Buildings in the garden

Original ideas for design of homemade summer arbors

Relatively recently, people to getfinancial independence, sought to large cities. Now that the ambitions of the set are satisfied, it becomes more and more fashionable to have their own piece of nature - whether it is a huge country house or a tiny suburban area. Unity with nature - it is good, but accustomed to comfort, pampered comfort city residents are willing to stay and "with all the facilities" in their own land. Constructing the main housing, they are thinking about how to arrange the rest of the territory. Yesterday's citizens gladly begin tinkering summer houses with their own hands. They are followed by fountains, pergolas, saunas, and other useful, bring joy and benefit structure. But the emphasis is still worthy of the arbor, as in the warmer months, they are the main holiday destination the whole family and her friends.


  • Style - an easy way to stand out
  • Playing with color and light
  • The original form - let your imagination run wild
  • Pavilions of unusual materials

Style - an easy way to stand out

As a highly experienced designers say: style - the easiest way to turn an ordinary thing into a masterpiece. So do not look for complicated ways, if there is a simple, experts recommended ways to create a summer gazebo, which will not only be the subject of your pride, but also the object of envy for neighbors.

gazebo on the plot

Closed arbor: your family's secrets will remain "behind the seven locks"

garden furniture made of stone

Stone gazebo. Tell me, my beauty

So, where to begin to "dance" in terms of style? Option three:

  1. Adapts to the architecture of other buildings erected on the site.
  2. To build the gazebo, taking into account only the style of the garden (if it is rather large).
  3. Going on about their desires or even whims (and have every right to take this step).

    style gazebo

    Indian style, as if in a movie, right?

Which of these paths you choose to erectSummer pavilions with their own hands, you decide. It all depends on your character and outlook. Because someone can be annoying when the construction on the site did not fit together. But others may be upset by the fact that they do not come true childhood dream in a gazebo on the tree, and they do whether it is "fit" with the overall landscape.

pergola design

Do you want to go to China? Welcome!

It's important to know! If you really wanted to build on the site gazebo, which is distracting from the overall style, the designers are advised to turn it into a separation element, that is, with the help of construction distinguish between two zones, for example, a flower garden and swimming pool. And if the area allows, then duplicate your beauty, because the repetitive elements are well emphasize the beauty of the landscape. Unleash the imagination, and then turn your masterpiece from the "black sheep" in the "flavor".


This palace! Feel like a royal family

What is fashionable? What are the options of styles owners own a piece of land often choose?

  • Classic (virtually immortal);
  • Oriental;
  • Japanese;
  • Italian;
  • Art Nouveau;
  • minimalism;
  • romantic;
  • rustic;
  • loft;
  • Shabby Chic;
  • country;
  • forest;
  • fairy;
  • beach.
plants for arbors

"Live" gazebo - unusual and minimum investments

You are free to choose a different style, because it is important,erected to his hands summerhouse pleased first of all you, and it does not matter whether it complies with fashion trends or, on the contrary, it contradicts.

Playing with color and light

The second way to create on your sitegazebo masterpiece - to use the spectacular colors or use a combination of light (and, as at night and in the daytime). Light, by the way, can also be colored, the benefit that the construction of lighting shops offer a variety of materials of different directions.

gazebo for relaxing

Garden bed. Imagine how it sweet sleep ?!

By using a combination of colors can be successful ascomplement the style and turn quite normal, unremarkable gazebo in a work of art. And it is not only about the general background, but also about the details. Imagine how it will look spectacular gazebo with red golden floor? Or black and white, but with a silver ceiling? What is amazing to see the pictures on the inner wall or ornament on the outside?

gazebo from polikorbanata

Garden furniture made of bright-colored polycarbonate. Beautiful, durable, and inexpensive

And if you have kids, you can decorategazebo pictures fairy-tale characters, characters from your favorite cartoon, and if not - to turn the arbor in a flying saucer. After the paint in order and given to people to make this world a special and fun. Use this!

light in the gazebo

And here is the play of light in action, though, it looks amazing?

