Gardening equipment

Garden shredder for grass: investments for the sake of economy and health

When harvesting on your site,gardeners gardeners believe that they have grown completely clean (in environmental terms) product. But where have evaporated all the chemical fertilizers? But with the right approach they can be completely abandon and fertilize the land waste. Recycle it will help garden shredder for grass and branches, and to prepare the soil for fertilizer - compost pit.


  • What problems solves the garden assistant
  • Browse garden equipment
    • Difference engine
    • Differences grinding systems
    • Influence of power to the chopper operation
    • Such important "stuff"
  • General cleaning a garden site

What problems solves the garden assistant

This equipment is the first time there was a little more than10 years ago, and it made the work of "a rest" outside the city much easier. After all, even on a small plot have to deal with tons of trash. In addition, the garden shredder not only reduces its volume, but also helps to use to great effect.

Leaves, leaves, grass, fallen apples - allpotential fertilizer. But it first must be properly processed and "to extract." After passing through the garden shredder greatly reduces the time of composting.

But this is not the only solution. Use the resulting material can be for mulching, backfilling pits and ravines in the landscape design. No less pleasant moment becomes a savings that would have to be spent on garbage collection and the purchase of fertilizers.

Gardening equipment

Garden equipment will make cleaning a favorite pastime

Browse garden equipment

Shredders branches resemble hugegrinder, which has a hopper for feeding of raw materials and knives for processing. Priorities and portion sizes (respectively, and the amount of garbage) is different, so manufacturers offer a large range of equipment. All she copes with its functions, the main thing, correctly identify the "terms of reference".

In order not to overpay for a powerful unit thatdid not need a single host, and take into account the ability to perform important tasks for the other, it is necessary to understand the hardware models. They differ in capacity, type of engine, the ability to recycle all the garbage or just certain categories, the size of the funnel, the degree of process automation.

Difference engine

According to the engine type garden shredder iselectric and petrol. Before choosing equipment, is to study all the "charms" of each and find the perfect option is for your area.

  • Electrical

Compact and almost silent power unitsto 2.6 kW. They cope with grass, leaves, branches up to 2.5 cm in diameter, but the mobility is limited by cable length easily. Also, his work depends on the voltage drops in the network and in the suburban towns is a problem - not a rarity.

Cutter selection

Electric models are virtually silent, but are limited in movement

If the cord is not enough, you can connectextension. So for a small area where the garden is composed of a pair of young trees and a few shrubs, garden electric shredder - an ideal option.

  • Petrol

Sufficiently powerful and mobile device. It can work anywhere in the garden. And in the woods it would help if the need arises. Petrol garden shredder recycles almost all the material up to 6 cm in diameter due to the complex design of knives.

Among the shortcomings can be identified very noisy operation. And if you use it without any warning, it is easy to spoil relations with its neighbors. After all, cottage - it is quiet and paradise.

how to choose a shredder

Petrol units are able to process almost any material, but emit a loud noise

Important! For long-term operation without any loss of quality is necessary to fill fuel in certain proportions (oil and gasoline). Particularly sensitive two-stroke machines.

A harmful emissions into the atmosphere are another "minus" gasoline equipment.

Differences grinding systems

For processing waste according to the type used by different mechanisms. Some cope better with the "light" material to the other easier to crush large bark.

  • knife system

Sometimes simple knives and more complexstructure. It has the kind of disc. When you turn it rotates, grinding feed waste. Excellent for processing herbs, leaves and fine twigs. With the material he is also bigger to cope, but the blades will have to sharpen more often.

how to choose a shredder

Knives are better at grinding herbs and other small debris

It is worth paying attention to: it would be good to have a complete spare set of knives; when it is on the other side sharpening a knife, then it can simply turn.

  • Milling system

It is much more reliable. The work involved-molded gear, which easily copes with material up to 6 cm in diameter. Only it should be dry, or even dried.

shredder mechanism

Milling mechanism is reliable and durable, able to cope with large garden waste

Most models have a special mechanism for self-promotion branch. So at this time, you can do other things.

Important! If the priority in the processing of grass, it is better to choose a disk grinder. During milling, it often gets stuck.

There is also a versatile option - combined models, but their cost is much higher.

Influence of power to the chopper operation

Depending on the size of the area and the garden of age must choose a suitable power equipment.

  • Technique for amateur gardener with a small plot

This electrical equipment weighing up to 20 kg andpower up to 1.6 kW. Recycles tops, grass, leaves, branches up to 3 cm. Because of the small wheels it is not very convenient to move on the site. But that need no special, because the machine is "bound" to the outlet.

  • "Golden mean"

It is electric and petrol power unitsto 2.5 kW. Their higher capacity for processing (the material diameter to 4.5 cm). Equipped with comfortable cushioning wheels, so the move on the site without difficulty. Can be supplemented with retracting system and a hopper for collection of mulch. Suitable for small, but no longer young garden.

  • Professional approach

This large-sized equipment, which works withhigh power (up to 8 kW). It is equipped with a large mill for grinding sticks, funnel and a retracting mechanism, the work does not require any additional prodding material. The engine may be a petrol or electric three-phase.

The big advantage of this equipment is a function of compression. The result is an excellent mulch. Suitable for a large area of ​​gardens and farms.

Such important "stuff"

Before you choose a garden shredder, it is necessary to pay attention to some nuances.

  • Even in the simplest model of the blades are made of hardened steel.
  • The handling is easier if there is an inclined conical hopper.
  • Pusher for feeding waste increases productivity and, most importantly, safety.
  • The ability to switch modes for shredding different materials. This will not make the extra energy or fuel consumption without loss of quality.
  • Availability of pre-cutting knife extends equipment lifetime.
  • Self-protection function increasessecurity. This applies particularly to the electrical device that has stopped working due to the drop in voltage on the network, and after establishing himself greatly involved. With this feature children and pets are safe.
  • Reverse function will stop mechanism and forward movement in the opposite direction. It is necessary, if the grass is rewound by a knife or a branch stuck.
  • Possibility of height adjustment makes the work more comfortable and increases the safety of children.
  • Very convenient model with more holes for receiving waste. Serve grass and branches simultaneously.
  • The level of noise emitted should not exceed 84 dB, otherwise avoid conflicts.
  • It's worth noting that with the need to buy a shredder goggles.

General cleaning a garden site

Similarly remarkable innovation steel cleanerscleaning of gardens. They also come in electric and gasoline. But the biggest advantage is that the equipment is a grinder and simultaneously reduces the volume of waste by 10 times.

site cleaning

Garden vacuum reduces waste volume by 10 times

  • Hand cope with model material and 2.5 cm in diameter. They may be in the form of knapsack, weigh up to 11 kg. Debris is collected in a bag in a volume of 30 liters.
  • Self-propelled models like lawnmowers andThey weigh up to 40 kg. They move in front of a truck. They are more powerful than the hand can recycle branches up to 4 cm in diameter, are collected in a bag with a volume of 35 liters.
  • Self-propelled vacuum-garden shredder weighs about 80 kg and collects garbage in the 160-liter bag. To simplify the management of the rear wheel drive is installed.

Whatever model is chosen, it will doa well-kept plot, and stay out of town guests. Money spent will pay off very quickly, and then go through their savings. And this is a very pleasant experience.

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