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How to make a practical and unique chalet sheds for recreation and economic needs

How to make a practical and unique chalet sheds

Doing suburban housing project, do not forget abouta small architectural form as garden sheds. These structures serve important functions. First of all, it is protection from rain and sun. Secondly, they can decorate the facade of the house and at the same time to create a place for privacy and relaxation. In addition, they can be used as farm buildings for different purposes. Creative and hardworking hosts invented not one way devices such additional roof. It can be made from readily available materials and new.


  • Characteristics and types of shelters
  • Features design solutions
    • Stationary awning
    • Adjustable (adjustable) canopy
  • Make your own carport

Characteristics and types of shelters

Holiday awnings have different characteristics.

they are reactionary and economic On a functional purpose.

  • The reaction should provide protection from rain,wind and sun. Such awnings suit over the resting place, swimming pool, barbecue, sports, children's playgrounds, etc. They can be of different sizes and shapes. Inside decorative awnings, which are included in a single ensemble of landscape design, often installed benches for rest. If they are to protect the special bars for climbing plants, they will be a great decoration of your site.
shed at the cottage

canopy design allows you to have a great overview

  • Household sheds in the yard matchits purpose and can be an excellent protection for your car or motorcycle, be a place of storage of garden tools, perform the function of a summer kitchen, etc.

Such small architectural forms differ in their location and may be in or adjacent and distinct.

  • Attached up with the construction of a single structure, which can be both direct and sloping. On one side it is attached to the wall of the house, and the other fastened to special supports.
  • Separate shelters are not separatelycontiguous to the house. They differ in appearance and internal arrangement. These buildings may be rectangular, polygonal, arched, domed, pyramidal and pent or gabled.

Constructions different from the materials used for their construction.

Much of this issue depends on the functional purpose construction. Canopy in the country with their own hands can be made of such materials:

  • brick or natural stone,
  • wrought metal or tempered glass,
  • wood or specially treated fabric,
  • metal profile,
  • corrugated or polycarbonate.
outdoor terrace

As protection outdoor terrace modern material selected

The selected material will depend on the complexity of the operations and the execution of a canopy device, as well as its cost.

Features design solutions

Described architectural forms can be fixed or adjustable and sliding.

Stationary awning

This sturdy folding design,mounted on poles. If you have no idea how to build a shed with their hands, as an example, a wooden building, set on a foundation of natural stone or brick. The supports can be made of wood or metal.

sun canopy

This sun canopy is both simple and original

Adjustable (adjustable) canopy

Fashionable and spectacular element of decorating the house and grounds. We are talking about Marquis and pergotentah that you can expand and collapse as required. They are equipped with automatic control system.

To create a summer residence on the island, protected fromsummer heat, you can use the tents, umbrellas and sails. They allow you to plenty enjoy the surrounding scenery as arranged so as not to interfere with the review. They are also used to create a children's playground and a dining area. Such a canopy from the sun understands quite simple. It can be easily moved from one place to another portion. With the onset of the cold season these structures understand and hide until the next season.

The sliding canopies used a special kindtissues. They differ in density and resistance to wear, have a special coating which protects the fabric from getting wet. The brightness of color images is preserved even after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Adjustable canopy

Sliding canopy made of polycarbonate is indispensable for the pool

Today, manufacturers offer a widerange of such protective constructions. They can pick up the subject of the landscape or make the personal order. The most important thing to establish a shed with their hands not be easy. And if you have the desire and the "golden" hands, you can easily make it on their own.

Make your own carport

Create such a small architectural form caneven people who have no experience in the construction business. It is enough to learn the basic principles of their device and take into account the advice of craftsmen.

  • If you want to build a canopy of metal sheetsthe hands, then this is not only simple, but also economically advantageous. In this case the material will be used to cover not only the device or the roof. After the support structure can also be made of metal pipes, whose diameter and thickness will depend on the load carrier. Metal profiles made of different metal - galvanized steel, copper, zinc alloy, titanium, aluminum.

The sun protection is needed not only people

  • It has proven itself a material such asprofiled. It is lightweight and easy to assemble. His value for the environmental safety and the possibility of having to select the wide color gamut of colors. This roofing material - perfect for gardeners who want to make shelters of corrugated board with their own hands. Applying as a metal profile supports, you can save significantly on the cost of construction. But if you do not pursue cheapness, it is possible as a reference design to choose a tree.
  • The hosts, who want to build a wooden shelterwith his own hands, will never be disappointed. Why? Because this material can be given any shape. So you will have a truly unique extension. Especially memorable it would look like if someone in your family has mastered the wood carving. The roof deck can be made of wood or other roofing material.

You have already understood that the floor can be built fromany material and make it different shapes. The main thing that it was in harmony with your house and fit well into the existing landscape. We wish you success in your work!

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