump correct sectionhoses. If the diameter of the hose is chosen too small, the system will be high hydraulic losses. So, will overrun electricity. Therefore, to select for weak motor section in a half-inch, for high performance and - at least an inch.

When laying try iz6egat hose bends, which also interfere with the normal operation of the system.

Pumps for waterfalls

it is necessary to focus on when creating waterfallsthe purity of water in the bowl. If you purchase a system for the pool, it is chosen according to the criteria that we have discussed above. But if the waterfall is created in a pond or an artificial lake, the water clean is difficult to name them. And it does not just need a water pump, namely for pumping contaminated water. It comes with filters that discard the sand and mud, because of which the motor is out of order. If you are going to use an existing unit, which is designed for clean water, then surely it doukomplektuyte filter element.

Where submersible pumps are placed?

To install submersible units are building at the bottom of the cup a small pedestal. It can be brick, stone, etc. The main thing - mount until you have filled the water bowl.

Household water hardness meter

Household water hardness measuring instrument called TDS-meter, will tell you when to add emollients to keep the pumps in a healthy condition

For any type of pump allowable level of water hardness - no more than 14 dH (German unit). Measure it can be a small device - an electronic TDS-meter.

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