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The order of arrangement of decorative well with their hands

If you decide to build a well decorativewith their hands, you have what is needed for any undertaking - the desire and a little knowledge. People from the past could be the envy of the current summer residents having water pipes. After all, they had to fetch water in the river, and then carry a heavy burden on his home. Only the very rich could have a well. But then, even thought no one could, that our decorative wells in most cases are only an element of landscape design.


  • Why the country well without water
  • Choose a material for building
  • Equips a decorative well
  • Decorate your creation

Why the country well without water

Indeed, its direct functions suchwells not performing, what is there to be jealous of? Ancestors, of course, will not understand, but the current aesthetes can explain a great deal. It turns out, decorative wells is very convenient to cover the tank with rain water or hide underneath a manhole. At the same time, you can decorative house obsadit hang-downing flowers and climbing plants that will create the country a special comfort.

In rare cases, decorative house usedon purpose - they cover the hole with water. Then, in addition to aesthetic pleasure, well it fulfills its prosaic function - protects the water from freezing in the winter, and from insects, dust and debris - in the summer.


Decorative well - an element of landscape design

Choose a material for building

Most often in suburban areas and cottages can beMeet wooden shafts. Natural material for its environmental friendliness, beauty and reliability appreciated at all times. In addition, the landscape design wooden buildings always fit easily - enough obsadit place with a well flowers, trees and green grass.

The whole house (and the base and the roof) is madeor log out of boards. The walls are cased with tiles, bricks, stone or planed boards. The roof can be made with a decorative ridge or vane as stingrays in it will be two, three or four - it's up to him who builds. It is worth noting that the roof over the well can be both closed and open. The first option to play a protective role in closing structure headroom and performs a second, rather aesthetic function.

Harboring the roof can be any material: in the course are and boards, and tiles, and sheet metal. For these purposes, even bamboo amiss. In this case, you get an interesting design in oriental style. Generally, in order to most accurately fit well in the plot design, experts recommend making it the roof of the same material, which is covered by the roof of the house.

well cement

The roof can be both closed and open

The bars are made from logs, they can bemake straight and smooth, but if you want to decorate the ornaments or sculptures of birds and animals. Around the well, it is desirable to make a blind area of ​​concrete or paving slabs. To prevent infiltration of surface water to the walls of the well, you can use the popular soft blind area. It is, in contrast to other, more durable.

Equips a decorative well

First of all you need a containerrather big size, for example, the tank. Dig a hole in the amount of the tank on the sides give allowances of about 20 cm, so that it was easier to install. At the bottom of the pit for strength sprinkle sand, approximately 30 cm upwards. When installing the tank, its walls should be above ground level.

When the tank is lowered into the pit, tosecuring necessary to fill the hole with sand between the walls of the tank and the recess in the ground, tightly compacted and even pour water. You can mix the sand with cement, to design more tightly held, but in this case will have to wait a few days until the cement was seized and only then proceed.

The base of the future of the well logs surround. Around them, pour the foundation about 30 cm deep. Drill holes and set him on the bottom row of anchor logs. Lay the remaining rows of well masonry. Height is determined by yourself, but more than one meter experts do not recommend.

When you get out of the square timber, insideyou need to install the rack, which will be the base of the roof. They can be fastened by means of nails or screws. Then it is necessary to bring down the house two bars (these houses have to make two), install them on the rack and connect the transverse beams. They must be stuffed very close to each other, otherwise the roof will be unstable and windy weather can fly. Ends design installation the decorative cover on the well.

how to decorate the well

By decorating the well, do not restrain the flight of his imagination

Decorate your creation

Decoration well - it is a creative process,entirely dependent on your imagination and dreams. It does not matter, you built it yourself or well you got from the previous owners of the villa. The main thing is to fit into the decor of a garden site design. For example, if the site is decorated carts, wooden wheels and a woven fence, then well have to decorate in a country style. Attach to the base wagon wheel, which eventually heal curly flowers. This seemingly insignificant detail perfectly accentuate the style of your garden.

Elegant looks well, just looking outgreenery surrounded by juniper bushes and lawn grass mixed with flower beds. Near the well, you can build a fence of twigs or branches, lay blind area of ​​wooden stumps or stones. If there is a pond, be sure to build it through a wooden bridge. This will give your garden a certain style of rustic romance.

If you have a pond near the well

If you have a pond near the well, be sure to build a bridge

Many people, once the ground is not digging a hole under the welltake out, and construct from it the alpine slide, spread her stones are planted flowers and installed a mini-fountains. The abundance of gurgling streams, creates a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation and calms.

It is interesting to look well in the medieval style. Decorating it with stone, cobblestone or granite. Instead the roof for a better structure to build a dome of metal. A more modern form of this well to give forged support. And flowers and green bushes will not be a hindrance for any style.

Very popular for decorating the wellIt is a maritime style. The pillars on which rests the roof, you need to wrap a thick rope, vertical racks decorate anchors, and instead hang buckets beer keg. If instead of the pen gate to establish a steering wheel and foot wells fill with pebbles, then your pit will certainly become a local landmark.

garden design

In whatever style you are well decorated, flowers and shrubs around it will not be a hindrance

You can always create your own style,do not be afraid to improvise and do not forget to connect your imagination. Even if you feel that you are not an expert in landscape design, remember that very often people discover in themselves such powers thanks to the arrangement of their own garden. Good luck and success!

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