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How to create a cozy patio at the cottage with his own hands

All good things quickly finds application! Until recently, that is known only to a patio in sunny Spain. From there it migrated to other Mediterranean countries. And today in many countries, who owns a suburban housing, decide for themselves the question of whether to make us and the patio at the cottage? What lies behind this melodious word?


  • Amazing corner in the open air
  • Secrets patio arrangement

Amazing corner in the open air

Called Patio outdoor patio,Surrounded on all sides by green fence, decorative bars or walls. From the outset it was a protected area, which once boasted the medieval city. Its function was to create a peaceful and calm environment. Something like this requires and corner of the country - it should be a nice vacation spot. Often this role is performed by an outdoor terrace. But if for some reasons you do not want to have an extension, the patio could well be its equivalent replacement. So as settling this area? One wall of the patio can be a special garden wall. On the other hand, it can be surrounded by a green fence or wall, which section is fenced off from neighboring buildings. As a rule, some of the courtyard paved with stone or tiles, and the second draw up as a flower garden or doing the lawn.

patio at the cottage

A small oasis of joy and peace

Making patio at the cottage with his own hands, it is possible to widely use their imagination and creativity. For this purpose, appropriate many decorative elements. You can:

  • build a small pool or fountain;
  • create an artificial pond or garden pond;
  • Make or buy a beautiful garden furniture;
  • deploy a decorative vase;
  • place the pots in a courtyard in pots.

Protect yourself from the sun, you can use pergolas, which will go down creepers.

Secrets patio arrangement

In this case also, there are subtleties and nuances. Let us consider some of them.

1. Area patio will depend on the destination. If you are a fan of sunbathing, the best option - it is a sunny lawn. For those who like to meet a dawn or sunset to see off, corner must be placed respectively on the east side or the west.

their own hands

Golf personal fantasies can be unlimited

2. The second thing to do - to chart. In her note, which will be a lawn, flower beds, furniture, part paved, etc. In the case of a hot summer it would be wise to think about the device besedki.Esli canopy or on the patio provided a pond or fountain, they are in the center. It is with them it is necessary to start construction work - dig a trench, lay pipe, etc. Only after that it will be possible to do anything else.

rest zone

The pond is always in the center of the composition

3. The next question - what to do from a solid surface? Tile patio can be a variety of materials. The main thing is that they are practical:

  • did not respond to high levels of pollution;
  • easily washed and cleaned;
  • They were resistant to shock and weathering;
  • It was not slippery, so you do not get injured.

Usually used for this purpose clinker brick, natural or artificial stone. They are spread in different ways - in the form of paving, rigorous geometric shapes, mosaic, etc.

4. Lovely patio at the cottage, a photo which you can see on the Internet, is inconceivable without the gorgeous blooming greenery. What will it be - you choose:

  • smash flower bed or lawn;
  • planted flowers in pots or containers;
  • make a living wall of climbing plants.
patio device

It is not necessary to invest heavily

Think about your willingness to spend lots oftime to care for the plants. It is best to plant the ones that will bloom at different times. Then your patio will delight in bright colors throughout the summer. Along with the flowers can be planted low trees and shrubs. Consider this when their attitude to sunlight.

5. If you prefer a lawn, then it should be a little above the level of the patio surface. So you can mow the lawn without damaging the coating.

6. The final touch in the design of the patio furniture and lighting are. Country furniture can be plastic, wrought iron, wicker, wood, etc. It must be combined with the overall style patio, as well as be available for your byudzheta.V as the evening light, which should be soft and diffused, you can use ground lights or high lights.

Hopefully these tips will help you create a unique cottage patio. Let it become a favorite place of communication for your family!

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