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Villas - the inherent phenomenon of our life. When the Soviet leaders began a massive distribution of land under the house, they planned a way to partially solve the food problem, but do not even think that enterprising Russian people will turn a small area in the country estate. In suburban areas, you can observe a wide variety of options for buildings - from plywood small houses and ending with grand high-rise buildings. However, most of the houses - a small, mostly two-story brick and block building. In order to house not occupied a large part of the land, its foundation is usually made a small, but in order that it still had more room, build out the second floor. If the second floor is not built right, the owners still consider the possibility of a reconstruction of his house in the future.

Ground is usually connected to the second through the inside of one embodiment interfloor ladder. What are the ladder to give there and which one to choose, to decide better when planning the building.


  • What should rely when choosing a ladder?
    • Classification of stairs
  • Basic requirements for the villa stairs

What should rely when choosing a ladder?

Stairs should organically fit into the interiorcountry house, so first of all to choose a ladder affect the overall style, which is expected to build the country. In a wooden house will look ultra-modern modular inappropriate or metal stairs to testify, and the traditional wooden staircase unlikely to successfully fit into the interior in a modern style or high-tech. Some designers engage in eclectic style in architecture, but not all customers are ready for such experiments, so with the style of the villa stairs is to decide before the start of construction work.

Metal stairs

Metal staircase with forged elements is fairly easy, durable and elegant

In fact, the main difference ladders is their structure, not to the material from which they are made.

Classification of stairs

Stairs are classified by several characteristics, including when choosing the villa stairs, consider the following:

  • by design: odnomarshevye or half-pace. Using the stairs at the cottage mnogomarshevoy impractical, although it is possible, if desired, master of the house;
  • on configuration: straight, which differ convenience and strength, but they occupy too much space, and turning that help save space and rational use;
  • by the method of operation: sliding, which can be removed after use, and stationary, which neither his position nor the design do not change;
  • shape: straight (the simplest and most common form of stairs), with turns from one-quarter to 180 degrees, round, oval, and winding stairs with zabezhnymi steps.
Wooden stairs never go out of fashion home decor

The simplest and most popular straight wooden staircase, very convenient and practical option

One of the most common design optionscountry house - rustic style or log cabin, providing the use of the interior elements of wood, such as wooden stairs to the garden, which can become a real decoration of the house. Wooden stairs are durable and rugged, and the material from which they are made, it is considered environmentally friendly. These positive qualities significantly affect the price of stairs - they are the most expensive.

Also at the wooden stairs there is anothera significant drawback - they can begin to creak after a certain time after installation. If this defect bother the owner, it is best to choose a metal or modular stairs to testify. Not only that, they will not squeak, so more and more affordable. From the same set of modules can be assembled as a straight ladder, or any other shape.

Modular stairs elegant and easy to assemble

Modular stairs are easy to assemble, as well as replacing some modules, it is possible to experiment with the design and choose the best option

Compared with straight, spiral staircasesvillas are more intricate design, but it took quite a bit of useful space, that in any case well, and are characterized by elegance and original decorative element.

Spiral staircases - timeless classics

A spiral staircase is always impresses with its spiral shape. These stairs take up little space and are a beautiful element of home decor

Important! Calculation of spiral staircases should be approached responsibly and thoroughly, as the minor mistake will lead to the fact that the staircase will be inconvenient to use. Also remember that the spiral staircase restricts the freedom of action and the possibility of ascent and descent on her bulky items.

Basic requirements for the villa stairs

Despite the fact that the stairs to give hishands usually causes skepticism professionals, nothing complicated in its assembly is not, and in any supermarket or construction on the market you can buy a set of all the necessary elements and details. And do not even have restrictions on materials - prefabricated stairs to give sold as timber and modular or metal.

Before you build a ladder in the country, you need to make a calculation and take into account the following mandatory conditions:

  • steps should be convenient and comfortable fit the width of the step length and height suitable lifting legs all the possible inhabitants and guests of the country house - both adults and children, and the elderly;
  • approach to raising and lowering the ladder should be free and spacious;
  • Steps have to be equipped with handrails, even if it is limited on both sides by walls;
  • ladder structure should be reliable and easy, and the lighting is set so that the light is distributed evenly across the surface of the stairs.
Hybrid wooden stairs to testify

The approach to the villa ladder should be free and light - uniform

You can select different options for how to doladder in the country - from the manufacture of stairs professionals on individual design project to purchase already assembled marches or modules or fully self-assembly and installation of the stairs at the cottage. The main thing is that it was comfortable, safe and blended well with the surroundings.

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