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Skins bench

After the erection of houses on a suburban siteI want to quickly refine the territory, to be comfortable to rest and work, dine in the fresh air and admire the scenery. We must start with the construction of benches for the garden. To do this, fit the remnants of building materials, natural stones and driftwood, old tires.


  • Choosing a location.
  • Examples of drawing summer benches.
    • Environmental friendliness and comfort.
    • Mobility and economy.
    • The stark beauty.
    • Cool elegance.
    • Aesthetics and comfort

Choosing a location

Benches are intended for recreation, so should be located on different parts of the garden.

  • at the entrance to the house;
  • along or in the end of the garden paths;
  • on the outdoor veranda, terrace;
  • pool, pond or alpine garden;
  • near the playground.

The most simple and unsightly bench becomes a favorite place for rest, if it is properly equipped

Looks nice bench on the lawn, but it is notalways easily accessible, if the grass is wet after rain or wet with dew. In addition, the area should be planted with grass, resistant to permanent loads.

bench on the lawn

To place a bench on the lawn must choose a special sort of grass

Bench in a remote corner under treesIt allows escape from the scorching rays of the sun and the rest of the work, to read, just sit in silence. If the garden is still quite young, it is necessary to provide for a tent, awning, pergola. But in an open area you can soak up the sunshine in early spring and get vitamin D deficient portion, depleted during the long winter.

shop in the country

Recreation in the open area allows enough to enjoy the spring sun

Design becomes a decorative elementlandscape design and perform its direct functional purpose, therefore it is necessary to take into account the relief. Moreover, the smooth surface does not necessarily choose. Doing bench to give his own hands or by order, determine the criteria are the convenient location and beautiful appearance.

The architectural style of the house and other buildingsdetermines the shape and color of the design. Large investments job requires, if you give your imagination run wild and wisely use the available material. But it is necessary to consider that for a comfortable accommodation of an adult height of the legs, the back and the depth of the seat should be 40-50 cm.

Examples of drawing summer benches

Environmental friendliness and comfort

Most often used wood (more durablehardwoods). The material is easy to process, opens up wide possibilities for the realization of fantasy ideas, has a long service life when covered with a protective layer against rodents, insects and rot. Due to their naturalness, they perfectly fit into any style. And tools for making everyone has a good host:

  • plane,
  • hacksaw,
  • jigsaw,
  • a hammer,
  • sandpaper,
  • roulette,
  • pencil.

The easiest way you can construct your own, but for more complicated is better to use a professional drawing.

drawing benches

Drawing benches №1


Drawing benches №2

bench with his hands

Drawing benches №3


The drawings help to do the job properly on their own

Important! When making the portable model is necessary to monitor the observance of all sizes, because even a small misalignment is able to disrupt the smooth design position. Then it will swing bench. And in a stationary version of small inaccuracies easily cemented smooth legs.

A real find is a table with benches. The design can be made monolithic. But then it is better to choose a place that will become permanent for it, because it moved around the site a bulky structure is difficult. Another disadvantage is that the shop can not be closer to the table to move, or conversely, to push, if necessary.

their own hands

Dining Group, made with his own hands, will gather at the table the whole family

As a material suitable for not onlyplaned smooth boards and bars, but also ordinary logs. The original design will "highlight" of landscape design. Picking appropriate additional items, you can make a kind of a separate corner.

site design

Model of logs gives the flavor of landscape design

For a rustic style are ideal benches hewn in a log or a large stump. The final touch will be a wood carving, chiseled features.

Mobility and economy

The most convenient option is a mobileplastic models. They can be purchased complete with a table, or separately for installation in any location (hide in the shade in the summer and in the fall to move to the open area), clean the house or farm building to the next visit, and take with you on a fishing trip or a walk in the woods. Plastic benches to give do not require special care. Their enough to wipe with a damp cloth or simply to pour water from a hose.

