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How to organize a children's playground in the garden

Check with the children to the country in the summer - a traditionalevent for the majority of Russian families. Adults involved in the beds and flower beds, and a child of loitering in the area, missing the TV. However, many parents in order to rid themselves of the need to entertain a bored child, take with them gadgets, thereby nullifying its full summer vacation. Caring parents know that children's playgrounds to give developing are a matter of priority, if the family plans to spend at least a few days in the country in a year.


  • Children's playground - the personal world of the child.
  • Holiday fun kids.
  • A playground for preschoolers.
  • Option for younger students.
  • Playground for the teenager.
  • Secure playground for questioning.

Children's playground - the personal world of the child

Since the construction of the children's little world, isAsk your child what he wants to see him. The view should look like a children's playground and that it should be located, at everyone. Often it is based on the memories of their own childhood. If the pope visited nostalgia and advises build "observation post" on a tree branch, it is important to remember that there are no vertigo from his son. What is put on the site, should be supporting the child. Sometimes it is enough to remember that most of all he draws in the games.

The second clue will age, and notonly children of their own, but also the neighboring rebyatni, which will no doubt run into the visitors. If children are about the same age, the platform can be adjusted under this category, but if the children of different ages, they should be comfortable to all. It is unlikely that someone will come to mind to build a sandbox for a teenager, is not it?

Holiday fun kids

Least of all the works will require a platform for the mostsmall. Children under six months need only a few meters of space for the arena and the path for walks by the handle with his mother. But as soon as the toddler went, and it will grow faster than seems young parents, the demands will be much more serious. Moreover, kids are rarely able to engage in a long one and the same thing, even the most beloved.

their own hands

Multifunctional playground - a guarantee that the child will find something for everyone

Ready factory playgrounds for the cottages, as a rule, consist of the same modules:

  • sandbox;
  • slide;
  • ladder;
  • balcony or ground "top floor".

Ready playgrounds to give interesting, dressy, but not cheap

Bright children's playground in the country in the photo looksvery elegant. This kit is perfect for a child 1-3 years, and the prospect of attracting parents "brought, collected, secured - is ready." But similar structures are in any city yard and garden charm, usually in the "wild vacation." The same can be fun to build and independently. In addition to these play areas kids love "houses" of all types and bodies of water. For kids up to 5 years, it may be a fabric tent with blankets and battered old tub. The latter should not be dug into the ground, as the water drain zatsvetshey and its replacement in this case difficult.


House - compulsory module playground

A playground for preschoolers

Conditions for classes active games - basicrequirements to the playground for a child of 3-6 years. Plastic slides not entrain as static simulation machines. The scope of the playground should be added:

  • swing;
  • Laz;
  • stairs and a horizontal bar;
  • trampoline;
  • manicured lawn, where children and can just run around and mess around.

Lover machines on the radio control requiredeven and smooth surface for the track "rally on mom Cup." You also need a table with benches, where you can and draw, and play with dolls, and a snack.

Rest on the street

Part of the playground should be shaded, this is the best place for the hammock and the arena where a child can take a nap

Option for younger students

Age travelers and dreamers, whoseFantasy turns a tree branch in the bridge, and Nezha neighbor's cat in a pirate ship on the horizon. Cottage Children's Playground fulfilled its function. It's time to rebuild, and of all that is "planned to throw away, but never reached his hands." Always involved in the process and the child, it would strengthen family relationships. Yes, even the son does not submit the log for the construction, but it can help him paint.

swing in the country

Interesting and original swing can be created from waste material - old tires

Playgrounds for questioning for this age alreadycontain shells, interesting not only for children. Also horizontal bar, rope and a small house, which may have to move to 3-4 meters from the ground, on the playing area, you can put a basketball hoop and pull the net for volleyball. Table tennis is also useful and adults, it can also be used for board games. This table is better positioned in a tent or canopy, so that the child is not bored on a rainy day.

Playground for teenager

It seems that the 12-14 year old child's playPlayground is not needed. It is possible that this is the case, but the area of ​​privacy and socializing with friends, preferably away from adults, grown-up and already having "adult" secrets fumes clearly needed. If you can not give a teenager a loft, you can do a secluded gazebo, "thank you," he says, and the electricity spent to charging mobile and laptop.

Choosing a location for a playground to keep in mind a few things:

  • mandatory access to the territory of the sunlight and the presence of her shaded corners;
  • area should be isolated, it will protect from unpleasant surprises, such as the sudden appearance of other dogs;
  • the site should be closed by strong gusts of wind;
  • the entire zone must be viewed from the point where the planned stay of adults, especially if it is a site for children is not independent;
  • area must not contain valuable plants, which can be trampled, and shrubs with thorns that can be dangerous for the child.

playground safety to give

Whatever the parents of the child must before commissioning to be carefully checked. In this regard, reinsurance has not hurt anyone.


  • Swings, horizontal bars, and any other suspended structures must withstand the weight of 2-3 children at a time.
  • All frames and structures have to be dug deep, concreted, but the concrete after setting prikopat soft ground.
  • The trampoline should be fenced grid.
  • Tables, gazebos, manholes should not have sharp edges and protruding elements.
  • Rock the swing elements must be removed from both the walls and on the tracks at least 2 meters.
  • From foreign objects should be cleaned and the sand and grass.

Fantasy and sincere love for your child - the best assistant in the arrangement of the playground.

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