As for the game of light, usuallysuch "highlight" attracts romantic, creative, creative people. These families a little sentimental or, on the contrary, open to experimentation. However, according to psychologists, in each of us somewhere deep hiding romantic. If you want to try to "wake" it, create in your garden glowing romantic corner, you might enjoy and a new idea and a new you.

Many amateur gardeners, and rightly so,employ for summer gazebos LED strip which now offer manufacturers simply unthinkable assortment of various colors. They can be self-colored, multi-colored, shimmering, iridescent, change its scale, in the form of "running lights" and so on. By the way, the light and the color is a sort of "magic wand" for those who want to build the original gazebo, but somewhat short of money. These two "helper" to quickly and easily transform the nondescript building in the decoration of your site, which will enjoy all of the neighbors or passers-by.


Pavilions on the tree. Not because of your child's dream whether these miracles?

The original form - let your imagination run wild

Not all owners of their own land of contentmentstandard forms of gazebos. Yes, buy or order a standard construction, no doubt, less expensive and more practical, but imaginative and creative nature prefer another way - given the opportunity to lead their fantasy draft. We have to admit that some such experiments end with the birth of the masterpieces of outstanding beauty or unusual "jokes" that perfectly elevate mood. Agree, and then, and another has the right to life, if you bring pleasure to people ?!

unusual gazebo

Arbour, swing - a chance to return to childhood

So, for example, you want an unusual gazeboshaped cabin or carriage, flying saucer or an Indian wigwam. And you do not understand how you turn the dream into reality. How to be? Where to begin construction? First, be sure to explore the network, because it is possible that someone the idea occurred to you before he realized it, and drawing his masterpiece laid out in the public domain. Secondly, move your contacts in the memory, it is possible that someone you know is interested in design and able to assist you in implementing your ideas.


A hut on chicken legs. Aida in a fairy tale!

Third, you can hire a professional in the time, not for the construction of pavilions, and to obtain drawings and the order of your actions during the construction of their own hands summerhouse of your dreams.

lawn on the roof

Garden with lawn instead of the roof. Unusually, right ?!

There is no extra money, none of your loved ones do notis particularly creativity? No problem! Think carefully over his idea, you may be able to find a non-standard output. For example, to find the nearest village untapped cart and turn it into a gazebo in a rustic style, or we take the unnecessary bed, an unusual way to paint it on the walls and ceiling to make "live" using vegetation, a riot on your site.

You have everything in order to finance, creativity and hands? Then give the opportunity to their imagination become the chief architect of the project.

I dreamed as a child to have their own little housetop oak growing in a neighbor's yard? Now something definitely nobody will prevent the realization of your dreams. Create your own personal project in a gazebo on the trees of your garden. Poteshtes yourself and entertain your younger crumbs, because they have the opportunity to own the fact that it was not available in your childhood. However, it is fine ?!

You want to have your family had a palace, butIt has a normal house in modern style? No problem. Implement their aspirations by creating a gazebo-Palace. You will see how it is fun and interesting. Yes, even a flying saucer build in your own garden, the main thing - that the idea has been approved by the family and to please you.

beautiful gazebo

Pergolas in a carriage and stagecoach. Do you want to ride ?!

Pavilions of unusual materials

Another wonderful way to stand out - to buildarbor of unusual materials. Do not be afraid of being branded as strange. Apply those materials which tells your imagination. People for such purposes using stones, cellophane, straw, cloth, bamboo, glass, metal. Sometimes in business there are cardboard boxes, bottles, old dishes, unnecessary furniture in the house and so on. See how it looks perfectly normal arbor of glass bottles, which will cost you mere "penny", if you stroll through friends and collect the material.

garden furniture made of bottles

The original version of the bottles. However, the beautiful ?!

No glass containers? Do not hang your nose! Apply plastic utensils, the main thing - do not be afraid to experiment and do not restrain their impulses. There is an extra straw? Use it for the construction of the gazebo-hut. Never mind that this beauty will serve you for a season, but by next summer you will be able to realize his dream of another, building a gazebo from their dreams.

What kind of gazebo you want?

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