Garden furniture

Plastic furniture can be easily moved to another location

Only now plastic - brittle material, anddamage it quite easily. Exceptions are expensive models, which are able to withstand heavy loads, exposure to the scorching sun and torrential rain.

plastic furniture

Items from the collections of expensive plastic furniture have a long service life with no loss of external data

The stark beauty

Stone construction in the country is not very convenient, butgive the site a kind of mystery. Sit on a bench only in the warm season, when it is not exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise the seat will be very hot.

bench made of stone

The stone model of the treated stone is quite expensive

This durable construction, made ofcoarse-grained granite, marble, quartzite. But they are expensive, so seldom installed. And from the rough stone can build a great bench for the garden with his own hands. To do this, simply selected the stones in the surrounding area. Beautiful and comfortable bench will in combination with wood.

bench made of stone

For the strength of small stones bonded with cement mortar

Large boulders are almost of the same sizedeepened into the ground so that the edge of the seat were at the same height. Small stones are held together with cement mortar. You can make the basis of the fittings or parts for maximum stability.

convenient shop

Boulders in conjunction with the tree form a solid and comfortable design

Exclusive "furniture" is obtained if the stones put the seat forms a comfortable and totally conceal his lawn turf.

garden design

From the stone can be made "soft furnishings"

Cool elegance

Quite different are metal benchesin the country. In some models, you can see the fine lace, the work of painstaking mistress, or a butterfly that is ready is about to fly up upwards. Others resemble bulky industrial design, from which just blows cold.

Metal shop

Metal model, powder coated, resistant to various natural disasters

Metal bench suitable for year-rounduse because of its durability and resistance to natural disasters, but in the garden it looks quite rough (if not exclusive version), and sit on it uncomfortable. It is very hot in the sun and gets cold at low temperatures. Moreover, there is absolutely no difference - made metal bench for the garden with his own hands or ordered by an experienced master.

forged shop

Metal bench, made a master craftsman, decorate the site, but it uncomfortable to sit on

But do not just give up this option. Firstly, for the production of a simple model of welded enough way to connect corners or fittings (combine them). Beautifully will look bench, which bokovinki pass through the archway. Nearby you can plant vines, pull the fabric tent. And for convenience and aesthetics to buy or sew cushions for the seat and backrest.

comfortable bench

Soft seats provide complete comfort to any model

It is worth considering! Textile products must be secured to the base of the bench strap provided in advance, otherwise they will move out.

The ideal situation can be called a combination ofmetal and wood. Forged items become a real gem of the product and the surrounding area and wooden seat provides comfort in any season. But the forged elements can perform only a master.

Excellent look bench on a metal base, seat and back are made of rattan. Much cheaper cost model of its artificial counterpart.

Aesthetics and comfort

You can make a bench in a rocking chair or swing. This will give the model is not only the individual, but also will provide additional comfort for travelers.


Bench in the form of swing takes a lot of fun for adults and children

A bench of any material becomes the mainelement of recreation areas, so ennoble the area around it is essential. Prior to manufacture of the product can provide capacity for a bed or decorative elements from scrap materials.

Important! When planting flowers near it is necessary to take account of their flavor. Pronounced fragrance can adversely affect the well-being of vacationer.

garden scents

When selecting plants on the surrounding area must take into account their flavor

But textile products in any quantityIt will not be superfluous. This comfort will appreciate not only adults, but young vacationers. Little restless pleasure to play in this area, always being in the field of view of adults.

Be sure to provide the lighting, because to go toHouse does not want to, and after dark. If the bench with a table form a dining group, it is more convenient to place the lights higher. A grace freestanding models emphasize the backlight, located close to the ground. These may be portable lights, then easily adjust brightness.

garden lighting

It is necessary to provide for site lighting for relaxing at a later time

Regardless of the number of beds in the country, allstill becomes the main seating area in the landscape design. And by using the correct location of benches and construction of the territory around them easily create a paradise.

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