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How to choose minimoyku and forget all about the queues at the car wash

How to choose minimoyku

Minisink for cars is traditionally consideredan indispensable accessory, designed for those who are used to monitor the cleanliness of their own chetyrehkolёsnogo other. However, the possibility of applying this useful device in the home is much wider. Especially if you live in a private house or spend a lot of time in the country. The main criteria for selection of motor minimoek, their types and rules of operation can be found in this special guide. And for fans of technical homemade - an extra bonus: a detailed step by step instructions minimoyki manufacture with their own hands at home. Interesting? Then read on.


  • Minisink for the car and not only - the first acquaintance
  • What you need to know about Minisink high pressure
  • Types of modern minimoek
  • Household minimoyki - small devices with great potential
  • How to choose the right minimoyku - 10 useful tips from our experts
  • Minisink own hands

Minisink for the car and not only - the first acquaintance

They decided to call in different ways: "Household minimoyki", "high pressure washers" or simply "AED", but the essence remains the same - a device for cleaning contaminated surfaces with water supplied at the correct pressure.

Scope minimoyki utility includes not only the car clean. With this versatile device can be easily solved such complicated domestic problems:

  • cleaning exterior and interior walls;
  • washing of metal, concrete and wooden fences;
  • general cleaning of the infield (yard, garden paths, etc.);
  • cleaning of garden fireplaces and barbecues;
  • wash carpets.

And if recently even this useful infarm machine was quite expensive, it is now a decent high pressure minimoyku can be purchased for less mediocre smartphone. And that, you see, can not but rejoice. So what you need in the first place to look for when choosing a device and during its operation?

car washing

Car Washing. So it looked in the past century

Technical literacy: The principle of operation of portable car wash simple as 2x2. The main work is the function of the pump. It was he who creates the necessary water pressure. It feeds the pump from the small size of the engine (petrol or electric). Pressurized water flows through the hose to a nozzle diameter of about 1 mm. The high water pressure in combination with a small diameter nozzles produce, in the end, the very strong pressure, which easily crushes even the most corrosive mud.

mini washer

With the advent of minimoek care of cars ceased to be a chore. Especially children love this occupation

What you need to know about Minisink high pressure

Buy quality minimoyku - a matter ofminutes. There would be money. But worth a visit in any specialty shop ( "live" or on-line), and the abundance of models and brands dazzled. Therefore, before going for a purchase, we recommend pre-defined with what features you want to see in the list of future acquisition of virtues. Ultimately, this will save you much time and money. Let's start from the beginning.

car wash

Compact household Minisink help you keep your car perfectly clean and save on your iron horse bathing in fixed locations

Types of modern minimoek

All car minimoyki can be divided into two main groups - professional and consumer pressure washers.

Professional Minisink - itspecialized complex, high reliability, powerful performance and a very respectable price. In fact, the definition of "small" for such an AED is only partially true. Of course, they are much more compact stationary "autobahn". But it is still quite under the overall unit weight hundredweight or more, in the best case, mounted on wheels. Performance of professional mini-AWD to match their size:

  • capacity - more than 600 liters / hour;
  • Pressure - 200 bar (about 190 technical atmospheres) or more;
  • powered, 3-pin mains;
  • Built-in water heating system;
  • the presence of steam;
  • a large tank for detergent, etc.

Professional devices are designed to haveslow loading and long time work. They are equipped with powerful motors and pumps. Working pressure of water from them is much higher than that of domestic minimoek that allows you to quickly tidy up even the most zamazuristy SUV narezvivshiysya enough for the spring thaw. Number of functions in such a device impresses even the most capricious customers. However, today it goes on them. Too specific goods. And, besides, it is very expensive. Today, our "heroes of the day" - household minimoyki.

to look after the car engine

With minimoyki can monitor not only the cleanliness of the body, but also to look after the car engine

car engine

After such a bathing engine looks like new

Technical educational program with an economic focus(Continued) From the technical characteristics of the pump depends on the share of the entire minimoyki. They also determine how long the device can operate without stopping for a "bathing". For example, the service life of the low-cost models in the average is 100 hours. In this continuous operation the wash cycle - from 15 to 20 minutes. The device must cool. A more upscale models boast a 1000-hour service life and uninterrupted cycle of 40-60 minutes. Typically, these pumps are equipped with a metal pump, and their more feeble fellow - plastic.

