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Choose a tank summer shower: ready capacity and a homemade tank

Choose a tank summer shower

Tank summer shower can be heated andwithout (using solar energy). In this material the tank is made of plastic, stainless steel and a steel. Choosing the type of tank much envy on personal preference rights. We invite you to join us in general to consider all kinds of tanks and highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of each.


  • Steel tank with a heating element
  • Capacity of stainless steel with a heating device
  • Plastic tank summer shower with a heating element
  • A simple tank without heating device
  • How to make a tank soul with his own hands
  • Finally

Steel tank with a heating element

The scheme of such a device is quite simple: a heating element mounted directly in the tank. In this case, you must firmly establish the capacity for a summer shower, and connect it to the electricity. Thus, you get a tank with electric heating. An example of such a tank is shown in Figure. The water temperature in thermal sensor and it is regulated by a thermostat.

Steel tank with heater

Galvanized steel tank with a heating element is designed to pump water a constant supply

The disadvantage is the lack of structureinsulation. This means that the tank heating elements will have a low efficiency. The aesthetic component also leaves much to be desired. In addition to all the construction is designed for a constant supply of water pump or water mains. If the water supply is stopped, the heating elements may be included burn. And because you can not include such a tank to the network without a sufficient level of water in it.

Of the merits of durability can be identified. Compared with the regular water heater strength is not in doubt.

Capacity of stainless steel with a heating device

Here is another example: tank made of stainless steel shower. The principle is absolutely the same. Flat tank made of stainless steel are available in 2 types. One hundred and two hundred liters with linear dimensions respectively 835h625h200 and 1250h800h200 mm.

Stainless steel tank

Stainless steel tank with a heating element will work fine a head of the water at a constant

Compared with the previous version, thisdesign is more suitable for the installation of a simple shower. For a flat capacity required working height is less, and because such a tank can also be installed in a room with low ceilings. The direct competitor of these tanks - each cylinder.

We have a strong design flaw - tank made of stainless steel in need of constant water pressure.

Plastic tank summer shower with a heating element

There is little difference in what materialmade tank: stainless steel, galvanized or plastic. The virtue of the plastic tank is in its practicality. The disadvantage is the same: after heating shower water must be disconnected from the wall outlet. Otherwise, the heating elements may burn out. In principle, nothing complicated about it. This is merely a typical summer cottage shower rather than a bath with massage. The main thing is that the water in the tank is not over just when the head is abundant lather shampoo.

A simple tank without heating device

When the shower just need to freshen up inhot summer weather, it makes no sense to heat the water. And because you can pick up the usual airtight container. Material options are the same as in the first case: plastic, galvanized and stainless steel. However, there is still simple and special tanks intended to store only the required volume of water.

We should look at the product represented bybelow, which has a universal design. It can be mounted on standard showers, but the main advantage is the availability of a wide mouth, allowing the tank to fill buckets.

Simple tank shower without heating element

Simple tank shower without heating element, fill by pouring a bucket of water

In many cases, this advantage isdecisive. For example, such a device soul is popular with builders of new or garden plots, where there is no infrastructure, no wells or wells, and even no place to store the pumps. And only a bucket of water brought from a distance, are the only water source for this holiday soul.

You can also use ordinary plasticbarrel. However, if the terms of bathing absolutely no difference, from the point of view of constructability, shower with flat tank better. However, it will cost more expensive drums.

How to make a tank soul with his own hands

Plastic barrels for summer shower has onean important advantage: a shower of it can be done independently. To do this you will need as a piece of pipe with an external thread. The barrel breaks hole, inserted the tube and using the nuts on the outside and the inside thread is tightened.

On the free end is attached directly Showerhead, but it is better to accomplish this through a flexible hose adapter. The hose can be clamped with clamps, and the advantage is that the location of the drums will depend on where the water must fall. Moreover, the valve is not easier to install over your head and side.

Plastic tank without heater

Plastic tank without heater does not rust, almost silts

If none of the proposed solution is not higherit is possible to weld the tank and himself. There is no need in this case fear of rust formation, which sits on the tank walls. It is within the scope of the particles during filling a water tank. To red flakes did not fly out of shower heads, pipe, take water, you need to weld the non-flush, and a little higher - inside the tank. And enjoy a shower immediately, but after ten or twenty minutes after filling. This time is quite enough to Troubled slurry had time to settle to the bottom. The funnel is located above, will take only pure water.


We have reviewed the main types and characteristics of the tanks,and now the choice is yours. But do not rush to spend money on the most expensive device. Remember that perfection has no limit, but there is always a reasonable compromise. In addition, it is a question only of the tank for a summer shower.

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