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How to care for the pond and keep it clean at any time of the year

How to care for the pond

The pond near the house creates a special comfort andappeasement. It's nice to sit by the water with a cup of your favorite beverage and watch the fish. But work is also necessary for the satisfaction. Pond Care - a simple matter, but to observe some rules still have. To ignore them is not necessary, for the right grooming your mini-lake, you will be able to permanently preserve its transparency and to avoid blockages.


  • Pond Care Spring
  • Summer Pond Care
  • Caring for a pond in autumn
  • Winter care for the body of water
  • helpful hints

Each season dictates the rules of caregarden pond. But it is important to remember that the environment can make its own amendments. If, for example, near your pond growing poplar, at the beginning of the summer it is necessary to think about how to protect the water surface from clogging down.

Pond Care Spring

In March, the bottom of the pond should be cleaned from sludge. You can use elektroilosos. If the pond is small, the fit and the mechanical model. Any model cesspool emptier must be used with caution, especially if there is a pond newt larvae or live tadpoles. The film on the bottom you need to check for damage, if any - to glue, to avoid water leakage.

Growing ornamental plants around the waterclipped to a height of 15-20 cm, but it should be done so as not to damage the young shoots. Overgrown shrubs need to be divided, it increases the density of their flowering in the summer. When the weather is not threatened by frost, it's time to plant the coast of pond annuals.


Pond creates comfort and tranquility

Around the middle of April to include filters that will operate 24 hours a day. At the same time run the fountains and with a special tester is the first analysis of the water.

Summer Pond Care

The main summer inventory is a net. It is better to get two: one must be a fine mesh, and the other - with a major. The fine should be collected from the water surface of pollen floating on the water surface, and large - fallen leaves, petals and filamentous algae. Do not rush to dispose of the collected plant material, it can be an excellent fertilizer for the garden flowers and vegetables.

pond cleaning

Fishnet - is the main equipment for the cleaning of the pond

lilies and irises growing in water needconstant feeding with minerals, for this purpose, a special fertilizer of prolonged action. Also, care must be taken so that the bushes do not grow much. Rhizomes old water lilies need to cut the sharp shears so that each part is left for a few germs. Young plants for the first time put in shallow water, the best in the baskets, so they will be easier to move to another place.

Since June can be planted tropicalplants - water lettuce, Eichhorn and lotuses. And so it all looked aesthetically pleasing, the waterfront should be regularly cleaned of weeds and overgrown with trees. Recent general are a threat to the ornamental pond, as they may bark at the wrong place and damage the bottom of the reservoir. Therefore, such trees as cherry, poplar and acacia, around the pond should be within a radius of ten meters. If you had the temerity to do any of that put side by side, then in the next autumn transplanting trees enjoy a more suitable location.

It is important not to forget to control the quality of water throughout the summer period.

Caring for a pond in autumn

Golden season usually adds a work-aroundpond. If in September, in the midst of an Indian summer, the cleaning of ponds is limited by the same gathering from water surface gust leaves and cobwebs, but much more often. We can not allow fallen leaves and other debris fell to the bottom of the pond. If for some reason you can not pay attention to his lake, cover it with a special net, but periodically checks that it does not hit the animals.

protect your pond from leaves

The grid for the water body will help protect your pond from leaves

Dead plant parts should be cut, andheavily overgrown bushes - to thin out. Annual flowers are utilized as drying. Underwater vegetation is cut. Tropical plants are removed from the pond and put in a container with water. The room where they will spend the winter, should be light and non-frozen.

clearing vegetation from the pond

In the autumn of the pond should be cleaned from vegetation

If there are fish in the pond, then they need to stop feeding when the water temperature drops to 9 degrees. It turns out that they do not eat the winter.

Winter care for the body of water

If in a pond reeds grow, no need to remove them, leave at least a portion until the spring, they will protect the surface of the water from freezing.

Nemorozoustoychivye pumps and filters must be removed. Pay attention to their storage until the spring, read the instructions to them in advance, maybe some details need to be stored in the water tank.

Drain the water from all pipes and hoses. Before the frost is desirable to include defroster, it will provide gas exchange and will not give the pond from freezing completely. But if the ice has covered the surface of the reservoir, then it can not be split. This can be dangerous, both for the roots of plants, and for the fish. Better put on the frozen surface of the pan with hot water and thus make the hole.

At zero temperature reservoir cover mesh to less than clog up the bottom.

helpful hints

It happens that caring for pondaccording to all the instructions you see it clouded water or too lush vegetation. Do not be alarmed, these minor troubles can be solved easily. The main thing - just be aware.

  • How to avoid the appearance of foam on the water and what to do if she has already appeared?

Foam on the surface of the water is a result ofincreased protein concentration in the pond. The reason for this often becomes a sprinkle of pollen. In this case, the water must be replaced, but not all, and about 30%. It is also desirable to make the analysis of water on the stiffness. To prevent the problem, you can use a special liquid anti-foaming.

  • What if in the pond water level dropped?

In the first place to check for the presence of the bottomdamage. If the film has openings, it is necessary to seal them and remove stones and roots, which often cause leaks will melt. If the whole film is likely to evaporate water from the heat. In this case, you just need to pump the water during the hot days that can be done with the help of a pump.

  • How do I clean the water clouded?

Water in the pond may become dull due to tooovergrown algae, which urgently need to thin out. Also, it could be because a large number of fish that vzbalamuchivaet mud at the bottom. In these waters it is recommended to install special filters to prevent turbidity. There is another popular method to make your pond clear - to dissolve it cancers. The additional feeding these creatures do not need. They eat algae, uneaten food for fish, fallen leaves and nurses are underwater environment. Just to crayfish feel comfortable, it is necessary for them to build additional caves from stones in a pond.

People pond cleaning method

Cancers are nurses reservoirs

Now that we have the necessary knowledge, you will be able to take care of your pond. Let it be always clear and transparent.

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