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Outside shower for summer residences - construction and design, cost-effective way construction

Outside shower to give

Not every resident of the metropolis is the countryspend more than three days. For many citizens lack the usual soul - a real disaster. With showering many starts and ends work on the plot. For those people who live year-round in the country, of course, fit more than usual bathroom, friendly environment in the house. But in the warm time of people prefer to use an outside shower for the cottages, they like the idea.


  • Shower - way to cool off in the heat
    • Priority space for a shower
    • Development project booths
    • From what we can do the foundation?
    • Building a framework for a garden shower
    • Features of the roof
    • Paul, pan and shower door for summer
    • Container for water
  • Outside shower - tips

Shower - way to cool off in the heat

Outside shower is excellent saves from heat in the summer. Steam treatments outdoors possible to obtain very different feelings that can not be compared to taking a bath in the apartment. But in the absence of water supply system in the country such a construction is considered to be a necessity.

Shower in the garden - salvation from the heat

Shower in the garden - salvation from the heat

In different ways you can build a summer garden shower! This is the simplest version with shutters and the tank, and fully furnished stationary heated showers and other delights. But heating in most cases is not required. The exception will be only in the cases of adverse weather conditions or the owner desires to bathe in the early morning or late evening, when the water has not yet warmed up or cooled down already.

Priority space for a shower

Start construction of a garden shower should be a choicespace for it. The area should not be blown strongly, so the construction of a better place away from drafts. If the water is heated only by the sun, the holiday outside shower should be to build on the sunny open. The subject should be right next to a residential house, so as too distant location complicate the run after the bath procedures.

Shower in the garden - it is important to choose a sunny place

It is important to choose a sunny place

Shower for a country house should be placed onelevation, that the water drains itself at the proper place. For normal operation of the soul is to organize good heat and rapid recycling of waste water. To do this, make a drain hole volume of 2 cubic meters close. During the summer, the load on the shower will increase significantly. But on the draining properties of the soil heat is absolutely not affected. Therefore, if the water will drain badly, it will provoke odor and insects.

Development project booths

Before you start building the soul, it is worthmake it a project. The booth should be comfortable that the person had the opportunity to bathe at any time. garden shower space should not be less than 100 by 100 centimeters, so that you can easily lift up your hands and bend down.

It should also organize a place protected from thewater, where it is planned to leave the towel and his clothes. For the dressing rooms will be enough to 60 centimeters. It turns out that the internal dimensions of the garden shower cabins is 160 by 100 centimeters.

The booth is made of wood

The booth is made of wood, based on the foundation plate

However, more convenient is a summer shower in the gardendimensions of 190 by 140 centimeters. A given wall thickness, out of 200 by 150 centimeters. In addition, such a solution - it is best for standard board sizes.

From what we can do the foundation?

Before the construction of a summer shower is to alignpad, pour it with sand. Now we build an outside shower at the cottage! A base, for example, can be previously used railroad ties. Use the spirit level to check the levelness of the foundation is necessary. To sleepers do not shift between them is desirable to connect braces.

If the first embodiment of the foundation you do notfit, type in a search engine, "a summer shower on a summer residence Photo". After reviewing the proposed options, you can stay on the decision of building the foundations of the pillars.

Building a framework for a garden shower

For the construction of the shower stall suitdifferent material - transparent film, durable slate or wood. For summer shower only need three sheets of slate, as the fourth side is the door. For the carcass can take cast iron pipes. After the frame is installed, holes better concreted. And as soon as the cement dries, you can begin the installation of slate sheets.

Wooden frame for the holiday soul

Wooden frame for the holiday soul

Alternatively, you can collect a frame of wood fastenedconstruction of long bolts. But in any case, the framework must be strong, so that later turned out to install a rooftop water tank of approximately 200 liters.

Features of the roof

Roof summer soul must be pent. Its slope is on the sunny side, so that in the future may want to purchase a solar radiator, through which water circulates to heat.

Crate of boards

Crate of boards

Cover for the roof can be flexiblecorrugated sheet, which should be laid on the crate from the boards. The roof should initially be durable to withstand heavy loads, which are calculated on the weight of the tank with water.

Paul, pan and shower door for summer

The garden shower floor can be configured in different ways. You can put the board, leaving the gap between them through which the water will go. But a similar gap cold air enters the room is not rare, and creates discomfort. Therefore it is better in the washing compartment on top of the floor pan set.

The wooden floor in the summer at the cottage shower

The wooden floor in the summer at the cottage shower

pallet dimensions of water must comply with the dimensions of the room, you need to use galvanized sheet 0.8 mm thick.

The edges of the sheet to be bend 70 -100 mm, and in place of the drain - to cut down the hole. The floor in this very place and cut out the hole, which has a slightly larger diameter.

The pallet in a summer shower

The pallet in a summer shower - a device for comfortable and safe reception of water treatments

Between the tray and the floor is desirable to laywaterproofing, roofing material using. The tray should be slightly tilted to the center for a quick and smooth flow of water, and fasten it to the wall with screws. If draining is done through a hose, then do waterproof layer is not necessary.

Outside shower with no door

Standard door can successfully replace the curtain of waterproof material

The door for the summer shower is not necessary, the original space can hang a curtain. But if no door can not do, it can be made of boards.

Container for water

As a budget option madeuse a simple barrel of 200 liters. Moreover, the capacity of a material is heated quickly by the sun. Before lifting the barrel top is to make drainage and install valve with the respective attachment. And you can fix the tank on the roof of the structure. For eyeliner water should take the composition pipe or buy a pump.

Tank summer shower

Industrial tank summer shower

Outside shower - tips

If the booth is conceived lighting, then,paving the wiring for lighting, it is worth remembering about the rules wiring. Summer wooden shower for garden - a place of increased moisture, so you need to be careful with electricity. Get out of the situation can be done in a wall box for the light, which can close the light film or glass.

To make it convenient to use the shower, and do not needwas standing on a metal tray, it is recommended to put the plastic traps, under which the water does not stagnate and is happening for good air circulation.

In the summer shower is important not to plant the dampness, forthat the ceiling for better ventilation is necessary to make a hole and close it with decorative lattice. Additionally, you can establish a mirror and a small sink.

To protect the exterior walls from the weatherYou can sheathe their wooden paneling or vinyl siding or paint Weatherproof paint. The approach to the soul it is recommended to pave walkways made of planks or stone. It all depends on the financial capacity and taste.

To ensure that the entire bathing season, can be a holidaywarm summer shower, using expanded polystyrene. frame for this space is filled with this material and upholstered using a stapler with plastic wrap. Also it is necessary to install a water heater - wood or electric. The heat exchanger is made of plain old batteries.

That's all! You know that in the construction of a summer shower is nothing unbearable. And you can safely proceed to construction.

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