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How to install a stockade fence on his land

How to install a fence paling

Reliable fence of wooden stakes,created by our ancestors several centuries, called the fence palings, today again at the peak of popularity in the country building. Durable high fence made of wood not inferior in quality to traditional building materials and is an alternative to the modern metal or brick fence. The construction of the stockade takes no more than three or four days, and last for such a structure more than two decades.


  • Preparation of materials for arrangement of the stockade.
  • Protection and treatment of wood.
  • Installation of a wooden fence.
  • Making stockade fence

Preparation of materials for arranging the stockade

The length of the poles depends primarily on theBuilt destination. For the construction of a fence along a section of the external borders, which will act as a reliable protection against penetration unexpected "guests" using logs with a minimum height of 2 meters. If the palisade fence will serve as the demarcation of internal areas of the site and the framing of vegetable compositions, for these purposes it is sufficient to use a smaller diameter columns, whose height does not exceed 50-70 cm.

palisade fence

The basis of the fence are large cylindrical timber whose diameter varies in the range of 12-20 cm

Calculating the height of the timber, it should be noted that to create a robust design with the traditional method of arrangement logs bury in the ground by 50-70 cm.

The variant of placing such a palisadeway that the wooden posts are fixed on the crosspiece, fixed on the supporting pillars fence. In this method, the installation logs will be in full growth to rise above the ground.

wood for fence

For the construction of the stockade only need to choose the high-quality well-dried wood that could last for decades

Attention must be paid not only to the outer surface of a flat wooden poles, but also in cross sections: they must not have any projections and recesses.

A characteristic feature of this type of fencingis the presence of the pointed tops. Each log resembles a well-sharpened pencil big. To give it a shape with a small ax timber upper portion tapered at an angle of 40 °.

Protection and treatment of wood

One of the easiest ways of erectionstockade is the installation of pillars with a deep bottom of 1/3 into the soil. But with this method of arrangement of the lower part of the timber, submerged in the ground, it starts to rot, which carries a rapid collapse of the structure. Raw special protective timber, depending on the quality of the wood can last for three to six years.

protection log

To extend the life of a wooden fence, the bottom part of the timber is protected by treatment with hot bitumen

Previously, our ancestors have used for these purposescharring in the fire. Formed as a result of carbonization crust advocated protection, preventing decay and destruction of the timber during use. Char, not only deepened portion of the log, but the aboveground part of the trunk. This ingenuous procedure would protect the wood from the defeat of harmful insects.

Today finished chemical antiseptics,protect against the spread of mold, mildew formation and damage by insects, as well as compounds that prevent the penetration of moisture and fire resistant solutions can be purchased at specialty stores.


Due to the complex treatment of wooden boards can not only protect the fence from rotting and rapid wear, but also to make the appearance of the building envelope more attractive

Installation of a wooden fence

In the traditional method of arrangement, there are two options for installing the timber.

  • First option

For the construction of the stockade logs used tosomewhat pointed lower end. They are stuck in the ground, outlining the place, then the resulting hole is poured water, and softened the earth again stuck the same post. Installed timber is screwed up until it is securely entrenched in the ground.

installation of fence

Some wizards to facilitate use a hammer, but work with it very carefully, so as not to disturb the integrity of the timber

To protect logs from damage upon impact and prevent the formation of cracks and chips on the hammers wear special plastic caps.

  • second embodiment

The logs are placed in a specially dug trenchabout half a meter deep. The width of the trench should be at 5-10 cm larger than the diameter of pillars installed. At the bottom of the excavated trench laid gravel or sand "cushion" in the thick of 20-30 cm, which will act in the operation as drainage. On the "cushion" is set stakes, placing them close to each other. At this stage it is important to watch, that between neighboring pillars are not formed gaps.

Trench covered with earth gradually, alternately pouring water and tamping firmly.

The beams are placed at the top and bottom side of the fence, stepping back from the edge by 20 cm.

palisade fence strength

To improve the strength of the stockade fence on one of its sides to the horizontal cross logs nailed wooden boards 40-50 mm thick

Making stockade fence

At the final stage of the arrangement of the fence can only make a few finishing touches. Of course, you can leave the fence and in its original form.

sampling processing

To make the wooden fence more attractive and natural, it is desirable to coat wood primer, stain or clear semi-matt varnish

Wooden fences can even givechocolate brown or sandy-golden hues. To obtain the desired shade of wood is enough to experiment with the concentration of the stain. Such a wooden fence on the right will adorn suburban area.

If the regeneration of the high fence,enclosing the outer section of the border, using the stripped logs, then for framing interior zones territory apply more thin trunks of trees, which sometimes do not take off the bark.

When preparing low palisades treated only pointed apex, covering them with not only colorless compounds, but colored paints for exterior wood

When preparing low palisades treated only pointed apex, covering them with not only colorless compounds, but colored paints for exterior wood

When preparing low palisades treated only pointed apex, covering them with not only colorless compounds, but colored paints for exterior wood

Decorative stockade perfectly with flower beds and serves a spectacular addition to the design of the site.

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