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How to make a house for the well with their hands

How to make a house for the well

If you have a vacation home, villa, and must beSump mini-house. With it interesting to live, he does infield nicer, cozier, recalling the nice eye rustic, traditional wooden architecture, pleasant soul and heart. Not to mention the fact that the house is for a well of water in the tank protection from dust, mosquitoes and protects the kids and the domestic animal from unexpected dangers.


  • Building a house, roof
  • The closed design of the project to the skin
  • Work on parts - door and gate
  • How to build a house for the well to the elements styling

To build such a facility is not difficult to - topossible options will be discussed. They even called differently: roof, house, Mansion. It occurs slightly forgotten "headroom". The story about how to build walling for mines or wells for supplying water through a home pumping station, begins with a description of materials and tools, mechanisms, without which it can not do.

Building a house, roof

If the goal was the simplest kind - gable roof, need not too extensive set stroysyrya, equipment and tools for working with wood.

Required tools:

  • woodworking machine (permissible replacement disc / circular saw and a plane);
  • jigsaws;
  • a hammer;
  • Hacksaw on a tree;
  • claw;
  • Screwdriver (Phillips is desirable);
  • roulette;
  • Marker / pencil;
  • shovel;
  • building level.

The main and auxiliary materials:

  • wooden beams cross section 50 to 100 (can be 50 to 50 mm) or cylindered logs;
  • log for the spindle (the gate);
  • board (sheathing roof);
  • wooden facade paneling, siding (or chipboard / OSB);
  • coating for roofs (roofing felt, asphalt, metal, corrugated - depending on what is used for a country house, whose style will repeat your sump "fungus");
  • steel bar section 9 cm;
  • nails, screws;
  • antiseptic for impregnating wood;
  • hinges and door handle.
for the well house

Such a wonderful house in the bungalow style will be easy to make

It is also possible that for the erection of a house forwell with your hands need metal bushing, washer, corner latch. Plus stain - to give details of wood decent view. It is clear that without the chain and buckets you can not do - if you plan to use the well by hand: a power failure (when the pump is pumping water can not).

The closed design of the project to the skin

We should start to imagine - even inhighly summarized, as will approximately look like our "Pit-houses" device. Learn how to make a house for the well and determine the names, the purpose of the main parts, their location will help the conditioned pattern diagram. It allows you to see the most important components of the "skeleton" buildings, among which is traditionally included:

  • door (really, it is not located vertically and obliquely - on the side roof slope);
  • box next log (base);
  • Handle with door (or kalitochnymi) loops;
  • mounted on the bias truss system (6 rafters);
  • spindle-gate;
  • lever handle;
  • side plates for the gate.
how to build

This picture helps to understand the principles ofarrangement and calculate the size of the "core" of the future buildings. It, however, not indicated crossbars (small strips connecting the rafters at the top of the frame and providing stiffness) and jib (props to the posts below), although both are present in the scheme. Sling (rafters), as a rule, set 6, the struts in the four corners will need 8 pieces - a pair for each corner. Crossbars beaten once, thirty centimeters below the top edge. The lower oblique stops mounted later, shortly before the imposition of the grid obreshechivayuschey

If the well was not surrounded by log cabins before,start building closed design it with him - both with future base imitating the "wall" house. Log cabin is easy to do: in the simplest form of the frame is similar to the blank box below. Four powerful vertical bar-rack (1 m in length and 8 centimeters thick) twine top and bottom of the strapping planks 4-5 cm thick. Nails need large -. At least 10 sheathe see "skeleton" is better at once, before the installation of the upper part of the closed wooden hut-hut.

Several photos of the well houses give an idea of ​​how differently might look different incarnations of the same idea:


Headroom, finished wood "paneling" looks very cute


The easiest type of fungus-pit - without a concomitant finishing log


Charming house toy can be built by using the skin for vinyl or metal siding

You can do without a log house at all, but visuallyversion of "clothes" of bare silo "foot" appreciate less. Describing the procedure for putting together the roof trusses - stiff blank under the crate, we recall: for structural strength is better to stop the choice on board the impressive thickness - 3 centimeters or more. The length of the beams, the rafters of the roof is determined by the height and is typically about 2 meters. The bolt-jib board will fit into 2.5 cm thick. Elements battens should be nailed evenly. The projection of the walls is 10 cm. Above lies roofing and popular among your roofing layer. Do not forget about the door!

