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Installation of metal picket fence with his hands

Fashion in landscape design is changeable, butwooden fence fence remains the most popular views of our sites. Manufacturers are trying to modify the "classics" surprise gardeners something new. So, went on sale from metal picket fence, there are shops and a plastic fence. However, the proverb says that "the best - is the enemy of good", so only time will tell how news can press our familiar from childhood, air-, light- and vzglyadopronitsaemye wooden fences.


  • Advantages of wooden picket
    • How to make a picket fence

  • Benefits evroshtaketnika.
  • Features of the fence of corrugated board.
  • The benefits of plastic picket

Advantages of wooden picket

We can not say to a wooden fencepicket was very durable and easy to care for. Usually it is enough only for 5-10 years, and painting for nearly a year. But he has two indisputable advantages: the tree - it is traditionally the cheapest in our material, such a fence can do with their hands full, what is called "inside and out".

The wood can be painted in any color oremphasize the naturalness of wood stain, varnish. Picket fences on photo to help get an idea how to be beautiful, cozy and appropriate on a suburban site fence from a simple natural material.

fence on the site

Wooden fence - a pastoral and home-cozy

How to make a picket fence

To create a picket fence with their hands will need:

  • thick board for supporting pillars;
  • bar for lag;
  • Edged board shtaketin.

Screws and nails are galvanized to take better.

First you need to measure the land and make the necessary calculations - as necessary pillars and shtaketin. The distance between the posts depends on the length of the lag.

Poles digged not less than a quarter of themlength. Underground part necessarily need to be processed against rotting. Suitable bitumen, tar, creosote. If the soil is sandy, the pit would have to further pour concrete inexpensive brand. All the pillars should be fully aligned, each separately, and in general all the row. From flatness pillars depends neat appearance of the future of the fence.

wooden fence

Normal wooden fence, as well as the noble looks

After installing the poles will only comethem nails lags already stuffed them shtaketinami. Tops shtaketin can be left as is, and you can process them on a template ordinary hacksaw, giving the form of arrows, a tulip dome, or (as in the photo). Distance between shtaketinami depends on your wishes. Would you like to make a light, airy fence - nailed shtaketiny 10 cm; need a tight quick look - leave a gap of 2 cm.

Form shtaketin

Shtaketin form - flat, dome, arrow, tulip Benefits evroshtaketnika

A fence made of metal picket muchmore durable than wood, but it will cost more. For its production use galvanized steel coated. Factory polymer coating eliminates the need for regular painting of the fence, it does not fade for a long time, not peels, not crack. Generally evroshtaketnika far more pluses than minuses. Of the minuses can be noted only the risk of injury, but that if the top shtaketin will not be rounded. You can improve security by installing a fence on top of the ridge lath.

Set a metal fenceslightly harder wood. Columns (metal or concrete) digged to a depth of 120-150 cm, if necessary concreted. Metal joists to the posts are welded, the weld area is covered with paint to protect against corrosion. Shtaketiny fastened to the joists with screws, gap - 2-4 cm.

metal evroshtaketnik

Eurocottage very "to face" metal evroshtaketnik

Features of the fence of corrugated board

It is now often seen in suburban areas. It is cheap, looks solid wood, does not need painting. However, it can not be called strong, as the metal thickness is minimal. If through this fence someone tries to climb, you will immediately notice it on bended shtaketinam.

But it is easily and quickly installedyourself, especially if you buy than individual shtaketiny and ready-made section. Mounts as well as all types of fences to poles, dug into the ground. They can be anything - brick, metal, concrete.


Familiar to all profiled in a new guise

The benefits of plastic picket

Fences for cottages from a plastic picket onSales are already catching up with wood. Of course, this can not be a fence to fence land on the perimeter, but as a design element within a portion of it is simply irreplaceable. They divide the land into zones enclose flowerbeds, the beds, and individual trees, provide them the playing area. Ready-link fence attached to plastic poles, scales pillars dug (or stuck) into the ground.

types picket

Plastic fence is easy to install and looks neat

In plastic has a number of advantages: he does not injure the person (which is very important when running on the site the kids) do not need to be painted or coated, if necessary, the fence can be easily dismantled and is going to a new place. Disadvantages also manifest in the case of buying low-quality product - a plastic quickly fade, and may even break for 3-4 seasons.

As can be seen from the article, there is a choice and it is up to you. Any picket fence looks good and ennobling the territory, if it is done carefully, accurately installed and is in tidy condition. You can only select this type of fence, so you like it, was "afford" and carry out its function.

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