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A few words about the sharpening of chains for chainsaws

Chainsaw is an indispensable tool in thecountry site, regardless of its size and age of the garden. But not enough to be the owner of a good tool still needs to ensure that it works correctly. The most difficult point is the sharpening of chains for chainsaws. This requires a study of their devices and the ability to properly use auxiliary tools.


  • The negative result of a worn chain
  • The structure of the teeth
  • How to determine the need sharpening
  • Sharpen the chain yourself
  • How to increase the interval between cheats
  • Choosing a machine for grinding

The negative result of a worn chain

Determine when to start the procedure,pretty simple. With a well sharpened tools are required to make a great effort, so that he entered into a tree. As soon as the pressing need to increase the intensity, need sharpening the saw chain. Excessive wear and tear affects the other important indicators:

  • reduced productivity;
  • increased tension in the body;
  • increases fuel consumption;
  • increases the load on all parts, reducing the service life of the equipment.

This is useful!

With timely sharpening less metal is removed, which means that the chain service life is increased.


Chainsaw will be the best assistant in the country site

The structure of the teeth

A sharp saw ensures safe andproductive work. This is practically no different from other cutting tools. But a plurality of teeth and the complexity of their structure is converted sharpening in a painstaking process. If you have the necessary tools to do the job can be their own. But before you sharpen the chain saws, it is necessary to examine the structure of the instrument, especially the teeth.

  • The tooth has two edges: a top and side. First tapered at an angle in the direction of blade movement.
  • The cutting unit consists of a base, the tooth of the blade, the depth gauge. The blade, in turn, has a horizontal, decaying back at an angle and face the vertical blade.
  • The difference between the upper stop linethe depth and the front line of the tooth back determines the thickness of the chips. This usually 0.5-0.8 mm (0.6 mm ideal). Each sharpening this distance is reduced due to the reduction of the upper face of the tooth. It is therefore necessary to make the control signature 6-8 cheats.
  • It cutting corners provide circuit characteristics.

Rear corner of the upper edge - the most important. Its value can be from 50 to 60 °.

Rear corner of the end edge forms a tapering blade back tooth. It plays a role in cutting the chip side.

The front corner of the end edge forms a blade with a sliding surface of the cutting unit. Depending on the type of chain of its value is 60-85 °.

saw tooth structure

The tooth chain is a complex structure, but after examining it will be easy to sharpen

Point angle is determined by measuring at right angles from the cutting edge to the upper guide rail.

Important! Angles sharpening chain saws may be different, but we must remember the basic rule. When sawing wood with a soft rock (nepromerzlogo) performance is higher, the greater the angle. A smooth vibration when cutting solid wood (or frozen) is possible by reducing the sharpening angle. With the lowest rate is 25 °, and the highest 35 °. Only the circuits for longitudinal cutting edge angle is 10 °.


Files must be kept at a certain angle

How to determine the need sharpening

Frequency manipulation depends on the frequencythe use of technology. When working on a personal farmstead procedure may need only a few months, but in the operation of chainsaws in the professional purposes and three times a day is not enough.

Determine the operating status of the circuit can be for herstretch and kind of chips that is formed during sawing. If the blade is sharpened well, go the same sawdust correct form. If blunt - small chips and spicy, with lots of wood dust (similar to the dust formed during the normal work hacksaw).

Important! Chain blunts quickly if faced with the ground. And with just one touch.

If this happens unexpectedly, and you do not know where to sharpen chain saws, then you have to learn the skills of their own.

Sharpen the chain yourself

To sharpen the chain a special kit sold at home. It is necessary to get together with a chainsaw, so as not to have to give up work and go to the city, if the technique is "propashet" land.

sharpening chainsaw

Set for sharpening chain is purchased simultaneously with a chainsaw

Required tools and you can pick up yourself. It must be cylindrical (Attached to the holder, which "tell" on a direct line tool) and flat files, the template for the removal of the hook from the chip. Greatly simplify the process of vise (hands-free).

The teeth are easier to handle in one. First sharpen the cutting. For this template is applied. Its arrow should point to the direction of movement of the chain. When sharpening the press should be at the front, making a small slope to the surface of the tire. Movement should be carried out easily and steadily, on the same amount of time on each site. One tooth is necessary to sharpen the left, the other right.

Important! If the length of the teeth is different, it is necessary to grind down all the length of the shortest.

The position of the cylindrical thin a file should be such that its edge protrudes slightly beyond the upper face of the tooth and positioned at a right angle.

To whittle away the tooth-limiter shoulduse a thin file. The template should not be neglected. The marks on it tell us how to correctly sharpen the saw chain not to have appeared unnecessary waste and increased vibration:

  • S (Soft) determines the angle for working with softwood timber;
  • H (Hard) - with solid or frozen rocks.

During sharpening the teeth of the internal openings become wider. It is this parameter the performance of no effect, but the bottom of the hole should be placed horizontally.

How to increase the interval between cheats

Even if the work is going well and is not as tedious as the first time, you still need to take all measures to deal with this procedure less without compromising the proper functioning of equipment.

  • A new chain run in before use. For this purpose, after installation in the drive it for 1 minute at low speed and on the same medium. Such manipulations will provide all the details of lubrication oil, razogreyut sprocket and chain. Also check the tension of the will. If necessary, adjust it necessary to wait until the instrument has cooled down, and then the necessary action again warm idling.
  • Do not use the old new chain drive sprocket, and vice versa. Change the asterisk after sewing the two chains.
  • Always follow the chain tension. Stretched may slip and injure the operator.
  • Cutting depth limiter must always be filled and adjusted. Check it is necessary in every fourth sharpening.
  • To ensure a constant supply of oil of good quality and in sufficient quantity for the chain, guide bar, and sprocket. They must be constantly lubricated.

Choosing a machine for grinding

Even a good master can not always domanually. If you use a chainsaw without giving the value chain sharpening, its cutting edge becomes quite shapeless. Then the rational use of the machine. They come in several forms.

sharpening the saw teeth

With this tool you can sharpen one tooth in 3 movements

  • Manual machine is likelyDevices for sharpening chains for chain saws, than machine. His work often resembles a bow-shaped saw. Only instead of cutting blade inserted into a long cylindrical file. setting mechanism is quite complicated, but allows you to set all the necessary parameters. To process a single tooth is enough 2-3 movements.
  • Electric is equipped with an abrasive disk. System setup allows you to accurately set the chain at a certain angle, it brings the drive to a sharpened edge. Complement may be a protective shield that will prevent sparks and chips in the eye.
Machine for sharpening

Electric machine provides high accuracy and rapid implementation of the work

It is best to cope with the work automaticallyMachine for sharpening chain. But always there is such equipment and experienced professional who will be able to quickly carry out the work. The process of development of the manual method of sharpening will take some time, but the skills remain "for life": personal chainsaw will always be in perfect condition, and the neighbors would go for help or advice.

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