Household minimoyki - small devices with great potential

Household minimoyki high pressure can cope with such tasks without any problems:

  • clean clogged drains;
  • provide a perfectly clean state of your tools in the garden and garage;
  • clean the area of ​​debris (including construction);
  • in order to keep the garden paths near the house;
  • clean walls, facades, fences and so on.
Home Minisink

Home Minisink copes with washing facades

washing steps

... And garden paths on your site

automotive Minisink

Another consumer automotive talent minimoyki - 5 minutes and barbecue shines like new

  • the most important thing - to wash the car, both inside and outside.
how to wash a car

For owners of SUVs minimoyki presence has long been de rigueur

All household minimoyki also can be divided into several subgroups. Firstly, the water temperature. Further, by referring to the power supply. Finally, a power class.

Consider each group separately.

According to the water supply type minimoyki divided into units with and without heated.

Of course, consumer minimoyki heated to order more functional. The main and only advantage of machines without heating - low price.

A little trick: Minisink with water from the home water supply system can do without heating. Warm water can be taken directly from the "hot" faucet.

According to the type of energy supply, domestic pressure washers are divided into devices with petrol and electric motors.

Household minimoyki petrol-driven concernto the premium segment. These are powerful machines with characteristics approaching the performance of professional devices. A good example of this technique, we believe minimoyki by Graco and Nilfick companies. on such equipment Prices range between $ 600-5000.

professional equipment

Powerful Minisink on gasoline drive can compete even with professional equipment

Control devices with electric can safelyclaim to be the "popular". They -chempiony among his own kind on a parity "price-quality". And if properly exploited can serve you for years to come.

According to power household AED can be divided into three categories:

compact class devices - that's cheap andlight apparatus designed to solve simple tasks for the auto care products. As a rule, they differ modest engine power (1.3-1.5 kW), "conservative" measure of the maximum pressure (120 bar) and a capacity of 260-400 liters per hour. A good example of such technology - the devices German brand Karcher (Kёrher) Series K2 and K3. Disadvantages - short high-pressure hoses (standard - 3 meters) and a stripped-down set of nozzles.

Karcher K3 series

Minisink compact class from a company with a standard set of nozzles (Karcher K3 Series)

Consumer car of the middle class is easycope with basic household tasks. They are characterized by high power (up to 150 bar) and output (from 400 l / h). As the engine in these devices using motors from 2 kW. But the main feature of these devices - the presence of a metal pump in the pump and engine cooling system. Equipping of the AED is much richer than that of previous models (high-pressure hoses up to 10 meters, water filters, pressure control system, special containers for shampoo, multifunctional nozzle, etc.). obvious example - Karcher K4 and K5 series.


And this is a serious machine - the same Kёrher, but K5 series

high-end devices - is an AED,approaching the characteristics of a professional equipment. Operating pressure - up to 180 bar. Productivity - 600 l / h. The period of trouble-free operation - up to 1 hour or more. Add to that a solid set of nozzles and maximum convenience. In short, the highest level. This class includes model Kёrher K6 Series and virtually the entire line minimoek brand Kranzle.

It is interesting: Minisink from the cigarette lighter - this is another kind of cleaning devices, is gaining more and more populyarnost.Samo themselves, these devices can not boast of special power (maximum pressure of 11-15 bar). However, to call them toy would be unfair. This Minisink can operate from 12V. Another definite plus - the small size of the device. This allows you to constantly carry it into the trunk of a car.

