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We develop a sketch of the garden bridge and produce a product on it

As soon as the conversation comes to decorating the gardensome elements of the decor in our imagination (not clear why) once there are pictures with the smiling dwarfs clay, with cute Frog Princess and the like. But does our imagination just enough for such commonplace things? Rather than set under every bush of a mythical character, you can try to transform itself into a small garden, a fabulous place. We now consider an element such as garden bridges are creating, you may lay the path to Wonderland colorful dreams and dreams.


  • Embodiments of structures and materials
  • Where is the garden bridge
  • Getting Started
  • The process of making models with arc-shaped support beams

Embodiments of structures and materials

This device may be made of several different materials. Moreover, they can very well be combined with each other, not limiting themselves to only two components:

  • tree;
  • metal;
  • a natural stone;
  • fake diamond;
  • concrete.

For the independent production oftenselected wood, it is most easy to process. Slightly inferior to the popularity of the design of concrete and stone. When erecting them work more complicated mounting supporting pillars and platforms. Self is to create such a structure made of metal only if you have experience and knowledge in the field of steel. the individual elements simply purchased in specialty stores more often.

This construction not only classified by material of manufacture, but also in view of its structure:

  • direct support beam;
  • with arcuate support beam;
  • with zigzagovidnoy track;
  • Infinitely masonry;
  • with a step rise;
  • with hanging track.

The easiest way to build, of course, the firstoption, but it will be advantageous to look only on the condition that under the base will be a dry pond or channel. Easy to manufacture, and the fourth option, but you can also make it only if this stream. After completing it just on the ground, you get in the end the usual stone-paved trail. The remaining options are almost identical in terms of performance complexity.

garden bridge

This model is a very tricky way. The most difficult part of the construction is on solid ground, and its overhanging part is made of lightweight material. So the owner has avoided the need to build supporting pillars

Where is the garden bridge

If the site no ponds, and constructionthese or not included in your plans, do not get upset and start to say goodbye to the idea of ​​the construction of this cute design. As practice shows, as well as many examples of photos of garden bridges, they quietly and can be placed just on the ground. But it is necessary to choose the appropriate conditions for a spectacular sight.

  • Dry creek

This unusual decorating techniques looks likewinding shallow channel, which is filled with plain or painted pebbles. In the midst of this "stream" can peek small islands of stunted plants.

  • Flower bed

Most advantageously, this structure looksover large oval or rectangular flower beds. Under construction by the rare flowers are seated, as the constant shadow of what it had little plant will like. To this bald spots are not conspicuous, around the sides of the bridge are planted very tall plant with thick green mass. The closer to the edges of flower beds we move forward, the lower grades of colors chosen for planting.

  • In the middle of a garden path

Small homemade garden bridges can beplaced just in the middle of the passage between the flower beds and flower beds. It is important that in this case were not established very large and bulky models, otherwise they will look too out of place.

garden bridge

This kind of product can perfectly complement the design of the garden, designed in a country style. He not only looks very original, but it is absolutely elementary in terms of manufacturing

Getting Started

We need these materials and tools:

  • edged boards (width - 20 cm, thickness - 5 cm, length is the length of the next desired structure);
  • anchor the corners;
  • screws;
  • mounting battens (2.5h5 cm);
  • sandpaper;
  • antiseptic impregnation;
  • Yachting paint and carpenter's glue;
  • drill;
  • hand saw or jigsaw;
  • wooden pegs (diameter - 1-2 cm).

The process of making models with arc-shaped support beams

First, make a sketch of the garden bridge,pounces on paper at least approximate form of construction. Thinking over the parts of the device, ease yourself future work by making the side railing is not arc and straight. They will not be located from the beginning to the end of the transition, and only at the highest point of the bridge.

On the big pruning of old wallpaper features in realscale support beam. Observe the proportions and the evenness of the element. Then we cut the contour drawing and cut it into small (about 40 cm) apart. We put each part to the trim board, looking around her and cut piece of wood already. Having prepared all the ingredients, go to their treatment.

Remove all the big bumps and bulgesby grinding with sandpaper, it should be coarse. After finishing adjustment must be made by means of the same material, but with fine grain. Then gather all the elements together in the correct order.

At a distance of five centimeters from the upper anddownsides elements make notes (strictly horizontal lines). In these areas (edges of individual segments) drilled holes. Clean them from chips, coated with a glue stick and insert its end in one segment, and the other end - in the neighboring.

In addition, the contact points between the two partsbonded anchor corners, which are screwed screws. One side of the corner is located on the underside of the base beam, and the second - on the inside.

bridge in the garden with his own hands

Metal models require careful careas much as those that are made of wood. Do not processing them means of protection, you risk losing not just decorative items, but also its strength

By doing so the two beams have their paralleleach other and begin to sheathe mounting rails that are already cut into the required length elements. Step between them is 1-2 cm. It is done for problem-free rainwater. Work completed by treating the product with an antiseptic and cover with varnish.

Knowing how to make a garden arch type bridgeabsolutely no difficulty make a straight model. It is also easy to manufacture and incremental option, which is set in the body of water (if it is not very deep). To do this, you simply need to make a good bed of pebbles at the bottom of the creek and set her large boulders with a smooth surface. The distance between them should be such that an adult could easily cross from one to the other stone.

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