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Sitting area in the garden - a place to relax on your cottage

Sitting area in the garden

Arriving at the cottage in the summer, it would be desirable not only to weedcorn, but also a good rest. Everyone relaxes in a measure of their desires: someone with the singing of birds is reading your favorite book while lying in a hammock, and someone needs a friendly company, with ruddy barbecue grill and baked potatoes. Whichever option you choose for yourself is not, a seating area in the garden is an important element of landscape design - this is a fact. How and where to do it - decide for yourself, your preferences should be the main guide to the arrangement of space for relaxation.


  • Playground
  • Family gatherings in the garden
  • The outdoor area for outdoor activities
  • Patio garden
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The recreation area is an important element of landscape design


Of course, all parents are primarily care about their children. And rightly so: when the kids feel comfortable and cozy, the mom and dad can relax too.

Children's recreation area in the country should be organized in such a way that comments such as "do not touch it," "you can not go there" and "gently fall" reduced to a minimum.

First of all, the site must be protectedfrom drafts and well lighted. But, at the same time, the shadow of the trees can not hurt, and only will protect children from the sun. If the trees have not yet had time to grow, organize a shed or a gazebo to live. A children's area is better on the south or south-west side of the house.

On the territory of the playground should be providedplace for the sandbox, inflatable pool, scarves or play house and swing. Garden furniture for mom also certainly contribute to the project. Outdoors babies wakes adult appetite, thus think of the table feeding.

playground for children

Playground should be such that all the prohibitions and warnings were reduced to a minimum

To bring up a child's sense of beauty,mandatory attribute in its territory must be beautiful flowers and shrubs. When choosing plants rhinestones eliminate all that causes allergies, burns, injections or spikes protruding branches. Do not forget to buy a child a children's watering can, pail and shovel, because he wants to look after its own fat. A labor education has not been canceled.

Instead, the playing area is better to sow a lawn whiteclovers. This cute flowering plant is resistant to trampling and is considered hypoallergenic. However, clover its smell attracts bees to the area. So, before you sow it, make sure that there is proximity to the apiary. If any, alternative to white clover will pobegonosnaya bentgrass, which also forms a wonderful fluffy carpet.

Another very important point: playground should be in the field of view of the parents. Better that she viewed from the kitchen window. Before you equip the space for games, talk to your child, show him pictures and always keep in mind its opinion.

Family gatherings in the garden

When the children's recreation area is organized, canthink about yourself. If family gatherings in your favor, the perfect place for recreation can be a gazebo. Positioning it should be in a place where will be visible to all the beautiful places of your problem: ducks floating in the artificial pond and flowering plants in the flowerbed always provide comfort and a sense of inner harmony.

gazebo for relaxing

Garden furniture can be a great place for family entertainment

That did not feel that you have all the neighborsmind is a gazebo in a cozy corner under the crown of the tree branching. Making recreational areas in the country with the help of twine plant will make a place for gatherings invisible and not to attract attention.

Near the gazebo, at a distance of 2-3 metersprojected area for the barbecue. If your intention is to make a stationary furnace for barbecue, it all works, it is desirable to perform in the same style with a gazebo. Around the hearth, too, all planted with greenery, but not closer than two meters, so that the fire did not damage the leaves and twigs of the plant. In front of the gazebo is not necessary to stick a lot of shrubs, leave 8-10 square meters free. This site will be put stones or just to plant lawn grass.

Around these recreation areas often create a gardenaromas. These include tea rose, jasmine, lilac and other decorative plants. Great smell gives grapes, however, it blooms only one week, but then you can enjoy the beauty of the bunch. Also looks gorgeous gazebo for which trailing climbing roses. For color, you can make the backlight setting night lanterns among the bushes. However, light is needed everywhere: in the gazebo itself, and on track leading to it, and even the grass can set the backlight.


Decorate the nest should be based on their own wishes and fantasies

Very original decoration of the garden can beglowing stones, which can be purchased at specialty stores or make your own hands. In order to make their own need a little: the stones themselves and fluorescent paint. Boulders painted, dried and are placed around the gazebo. During the day they accumulate light, and at night illuminate the area. This is the cheapest option of garden lanterns.

The outdoor area for outdoor activities

Construction of recreational areas in the country active peopleIt occurs in the simplest way. Select the most flat area on the plot, sown lawn, and all summer "is tested for strength." However, the grass should be to choose the most resistant to trampling.

Playground in the garden

Active guests prefer open areas

This area should be located away frombeds and windows of the house. Hemp, stones and other figures is not a place to rest is decorated in order to avoid injuries during games. Land area for outdoor activities depends on what field you equip. For the basketball court should be 40-50 square meters for tennis and football - about 60, and a mini-volleyball enough and 40 meters. It is very convenient to use mobile equipment for all sports, and install it directly in front of the game. In order to fans could rest comfortably, it is desirable to set up shop nearby, where a break will be and the players themselves.

On these sites you can and otherwise spend their leisure time. For example, to go on a picnic, roast barbecue, sunbathe and read a favorite book.

Patio garden

Patio - a small courtyard, which is separatedhedges of the garden and is only intended for relaxation. He's like a little civilized little world, hidden among the lush nature. You walk along the path, you admire the beauty around, opens the screen of green twigs, and suddenly you find yourself in a great spot.

for romantic evenings

Patio garden - a great place for dating and romantic evenings

Build a patio made of different materials. The roof should always be here, so you can hide from the sun. Often these recreational building near the water, so in hot weather there is always cool. Inside patio looks harmonious garden furniture, lamps and decorative fountain. You can hang a curtain that will flutter in the wind, or all decorate beautiful container plants. Decorate its nest as you like. This is exactly the case when the design of recreational areas in the country do not need to be customized for the overall style of landscape.

Before you build your area, check withexperts, read how to do it right. Want more ideas might look like a seating area in the country - look at the photo on the Internet. On the basis of this knowledge, you can prepare your own project and create the perfect cozy place for the whole family. Good luck and creative inspiration.

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