Buildings in the garden

Stages of the construction of the shed for the garden with his own hands

The development of country "ar" in some cases beginswith construction of essential buildings, without which it is impossible to inhabit the land. Toilet and a no hozblok for storing agricultural implements all need. What will be the structure of a business orientation - the competence of the owners of suburban areas. Many build a barn with their hands for multifunctional use. By what means and skills have to settle in the estate owners, independent view of the object and the way of its construction.


  • How to build a shed with their hands
  • Construction of the barn with their hands in accordance with the complexity of the object
  • To construct a simple shed with their own hands - a photo and description of the process
  • Erect major barn
    • The frame option
    • Shed of foam blocks
  • conclusion

Not a bad solution - try your hand atcreating unpretentious design: temporary, medium-sized and low-budget. It can be moved in the future in a more convenient "point" of garden space. A substitute for this capital, multi-purpose and aesthetically perfect after the appearance of high-grade residential buildings. By the time the participants everything gardening area will gain practical experience in many stages is not always a simple construction of the epic.

How to build a shed with their hands

In any event, implementation of the idea to begin withthinking about the subject matter and purpose of engineering sketches. It is necessary to determine what exactly we need this block: only under manual garden tools and a couple of bikes or contain wheel cultivator place where seeds, seedlings of the crop plus you also do not mind. How and spend the night on the small couch on Saturday is very summer house here. In the first situation, the choice will fall on a portable shed light, in the second - to something much more serious.

Construction of the barn with their hands in accordance with the complexity of the object

Getting to the description of the creation of several stageshozblok species (from the increase in the skill level and extent of costs on each type), outline a list of series of issues arising in the course of construction.

  • Choose a location.
  • Investigated with the dimensions of the future features of the construction, the type of foundation (if any "serious" need).
  • Purchase of construction materials, carefully calculating their own financial resources and probing paths, allowing to save on certain points.
makeshift construction

To shed-makeshift suit many types of materials - from the board of the old boxes, too

  • We carry out the construction itself gradually from "fundamental" actions - up to the roof, doors, windows, floor finishes (internal and external) and the inner area of ​​interior design.
a window in a barn

Even a simple homemade version can have a window - and not one

To construct a simple shed with their own hands - a photo and description of the process

About the use of brick, ready concrete blocksor wooden beams are not talking, as well as on a solid basis. Building a small wooden box with a roof. It can be transferred with the urgent need for a different, hidden from the eye place. Longer than 5-6 years, our checkpoint will not serve, but that is not expected from the object, the basic requirements for the "birth" of which - the speed of passage of stages, the maximum cheapness and availability of the majority of the transactions for non-professional builders. This garden shed with his own hands the size of 2 to 3 meters by 2.5 "lift" for a couple of days.

  • Under the simplest foundation pulled out 4 holes oncorners, cube-shaped (each side - two feet). Covered with sand, tamped them, and formed the "bottom" stack brick columns - until the top of them do not speak a little above the ground. Instead of brick is permissible to use logs impregnated with waste oils, Speel old sleepers.
installation of foundations

A variant of the columnar foundation may be not only piled, but also block system

  • The next step - the construction of the frame. Down, on the columns, beams lie sill. From it rise vertically up the rack. At the top they should hold together the same quadrangle of timber. Complex truss system to anything. How, and gable roof. However, for two lean-forward - facial - rack is better to do the above two rear (40-50 cm).
barn frame

The foundation and the framework of the simplest structures are ready - left "sheathe" design from all sides

  • Now it's up to the roof. Attaching a truss beams to the posts, they should relate the crate. For it should be fine edging boards. Admission of need certainly - to the roof appeared above the walls. Solid flooring of roofing, roofing rafters better consolidate anything else. Yes, and cover with the longer it will last.
  • You're ready to frame sheathe boards. Special beauty they create, but if the walls are hung pots with flowers or vines to plant closely, our "creation" will obviously nicer. Another option ennobling finishing - graffiti. A good artist, improviser in a way to complement the most unattractive area, giving it a very exotic look.

Erect major barn

Before you make a barn with their hands,buy everything you need. Brick-timber-concrete blocks - these are the materials that contribute to the economic object for which you have taken, it acquired the features of not only the construction of the universal, but also looked aesthetically pleasing. Such a shed-house is pretty impressive in size. He can give the similarities with your vacation home-Terem, turning into a real fairy-tale hut. On whether the chicken legs or style mini attics - sometimes with a complex, two-three-tiered roof, porch, outdoor terrace. The variety of solutions is determined by design fantasy, and desire to tinker with complex project.

