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How to make visors and awnings made of polycarbonate with their hands

How to make visors and awnings

This element of the house and the sign of the infieldalmost everyone. This is a very simple protection from the rain and snow! It provides polycarbonate awnings, photo spoken about their diversity. Having a shelter to hide from the weather and it does not cease to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air.


  • Advantages and disadvantages of this coverage.
  • Preparation of drawings and estimates.
  • Manufacturing technology sheds

Among the variety of materials of construction for awnings, special achievements famous polycarbonate. To learn how to make him such a device, and will be discussed in our article.

Advantages and disadvantages of this coating

If you decide to arrange canopies made of polycarbonate with his hands, you must know the strengths and weaknesses of this unique and relatively inexpensive building material.

The advantages include the following characteristics.

  • High strength. Such a coating can withstand heavy loads from shocks (eg, hail). His strength provides a special protective film that performs the function of reservation. Therefore, when buying pay attention to this nuance, not to buy stuff that is not protected (and there is).
  • Flexibility. Thanks to her, you can make the most original in the form of polycarbonate visors and awnings up to the dome.
  • Ease. This is a very important feature, making it possible to do the job without help.
  • Fire protection. It can withstand very high temperatures, as in case of fire does not ignite, while only melts.
  • The ability to transmit light well. This feature allows you to use it when the device greenhouses.
  • The high thermal conductivity. Due to the cellular structure there is a great ability to keep heat inside the greenhouse, or other premises.
canopy structure

The main elements of the canopy structure

Once you've learned about the properties, you may think that polycarbonate - the ideal material. But here was not without flaws. What he can upset his master?

  • A high coefficient of thermal expansion. He greatly expanded under the influence of high temperatures. Therefore, solving the problem of how to make a canopy made of polycarbonate, do not forget about the expansion joints.
  • The ability to easily scratched. Exposure to abrasion is so strong that even the dust from the constant presence of the outer surface becomes dull. Because of this lost light transmission protective elements.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the material, you can proceed to the construction of small architectural forms by hand.

Preparation of drawings and cost estimates

It is worth mentioning that this stage in the construction ofIt is mandatory. Remember that the speed and ease of assembly work will largely determine the accuracy, clarity and accuracy of drafting. Sheds made of polycarbonate, which drawings are made correctly, as a rule, the owners of cheaper cost.

The need for the project - this is not a whimarchitect and designer. It is made for convenience, to determine the correct element structure, its purpose, size, scope of work, general expenses, etc. The project includes drawing, estimates for the cost of works and materials, etc.

canopy drawing

Without drawing hard to imagine the end result and to calculate costs

Homeowners who do not brush aside,seemingly unnecessary "drawing" and the elementary mathematical calculations, there are always a winner. Give it just a few hours, you can really imagine the expected result. Once the project can proceed directly to the construction.

Manufacturing technology sheds

  • First of all, it should be manufacturedmetal frame for a canopy made of polycarbonate. For services that require welding because it is made of profiled tube. It can be of different cross sections - rectangular or square.
canopy frame

The hardest part - making the metal frame

  • The basis for fixing the sheets should be donesubject to certain rules. Firstly, they must be mounted on the pipe. Therefore, pipes should have bearing pitch corresponding to the width of the sheet material. When you need to make small sheds, this requirement can be ignored, because then only used a small portion of the sheet. As an example, a canopy made of polycarbonate over the porch.
  • Attach the coating itself to the metal framepretty simple, but it must be done securely and reliably. For fixing screws of the material used for metals with a press washer. Their device helps prevent the shed rainwater and melting snow.
  • Another important point in the processmanufacturing such small forms - correct docking separate pieces of material. For this purpose, the connecting element used in the form of a strip of plastic. It has a two-sided groove, and in that the coating material will be inserted. Such a connector at the same time creates a hidden expansion joint. Production of polycarbonate canopies provides for compliance with the following conditions - the material should not have to abut the end of the connector slots. There should be a gap, which will minimize the effects of changes in its size at thermal expansion (swelling or cracking).
  • During the construction of this small shelter isto draw attention to one point. It is necessary to close the ends of the material, due to dust and dirt, which can get into the cavity of polycarbonate without spoiling the appearance of the product. For this purpose there is a special starter strip, made in the form of the letter "P". Depending on the kind of structure they have canopies from polycarbonate, or it is adhered to the sheet or screwed firmly to the frame.

In conclusion, we want to pay attention to somenuances that you need to consider when buying a polycarbonate. The presence of the protective film has been said previously. Also it is important to choose the right thickness, which is 4,6,10 mm. If the canopy has steep slopes, it is quite suitable thin material. The gentle slopes to withstand snow layers, so they need a thicker version (at least 6 mm).

shed at the cottage

You can proudly present the fruits of their labor

You have realized that cottages awnings made of polycarbonateYou can make your own hands. If you are unable or unwilling to resort to welding, the basis for your protective cover can become a tree. We wish you a successful work!

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