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The procedure for the construction of summerhouses of metal with their hands and the rules of care for her

The procedure for the construction of a metal gazebo

Hand made metal furniture,It has high strength and durability, and the design looks quite easy and suitable even for small gardens. There are collapsible and capital structures, which are collected by means of bolts or screws. Another popular option is the securing structural elements welding. Garden furniture of metal - a great option for those who want to place inside the barbecue or fireplace.


  • Properties of metal arbors
  • Option simplest design
  • Installing a stationary base metal gazebo
  • Setting the frame and roof structures

Properties of metal arbors

The best site for installing gazebos willquiet and cozy corner of the garden or green space near the reservoir, surrounded by bushes and flowers. Well consider the paved path that will eliminate the need to follow the muddy after the rain the ground to the building. Ideal location if the gazebo will be away from the road, while the exhaust gases and noise will not spoil the rest.

Thinking over the location of the facilities, it should betry to view it from the opened attractive, such as the alpine hill or pond, rather than the outbuildings, garage, gate or building facade. Beautifully built in looks, the walls and the entrance are decorated with climbing plants (honeysuckle, girlish grapes, clematis, climbing roses, Perfoliate, etc.).

metal gazebo

Fortunately in any landscape solution fits gazebos, entwined with vines

In the large garden gazebo perfectly fit anyshapes, designs and sizes. For a small garden, not all options are good, because the bulky structure can easily disturb the harmony. However, this time the least touching a metal arbors, because they do not press their weight look easy and graceful. It should be understood that the design in this case is required to be strong and stable.

High-quality assembly and flat area area necessary condition for the creation of durable construction. However, in the case of subsidence or temperature changes stiffness save frame structure. In these pavilions there are a significant disadvantage - it is a strong metal heating elements sunlight.

Option simplest design

The simplest design of metal pavilions,which can build his own team at the site is the construction of the profile in the bolted joints. It uses circular or rectangular pipes of different cross sections, angles, channels, I-beams, rods, square or hexagonal form to fill out. Often used welding machine and using spot welding is going to frame structure.

covered canopy

Such a simple and uncomplicated gazebo with a bench and a table can be made personally.

The most popular are round, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal gazebo. Other forms are rarely used, but sometimes you need to implement some design ideas.

Care for metal baits is moderate. It is important to periodically inspect the construction and tint it in the spring to update the appearance, and in the autumn to create additional protection for the cold season. This concerns stationary buildings. However, there are also temporary designs that are installed in the warm season, and then disassembled and stored until the next use. Of course, they also periodically need to inspect and update the paint layer. For such gazebos do not need a device floor and base.

collapsible gazebo

Such collapsible octagonal design does not require the installation of the base and the floor

If desired, it can be brought to the metalgazebo electricity. It is important to choose the devices that are designed for use in wet conditions with the probability of significant temperature changes. Mount they must be sealed or semi-hermetic. Wires should hide in gofrorukav, the wiring carried out using a rope suspended from a thin cable with double insulation.

Installing a stationary base metal gazebo

For the capital structure can be leveled groundinstall concrete pad or raise gazebo on stilts or piers above ground level, the entrance to this case will be slightly raised. The latter option is good, because the building will provide ease of visibility, and will prevent the construction of the foundation from moisture, so save a little money (do not need waterproofing).

capital gazebo

If desired, in the capital can build a gazebo wooden or concrete floor

In any case, capital structureYou need to install the pipes, which are welded to the main rack frame. To do this in the future construction of the corners of the pit dug and concreted (vertical installation checked level). Then optionally arranged floor of concrete or wood. If the concrete base is selected, the process of its construction is as follows:

  • along the perimeter of the wooden box set of boards that are propped up on the outside pegs, which allows the concrete mass to be in a place designated for it;
  • on top of the soil poured a layer of sand and watered with water, and then he rammed; if the area is greater than 1.5 - 2 m2, it is important to make the thermal contraction joints;
  • every meter of exposed thin planks, between which is poured concrete solution;
  • after the setting of concrete board is removed, and the gap closed up with a solution or a liquid concrete.

Setting the frame and roof structures

At the beginning of works it is advisable to drawand drawing on it to calculate the required amount of pipes for the frame, additional ties, girders, etc. In order to save money, any additional items you can take a smaller section.

For the construction of the gazebo needs such tools and materials:

  • Bulgarian;
  • drill and set of drill bits for metal;
  • welding machine;
  • building level;
  • pipe frame (optimal square or rectangular cross-section);
  • paint for metal (for better grip, you can first apply primer);
  • roofing material;
  • self-tapping screws.

Installing a stationary frame gazebo beginswith the fact that the carrier rack welded to the pipes, pre-embedded in the ground, and then to top it installed horizontal pipes. Depending on the size of buildings to the resulting structure cross add additional racks.

gazebo with barbecue

An excellent choice with a metal gazebo placed inside a barbecue and garden furniture

Pergolas can be made of metal sheathing on the outsidedifferent materials, it will protect the rest area from rain and wind gusts. Within such a structure is easy to put a barbecue, fireplace, barbecue. Once the frame is ready to begin installation of the roof. It is made of Ondulin, polycarbonate, slate, profiled sheeting, etc. Fastening is carried out either by welding or with screws.

Make own metal gazeboprinciple is not difficult, especially if you have the skills to work with welding machine. This design looks impressive, it is durable and practical. If desired, you can arrange a comfortable gazebo sitting area with barbecue, garden furniture and even to conduct electricity.

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