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Design and advice on choosing the chain saws for wood

Choice of chain saws for tree

The saw is indispensable in a country house. Since the manual version of this tool requires its owner considerable effort, the emergence of automatic chain saws was received with enthusiasm. The source of energy for the work may be gasoline or electricity, the second option is more popular among the lay people. So the question is how to choose the right power saw chain is very important.


  • What is the chain electric saw.
  • Electric or petrol model.
  • Features of the use of chain electric saws.
  • What to look for when buying chain saws.
  • How to care for the electrical chain saw.

What is the chain electric saw

As you perform various operations on a treeelectric saw virtually irreplaceable. It can be cutting small logs, planks, rails, carpentry. In fact, the electric saw chain in function takes an intermediate position between the garden and construction tools. Build a house with it unlikely, but it is indispensable to health and the molding cutting, manufacture of furniture, preparation of firewood.

Electric or petrol model

Each option has its chainsawAdvantages and disadvantages. Obviously, the gasoline has a greater autonomy of the saw, since it does not need a cable. And what else are nuances of using these tools?

  • Electric saw chain considerably easier to handle than gasoline. The engine requires certain skills and techniques, and in the case of electric power is much easier.
  • Electric saw, as opposed to gasoline, do notallocates exhaust. This not only improves its safety, but also makes it suitable for indoor use. But gasoline saw in confined spaces should be avoided.
  • Using gasoline saws meansthe purchase of fuel, which immediately increases the cost of operation. In addition, and at the initial price of gasoline drank significantly higher than the electric.
  • Electric Chain Saw easier to gasoline and produces far less noise.
the perfect tool

Hand saws thing of the past: they are replaced by more sophisticated tools

Features of the use of chain electric saws

Electric chain saws are successfullyoperated for years, but it is necessary to observe some rules. "Weak points" of chain electric saws - instability to voltage fluctuations. The most common cause of breakage of the tool - an overload.

  • The motor armature is rigidly connected with the gearbox, so in case of overload the motor is easily broken.
  • The main reason for congestion - a lack of sharpness of the saw. Therefore, the condition of the teeth should be closely monitored and regularly carry out their sharpening.
  • Engine load increases, and at the fallvoltage network, which, unfortunately, not uncommon in suburban homes. In this case, the engine temperature begins to rise. Automatic protection against overheating solves this problem, but exercising this protection gives off a lot of inconvenience, if the voltage fluctuations are frequent.
  • Professional saws different from amateur significantly higher price. However, their potential exploitation period twice as large.
  • saws device assumes itstimely lubrication. Lack of lubricant leads to engine damage, so you need to carefully monitor the level of oil, and pour it on time. On a sufficient amount of oil shows a strip of microscopic droplets, which should occur during acceleration circuit on the working surface. If this track is not - urgently need to top up the grease.
  • The quality of lubrication is also important. It is advisable to use special oil for chain saws. Usually they make plant-based, in adding these polymers. Such compositions have better qualities and thus lower consumption.
  • When using any electrical appliance safety regulations require avoidance of open water. Therefore, these saws do not use in rain or near open bodies of water.
Electric saw

Electric Saw turns firewood into pleasure

What to look for when buying chain saws

Selection of any instrument defined firstall anticipated conditions of use. The price of electric chain saws in the range of 2 to 25 thousand rubles, but the real spread of the quality is not so wide. The cheapest options from an unknown producer, also purchased with the hands or on the market, often literally disposable. On the other hand, to pay an exorbitant price for the professional version, the potential of which will never need, too, there is no special meaning. The main differences between consumer and professional saws are reduced to the durability and maximum duration of continuous operation. Typically, chain saws household is enough if you plan to use it no more than 3-4 hours a day. The duration of continuous operation for the majority of this class of instruments is several minutes. In order to understand how to choose the electric saw, you must consider the following points.

  • engine Position

This part may be positioned transversely orlongitudinally. The second embodiment is much better since it enables to operate tools in different planes, which gives greater freedom of activity, such universal saw. Models with such an arrangement, usually more expensive, but the price difference is small, and the resulting benefit is worth it.

  • Engine power

It should be noted that the higher the score, thelonger be the size, weight and price. Therefore, if a tool is needed to sometimes cut off a piece of board in the country, to strive for this indicator is probably not worth it. However, the power must necessarily be not only sufficient, but also have a reserve in order to avoid overloading the motor. The greater this margin, the large fluctuations in the network is capable of supporting the tool without any damage. It is useful to bear in mind when choosing a saw to suburban area.

saw Features

Power saws determines its reliability and range of possible operations

  • Maximum current accounts at the time of inclusion, so it's best to choose a model with a soft start. They are a priori have a greater margin of safety and service life.
  • Chain electric saw dangerous when working with it easyget injured. Therefore it is necessary to protect themselves and their families from possible trouble. Lock System accidental activation is required for this instrument.
  • Chain power saws developers trying to solve the overheating problem, and one of those decisions was a special thermostat, turn off the power when the engine reaches a critical temperature.
  • Another detail, which is higherdanger to working with an electric saw chain - the saw time contact with the work surface. The resistance of the material produces a so-called "kickback", which can lead to unpredictable consequences. Therefore, there are good models of such a device as a chain brake. Sliding reverse stroke, the hand pushes a small plate located below and the chain stops moving.
  • When choosing a power saw is important to pay attention tothe presence of the chain tensioning system. It should consist of a lamb - a large nut, fixing the tire. In order to tighten the chain, loosen the thumbscrew, then the bus can be moved.
  • Most saws are equipped with the systemautomatic lubrication, consisting of pump, simultaneously with the engine. With the oil pump out of the tank through the holes and distributed evenly over the cutting surface.

How to care for the chain electric saw

Ideally, check the oil level and to underminethe chain should be every time after work. If the model does not have an automatic pump, the guide bar must be regularly lowered in a bucket of oil. You should also check the reliability of fixing parts and the condition of the wiring. Good quality control test tool - ease of operation. Normally electric saw chain requires little physical effort. At the end of the work chain is removed, singeing removed, cleaned and placed the box.

construction in the country

With this tool, you can build a shed or gazebo openwork

Often during the cold season Toolstored in an unheated room. In the case of an electric saw this could cause a short circuit, because the inside will accumulate condensation. To avoid this trouble, you need to bear after winter saw a couple of days in a warm dry place. Cordless models can not overheat if the storage temperature is 50 ° C, they can be damaged. Direct sunlight this tool is strictly contraindicated.

Thus, the chain saw - convenient,with respect to the budget tool, however, requires strict adherence to safety rules. With relatively little maintenance it can last for several years, virtually without requiring additional costs. Selecting a specific model of chain saws is determined by the purpose for which it is acquired and prospective of its operation mode.

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