The frame option


The frame barn, erected carefully manage without additional external wall decoration

Let's start with the frame of the barn with his hands -relatively affordable, but good-quality villa construction providing often elements of the original design. As a result, you get a perfect architectural kitchens, hothouse, house hardware, capable of decently "hold" within your "hacienda" of 15-20 years. We describe the construction stages.

  • Initially leveled playground for potentialbarn-shaped tower and foundation. The main building material is light, because the columnar base should be sufficient. Meter and a half-Ground asbestos pipes - to then pour them with concrete. Procedure for filling: mixture of sand, cement, gravel (3 2 4) fill with water and stir to a state of sour cream (sparse). To defend it's a few days.
  • While hardens "base", impregnate woodantiseptic components. Then proceed to the alignment of the framework of wooden beams. Bottom rail laid on the frozen foundation. At the same time stretch and floor joists. Lay the boards can be directly, but you can at the end. To trim the vertical supports are fixed, held together by strapping at the top of the timber - like a barn-described outhouse.
  • Support posts here will, of course, more than: in places of installation of windows, doors, they also appear (except for the four corner). Attach them to the harness-crate can be a more complex way - by using the technology of "thorn-groove". The horizontal (banding) details make recesses-grooves and the ends of the vertical struts crown thorns. Metal corners when connecting desirable.
  • With a gable roof construction of our visualwill win. On top of the harness it makes sense to put the ceiling beams. The sequence in which the truss system is going to advance separately - is preferable. It is then simply placed in a finished frame. Both parts of the frame connecting steel plates by the upper line. Shingles as a coating would be the best choice.
barn arrangement

Even not too expensive object win if the interior of the build successfully

Council. Building a shed with their own hands - a video to help. It will provide an opportunity to consider in detail the process: from the "fundamental" effort to insert window and door units. These may be homemade or factory. Of course, it purchased frames, doors, double glazing is much more convenient and safer option improvised. However, to calculate the recesses have a place in advance - so as not to delay the final "finishing" stage. Regarding the final, "decoration" a set of tips will give nobody. Wall paneling, siding, art cover art - it is your personal taste. But it is possible that the videos will help determine the choice.

On the stages of the construction of the frame of the barn from A to Z is best to tell a detailed video of the process.

Shed of foam blocks

The most expensive, but the most durable and planConstruction associated with the elite walling content - from the category of the block brick (guaranteed up to 30 years of operation). Masonry tricky for the layperson, but the foam block on country estates - the guest is not so rare. Knowing that the barn of foam blocks with their hands requires a foundation of reliable, traditional building epic open tab strip foundation. Stages of "lifting" of block varieties form a chain.

  • Completely removes the fertile topsoil. Mark up the trench width of about half a meter. Right angles at the same time not be violated!
  • Digs a trench (depth of between 80 cm - meter) - the lower part of it (30-40 cm) to be filled with sand, moistened with water and compacted.
  • Set decking, towering above the ground at least 20 cm.
  • The lower and upper layers of the foundation is laid carcass reinforcement - two- or three-row, of the longitudinal bars.
  • The final stage, held in one step in the construction of the shed with his own hands - concreting of the foundation tape to its full length.

Shed of heavy foam blocks - without strip foundation did not build

  • Concrete mass will solidify at least 3 weeks - then allowed to proceed to the brickwork. After the waterproofing works. For this purpose, the concrete is rolled roofing surface.
  • Fasten the unit cement-sand mortar (1part cement to 4 parts of sand), leaving the band-gap of 5 mm. First "work through" the corners (check spirit level, plumb required!), Then build up the wall.
  • Principles roof installation - the same as that in procedure framing. Terms insertion of windows, doors and similar to those that could be seen in the video above. Of course, the frame is attached to the adhesive, slit obscure.
  • Coanda floor, wall decoration, ceiling-traditional angles. If plastering - a process to complicated for you, use the drywall. in this case the view is usually neat, everyone likes.


Summing up the story, we note: no matter what the technology, methods and building materials you may have chosen for the construction of the shed, the question of where he is located, is significant. Here one thing is related to another and is determined by the total tseleustanovkoy gardeners. If the place is well chosen, you will always be able to make this area more attractive if the work on track, bushes decorate the neighborhood, close to smash a couple of beds, have built-arch tunnel for climbing plants or manifest artistic imagination otherwise.

their own hands

Ways to "dignify" hozblok built with their own hands - a lot. Creative imagination

barn model

Some models sheds significantly enrich our understanding of the aesthetics of the outbuildings

barn decor

That is so fantastic could become your barn-Mansion, if it touches the hand of a talented interior decorator

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