Minisink compact class

Minisink, powered by the cigarette lighter. Weight - 3.7 kg. Maximum pressure -11bar. Performance 210l / h

Of course, such cleaning can not be compared with the usualConsumer pressure washers. But, on the other hand, it is perfect for travelers and people who are unable to visit a car wash. With this compact urban mud device copes quite well. The result - the appearance of the car pleasing to the eye and the body looks without stains and minor scratches.

How to choose the right minimoyku - 10 useful tips from our experts

It is very important when choosing minimoyki pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Cleaning performance - that is directlyIt influences the pressure force of the water jet. In fact - an indicator of the amount of water is consumed per unit time (per minute or per hour). Currently, the average response for domestic AED - from 6 to 12 l / min.
  • The maximum pressure - in household minimoyki, on average, in the range 70 - 150 bar. This is enough for a good cleaning of the car body.
  • Pump electric pump - must be of high quality and durable material.

The plastic pump is short-lived. Metal Pump (most often, this Silumin or brass) will last much longer. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the plastic pumps are often hardwired. When damage such pumps have to change completely, and it is - up to 70% of the price of a new car. More important detail - for plastic pump hot water simply is contraindicated.

  • Water heating - this function will cost youadditional 2-2.5 thousand rubles, but it's worth it. Firstly, you are not tied to the domestic water supply. And, secondly, the cold water in the winter ruthlessly destroys the varnish of the body;
  • Total Stop System - saves water and extends equipment service life. Recall that no washing should not be operated without interruption for more than 20 minutes. It is for this that the function and monitors.
  • cleaning filter purifies water from the various impurities. It is best to use the most practical reusable filters, non-exchangeable cartridges and easily washable;
  • Nozzles and attachments are useful devices,Expanding and supplementing the possibilities of portable car washes. Each device from the start is equipped with a basic set of attachments. But there are optional kits. These include: jet tubes, drums for winding high-pressure hoses (SHVD), foam dispensers, guns with the function of adjusting the pressure, etc. You can decide whether to take them or not. Maybe, instead of buying an expensive set of "dopov", you should take a closer look at the sinks of a higher degree of equipment.
    gun with remote control operating pressure

    One of the useful "special stages" home car wash - a gun with a remote control operating pressure. We strongly recommend that you look to it

    Head minimoyki

    Dirt Blaster - one of the most popular baits for minimoyki. She is able not only to wash your car to shine, and free of dirt and oil stones and concrete

  • Ability to use special shampoos. In some models, the detergent can be added directly to the water tank. In the other - it is a separate container. Advanced models are equipped with a foaming agent. It is attached to the tank and filled with car shampoo. When you select should be noted that some models can only work with a certain brand car care products.
  • Hose length - of course, a very important parameter. The longer working tube, the more convenient: you do not need to constantly move around the AED for a car. Optimum hose length is 5-7 m. The top models are equipped with 10-12 meter hose.
    • water inlet temperature - an important criterion forminimoek without water heating function, and in fact, most of these devices in the residential class. Cheap minimoyki designed to operate with water up to + 40C °. Otherwise, the motor and the pump will quickly overheat during operation. More expensive models with engine cooling, operate without problems with water hotter (60-80 C °). This significantly increases the quality of washing.

Field Notes: minimoek repair is best done in specialized shops. The warranty period for many domestic models - from 12 to 24 months. But if you decide to repair the appliance yourself, use only original spare parts. This will protect your device from further trouble.

Minisink own hands

In the end, the promised bonus. Homemade Minisink from the cigarette lighter in the 12 V is quite simple. manufacturing options - set, but in most cases, the following components:

  • Old gasoline pump;
  • cord and plug for avtoprikurivatelya;
  • or reinforced hose or rubber (eg for irrigation);
  • Switch from any lamps, etc .;
  • a standard canister 20 liters;
  • clamps to secure the hose (and, between them it is convenient to seal the wire);
  • brush with water regulation valve.

That's all. We hope that these recommendations will be useful to you.

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