Work on parts - door and gate

Upper construction zone, which is aclosed on all sides by design, is inconceivable without the door opening: it is necessary to have access to the bucket. Even if the chamber's built for decorative purposes or not covers the pond, and the well from which is supplied to the residential building water, the device is in need of technical inspection, and sometimes to be cleaned, repaired. So that access to the mine (pipe) in any case necessary. The door is much better than the "visible" to other schematic drawing, or drawing a house for the well - much more detail is represented as the roof and combined with her spindle.

The principle of construction of such a framework is not difficultlast, although it differs from it. It will not be discussed in detail, and focus on the arrangement of the "internal" built on the "door" moment.

To use the spindle length of the log. Its length should be such that the boundary between the gate and the counter there is a gap in the two centimeters. Centered ends need to drill holes in wood - on each side, with a diameter of 2 and 5.6 cm in depth (which is drilled in advance) at the holes will form a thick steel plate with holes in the center.. Screw them better self-tapping screws. Will the two metal rods inserted on both sides of the gate-logs. On the left will be the rod up to 10 cm (centimeters Four "come out" outside). Right - rod-handle: Curved as a starter for truck past years.

After the rack and drill a holeput them in the bush, they can enter the gate ends. On the balance beam fixed circuit - both durable as possible. Avoid squeak when turning helps grease. As for the shape of the door-sizes - here the basic requirement of one thing: it would be comfortable access to the chain with a bucket. Because of its dimensions make 85 to 55, sometimes a little less / more (depending on the shape of the roof). Outwardly, it resembles a shield from downed with vertical boards, inside of which was packed upper and lower beams. Another bar, oblique, it makes sense to nail diagonally - to avoid warping.

How to build a house for the well to the elements styling

Remarkable fabulous houses, attics, fungi - inclassic and original style imitating rustic wooden architecture. They successfully obtained from those who are willing to make considerable efforts for the sake of beauty and aesthetics. Here and in the hut on chicken legs, and facilities with log cabin - one of those that were built in the villages of Russian craftsmen, carpenters, not devoid of creative imagination. In most cases this roof structure with a bright-cap separated from the "chopped" base. The upper part of the "resting" on the massive racks of varying thickness and configurations - sometimes very bizarre. Racks reinforce props, often quite powerful. The log structure may be a four- or hexagonal.

Build a house with a hexagonal base is quite possible, using the image-drawing with size details.

circuit house

Figure configuration diagram of a spindle and the sidedoor: 1 base frame; 2 - sidewall; 3 - rack for gates; 4 - Connecting horse; 5 - log gates; 6 - sheathing; 7 - interior view of the ramp; 8 - External view of the roof

A variety of decorative patterns "of manholedwellings "give a varying form of sheds, the presence of elements of the carved decoration, figures of animals, birds, gnomes made of wood and metal, as well as the ability to combine colors and shades of parts. Expands the list of creative techniques and a desire to "play" with non-standard materials in the design of the base, rack, roof, doors, handles, and even hvatalki paving strip-edging around the perimeter.

Perhaps our gallery of pictures selected "stylized" handsome houses would "find" suitable to you in spirit to design a project that wants to implement on their own.

of logs

The easiest type of fungus-pit - without a concomitant finishing log

well version

Design variant with a square roof-umbrella-like Japanese pagoda, is original in its own way

well house

Quite often in the construction of the house, attics door-cover feature over log cabins


West option to "Croatian" and the rocky roof frame, can also be made with your own hands

well version

Variants of decorative wheel wells with a handle - a lot of


Learning to respect the unity of style in the design of landscape from "rural" to each well of useful

If our technical "tips" and leadsPictures here to help you practically wake and latent energy of creativity, we will be really glad. the well-turret lodge of your own fairy tale - We wish you success in equipping suburban area, where, hopefully, the next great project will be available soon. With unique individual plot in the author's performance.

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